Audioengine A2+ Wireless Review

a2+ wireless

Image of audioengine a2+ wireless pc speakers

– Possibly the best wireless 2.0 speakers of it’s price range

The new Audioengine A2+ speakers come with a stylish, simple look. If you’ve used AudioEngine A2 speakers before, you’ll notice a clearer, better sound quality with the new A2+ Wireless Speakers, especially when you connect then through a jack. I’ve tested the speakers over two weeks, and this Audioengine A2+ Wireless review is a detailed account of my experience with the speakers.

The Good

  • Feels very sturdy & qualitative
  • One of the best 2.0 PC speakers of the price range
  •  Flawless wireless function that works with all devices
  •  Best in class sound quality

The Bad

  •  No remote control
  • No way to toggle between inputs

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A2+ Wireless Review Summary

Even though A2+ will cost you about $50 more than the A2, the speakers are quite outstanding in how they sound. I’ve been a fan of AudioEngine speakers for some time now and am happy with the new addition to the family. A2+ Wireless is the Bluetooth variant of the A2+ speakers. Their design is same as A2+ but come with an aptX Bluetooth 5.0 receiver for playing wireless music. They’re bookshelf-style speakers masked as multimedia or PC speakers.
The A2+ Wireless speakers are easy to set up and provide full-stereo, clear sound. They’re perfect for smaller rooms, and desktops and you can use them with all your apps and devices. They also feel incredibly qualitative and sturdy compared to most speakers in the same price class. I loved almost everything about the speakers, except that they don’t come with a remote and the volume knob is located at the backside which can make it a little inconvenient to adjust the volume if you don’t have volume control on your keyboard. So, controlling the volume can be a bit of a task with the A2+ speakers.

  • image of audioengine speakers in my pc setup

A2+ Wireless PC Speakers: In-depth look

Build Quality and Design

The build and design of the A2+ Wireless Speakers are the same as their predecessor, compact, simple and stylish. The enclosure is made of high-quality MDF with dimensions – 6 (L) x 4 (W) x 5.5 (H) inches. You’ll find a horizontal port on the bottom portion of the enclosure. The speakers also feature a two ¾ inch interweaved Kevlar woofer accompanied by a ¾ inch silk dome tweeter. Looking at the small size of the speakers while removing them from their microfiber protective bag, I expected them to be lightweight; however, I was wrong. The left speaker weighs around 4 pounds, and the right speaker weighs about 3.5 pounds. This really adds to the speaker’s keen sense of quality and durability.
When it comes to design, the speakers have a simple, sleek look with rounded edges that suit the style any room and reduce sonic vibrations. The A2+ Wireless Speakers are available in 3 colors – matte white, matte black, and glossy red. I bought the matte black ones, and they look stunning. You’ll find the volume control, amplifier, and input and output connections on the back side of the left speaker.

The rear panel consists of:

  • On/off switch
  • Volume adjustment knob
  • 1 x 3.5 mm jack to connect an mp3 player or smartphone
  • 1 x micro USB input
  • 1 x RCA input to connect any device with an RCA output or a turntable
  • 1 x RCA output to connect a sub-woofer
  • 1 x aptX Bluetooth pairing key
  • AptX Bluetooth

AptX Bluetooth is something that sets A2+ Wireless Speakers apart from A2+. Audioengine did not settle for an average Bluetooth that you’ll find in other low-end PC or multimedia speakers. Instead, they used an advanced technology known as aptX (by Qualcomm) for an excellent Bluetooth experience. However, the only problem I encountered with aptX is that one of my devices is not aptX compatible which resulted in regular Bluetooth quality. However, all new devices and phones do support aptX so it shouldn’t be a problem for most users.

image of a pair of wireless speakers from audioengine


Setting up the A2+ Wireless Speakers is straightforward. You can connect them to your PC using the jack connector or use wirelessly by connecting to the built-in aptX Bluetooth. I started using the speakers without placing them on the stands that came with the speakers, but soon realized that the stand considerably improved the sound direction as well as the look.

Listening Notes

The bass response of A2+ wireless speakers is impressive for any compact 2.0 PC speaker, and you can feel that this is a product made by experts. These speakers are perfect for a desktop setup but work great as laptop or bookshelf speakers as well. I used them with my phone, PC, and laptop, and provided me with a great sound experience with all of them, but not audiophile quality, which is to be expected in this price range.
The audiophile in me noticed that the mid-bass thump overpowers the male vocals, and the female vocals are sunken. However, most regular people won’t notice this and still really good for the price tag. The treble is good but somewhat over-detailed and a little harsh. Sound clarity is incredible, and I did not notice any audible distortion at any level. Don’t turn the bass all the way up or it will start beeping.
I connected my Samsung Galaxy S9, and the sound was clean with shining highs and mids. Thankfully, my S9 supported aptX Bluetooth. For an even better listening experience, make sure you form an equilateral triangle with the speakers while listening to music. Confused? Well, it means that you need to maintain an equal distance with both the speakers so that the distance between you and both speakers is the same. You can also enhance the sound and improve its accuracy by creating an angle toward your ears.

  • birds-eye view of wireless audioengine desktop speakers


After testing the speakers for over two weeks, I’ve concluded that AudioEngine A2+ Wireless Speakers are pretty exceptional for their price and size. Having said that, they’re small, and you can benefit a great deal for adding a subwoofer to pick up the low notes.
The A2+ Wireless Speakers are designed for smaller rooms, desktops, and offices. You can also use them for gaming, playing a turntable, or a casual gathering with your friends. The crisp sound is detailed and complements all types of music.
In terms of competitors, you’ll find plenty of stylish multimedia speakers on the market such as the Harman Kardon Nova 2s. However, A2+ Wireless Speakers cost less and provide a better sound. The A2+ merely is one of the best pair of PC speakers you can get in it’s price range.
I wouldn’t call the A2+ Wireless Speakers a steal, but they do offer well above normal value for their price.
Honestly, you don’t get a significant bump in sound quality when you switch from A2 to A2+, but it does make a noticeable difference when you connect the speakers using a jack. Nevertheless, to each their own. I’m happy spending $50 more to get better sound and more importantly, an advanced Bluetooth wireless functionality.

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