Want to Become a Game Tester? PGR is Looking for You!

Image of a game testerWant to become a game tester?

Do you have a passion for writing?

Well, you have come to the perfect place!

PGR is currently hiring game testers for all platforms, and we want you!

Note: This is unpaid work. Meaning you will be paid in free games only to begin with. It might turn in to a paid part-time job if you do an outstanding job.

What is expected of you:

  • You are a native English speaker and have a way with words.
  • That you have an immense passion for gaming
  • You own a high-end gaming PC, a PlayStation 4 or an Xbox One.
  • That you are creative, but also knows how to follow directions.

What we offer

  • Free games (often of your choosing)
  • The possibility of free gaming equipment(if you are based in the US)
  • The chance for you to start a career in gaming and be paid to do what you love down the line. If you do a good job.

How to apply

  • Send an email with a review of any game you have played recently. To this email: Progamerreview@outlook.dk
  • Reviews should be between 800-2000 words, depending on the game.
  • Write a short description of yourself and your experience in gaming. Whether you have experience writing about gaming in the past or you just love games with a fiery passion. We want to know!

We look forward to hearing from you, and we will get back to you very soon.

  • Email: Progamerreview@outlook.dk