Best Gaming Chairs 2020 – Complete List of the Top PC Chairs

Image of the 2 the best gaming chairs

Gaming chairs are becoming increasingly popular among gamers. Here are our picks for the best PC chairs on the market in 2019. Reviewed and tested.

We tend to look at gaming gear that actively enhances your performance as a gamer such as mice and keyboards. However, sometimes that is not all that matters. Sometimes we have to remember to have a good time and feel good, and nothing helps accomplish this quite like a brand new chair or desk for gaming.

In this buying guide, we will take a look at the 10 best overall gaming chairs, the 10 best budget options, as well as the best for console gamers. We’ll then finish off with a whole buyer’s guide on what you need to look out for when shopping for a new chair.

Comparison Table – Overview of the Best PC Gaming Chairs

First off we have compared our favorite computer chairs and measured them on features, comfort, and quality. They are listed by most comfortable and ascending.

ImageProductAboutPros & ConsComfort
Image of secretlab titan computer chairSecretlab TitanPrime PU leather
Fully adjustable
Racing car seat design
+ Superb quality & comfort
+ Strong & durable
+ Promotes a healthy sitting position
Image of black and yellow Sentinal series chair from DXRacerDXRacer Sentinel SeriesPatented race car seat
heavy aluminum base
Foam Cushioned Armrests
+ Best DXRacer Chair
+ Exceptional comfort
& quality
+ Good back support
S-line SL2000 esports chairVertagear S-Line SL2000PVC leather
Anti-tilting function
+ Incredibly durable
+ Excellent Comfort
- Pricey
Image of red & black DXRacer esports racing chairDXRacer Racing SeriesPatented race car seat
Extra high backrest
Mesh and PU Cover
+ Actual racing car seat quality
+ Top notch ergonomics & comfort
+ Excellent support
Image of simple black racing computer chairAKRacing K-7 SeriesBreathable upholstery
Steel pipe structure
+ High-grade fabrics used for upholstery
+ High durability
Thumbnail image of grey and black computer chairEwin Calling SeriesPU Leather
Anti-oxidizing foam
Steel frame
+ Easy to set up
+ Excellent quality
Image of black and white seat for gamingTopsky C4C-6Padded armrest
Retractable padded footrest
+ Innovative & comfortable design
+ Well executed footrest feature
Thumbnail of Merax racing chairMerax Computer Gaming ChairPU Leather
Removable neck & back cushions
+ Value for your money
+ Good support & Comfort
Picture of black and red seat for pc gamingSongmics Gaming SeriesBreathable polyester
Foam padding
+ Very comfortable padding
+ Druable
- Too narrow for heavier people
Image of black and blue office chair from WensixWensix Gaming ChairMetal frame
Padded armrests
+ High durability
+ Very adjustable
- Gets squeaky after extended use

Comparison Table – Overview of the Best PC Chairs on a Budget

You don’t have to throw several hundred bucks at a gaming chair to get something decent in 2019. These are our favorite affordable computer chairs. Sorted by best value for money and ascending.

ImageProductAboutPros & ConsValue for Money
Image of very affordable racing pc chairKinsal High-back Computer ChairBack & neck cushions
PU leather
+ Soft & Comfortable
+ Nice padding
- Footrest feels squishy
Image of affordable high-back racing pc chairHomall High-back Gaming chairRemovable head & neck cushions
High-back racing design
PU leather
+ High weight capacity
+ Exceptional value for money
- Difficult to assemble
BestOffice executive chairBestOffice High-back Office ChairBonded leather
Full chair padding
+ Best Comfort for your money
+ Durable
Image of black leather executive office chairAmazonBasics Executive ChairBonded and pvc leather
Padded armrest
+ Very comfortable
+ Exceptional value for money
- Looks a bit bland
Picture of BestOffice best sellerBestOffice Bucket Racing SeriesPu Leather
Padded circular armrests
+ Cheap
+ Good quality for money
- Circular armrests can be annoying
Image of black chair that promotes a healthy postureFlash Furniture Task ChairPadded flip up arms
Built in lumbar support
+ Best durability for your money
+ Promotes a healthy sitting posture
Image of affordable office chairCoavas Racing ChairPU leather
Padded leather
+ Durable
+ Good comfort for your buck
- Circular armrests
Picture of black and blue bucket chairSeatZone Smile Face SeriesHigh-density foam
Padded armrests
PU leather
+ Very budget friendly
+ Comfortable
Image of black and blue Killabee bucket chairKillabee Bucket Racing ChairMetal frame
Flip-up armrests
+ Flip up armrests
+ Decent comfort
- Not very durable
Image of office chairHomall Computer ChairPU leather
Flip-up armrests
+ Easy to assemble
+ Affordable
- No real neck support

In-depth Look & Reviews – Top 10 Gaming Chairs for PC

Now, in no particular order. We will take a more in-depth look at our 10 overall favorite chairs for computer gaming.

1. Secretlab Titan

About: Used by a ton of professional gamers and famous streamers and is even the official chair for League of Legends eSports. Secretlab gaming chairs are favored by many large gaming organizations such as Cloud 9, Team Secret, Newbee, Ubisoft, and many more.

Image of Secretlab titan pc chairBuy From Secretlab

We were super excited to try out the Titan Gaming Chair since we had read a lot about the comfortable gaming experience provided by the chair and its utility for heavier gamers. And, it did not disappoint us one bit. Even though the price is on the higher end, the chair is value for money.
It felt like every feature of the Titan Chair has been mastered to provide utmost comfort and support required while gaming for extended periods. Talk about the smooth operation of the lever and wheels or the variety of adjustments, it was hard to spot any problem with the chair, except for the lack of a lumbar cushion perhaps. Nevertheless, you can use the recline positions to substitute the missing lumbar support.

  • Outstanding quality and comfort
  • Promotes a healthy sitting position
  • Feels incredibly durable & strong

The soft head-rest pillow provides enough neck support. We have three gamers who are over 6 feet tall and weigh over 90 kgs, and each of them found the Titan Gaming Chair comfortable and highly suitable for their broad structure. This is something rare with gaming chairs. Even though the chair has some component of firmness, it does not affect the comfort in any way. The PU leather is durable and premium-quality and can be easily cleaned..
Overall a great gaming chair. Not cheap, but well worth its price tag and certainly won’t disappoint

Read our full review of Secretlab Titan

2. DXRacer Racing Series Newedge Edition

About: Used in various professional eSports events, Lumbar cushion and a headrest cushion, Made from some of the same materials as a real racing car seat, adjustable armrest, aluminum base.


Image of DXRacer eSports and streaming chair

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We were extra excited to try out the DXRacer, as it is used in various major esports events around the world, and boy did it deliver.

In a world where it is hard to find a qualitative and sturdy racing chair option the DXRacer Racing series is a such a welcomed change of pace, and it is no wonder that this is the preferred seat in many major tournaments around the world.

It is one of the more expensive options but not without reason. It is a professional chair fit for kings. The chair is made by some of the same materials and parts as is used in a real-life racing car seat which should tell you a little something about the quality.

  • Quality is on par with an actual racing car seat.
  • Outstanding neck & lumbar support.
  • Incredibly comfortable
It not only feel and hold up well, but it also looks exceptionally well and is fit to spice up any gaming setup. The Racing series is available in 6 different and equally awesome color variants so finding one that fits your particular setup shouldn’t be too hard at all.
Something very few talks about when it comes to gaming chairs are how they might improve concentration and performance. Afterall, there is a reason they are used in esports tournaments and by big streamers, and it’s not just the looks. They generally have a harder exterior than a regular office chair and that combined with the ergonomic race car shape can honestly make a difference and help you focus during intense gaming sessions.

We can easily see why this is one of the preferences of a lot of major eSport tournaments and events around the globe. It is one of the best chairs from DXRacer and thus one of the best on the market.

3. Ewin Calling Series

About: Steel frame, Explosion-proof Gas Spring, Anti-oxidizing foam, PU leather, 85°-155° Adjustable Backrest, Vertical Adjustable Armrests.

Image of black and grey product from the Ewin calling series

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The Ewin Gaming Chair is designed specifically for gaming. It has a specific shape to promote optimal posture and comfort. The frame is entirely made of steel, ensuring sturdiness. The 16mm diameter steel tube and 1.5 E1 paint enforces durable and a rustless finish. The foam is designed with a unique, anti-oxidizing sponge that has a dense, elastic and comfortable consistency. Another notable part of the Ewin Gaming Chair is the advanced class-4 explosion proof gas lift, which is something we see more and more manufacturers add to their chairs and with good reason. It tells a thing or two about the quality of the product.

Many professional gamers recognize the Ewin Gaming Chair, and with good reason. The chair is built solidly and is incredibly durable. The foam can withstand extreme usage before compressing, and the advanced PU leather takes ages to wear out.

  • Easy to set up
  • Excellent quality & durability
  • Fantastic comfort

Additionally, the chair is very easy to set up, the instructions are clear, and the parts are well organized. Most importantly, the chair is very comfortable. The foam really does its job, and the supporting pillows help hold both your neck and back to avoid injuries and promote a more healthy posture.

The chair is slightly more expensive than most, but is still worth the money, especially if you are looking for quality. A minor downside is the armrests. Since the armrest follows an incredibly standard and straightforward build without much padding, it can get uncomfortable when used for long periods of time. However, most gamers usually have their arms on the desk so for most this won’t be an issue.


Overall the Ewin Gaming Chair has everything you would expect from a well-built gaming chair. If you are willing to invest a little more money, this chair should definitely be considered.

4. DXRacer Sentinel Series SJ08

About: Foam Cushioned Armrests, Patent Race Car Seat Design, Very high backrest, Metal base with gas spring.

Image of the chair they use in professional esports events

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DXRacer has been a well-recognized gaming chair manufacturer for a while now. Mostly for their involvement in a lot of major esports events, but hey have also simply been known for making high-end products that ensure quality and luxury.

The SJ08 Sentinel is a chair tailored for gaming, relaxing and anything in between. The high backrest helps support your entire spine, and the soft, stable cushioning helps promote comfort. The chair has a five-point base with a certified imported hydraulic spring. The adjustable armrests are also ergonomic.

The race car seat is built with high quality, breathable PU vinyl cover. Finally, the chair has a steel interior frame and aluminum stand, which give you all the durability you want from a luxury product.

At first glance, the DXRacer SJ08 is a neat looking chair that suits most gaming setups. It also comes in various colors, and it is always nice to have a bit of choice when it comes to the design. The advanced, soft, but slightly firm cushioning and breathable PU covering is extremely comfortable.

  • Top tier quality & build
  • Outstanding comfort with gaming in mind
  • Pricey

Additionally, the straight backrest helps users keep a strong posture, preventing backplane. The build quality of the SJ08 is durable, and the 5-footed stand is sturdy. The instructions for building this chair are very well written, and the simple layout makes the product easy to set up. Another nice feature is the highly adjustable armrest, a major characteristic of a solid gaming chair.

The detachable pillows for both the neck and lower back are not that good. The cushions are too big, causing you to arch your back at a strange angle. However, plenty of gaming chair pillow replacements can be found online. Additionally, the chair is costly, but it manages to lives up to its price tag.


If we were to ignore the price, then the Sentinel would be the first chair I would recommend to anyone looking for an upgrade in that department. Its unparalleled concerning quality and enhances sitting posture that promotes concentration and focus, while still being comfortable enough to relax in for hours.

5. AKRacing K-7 Series

About: One-piece steel pipe structure, High-grade breathable upholstery, full recline, and swivel adjustments.

Black and grey racing chair from Akracing

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The AKRacing K-7 has an advanced ergonomic design. The cushioning and support are tailored explicitly for gaming, and keep players comfortables for hours. The steel frame and one-pipe structure keep the chair and back support sturdy. Additionally, the K-7 looks excellent and takes a nice break from the PU leather that most chairs use these days and use a custom tailored fabric instead.

The inclusively lumbar and neck cushions help keep your comfortable and support a healthy posture. The chair can recline 180 degrees and lock, allowing people to take a break and rest comfortably.

The AKRacing K-7 gaming chair is relatively affordable, especially for its class of quality. The product can withstand nearly 330 lb of weight. Also, the K-7 looks amazing and have a stylish take on the classic racing chair style.

  • One-piece frame is extremely durable
  • Upholstery feels great
  • Not for you if you prefer PU Leather chairs

The AKRacing K-7 is durable, and the steel frame and iron wheels promote optimal durability. The breathable fabric is also a nice feature that helps keep your body cool and decrease sweating. If you are not a huge fan of the PU leather, then the K7 might be the best on the market.

 If you are a person who loves to take a few naps, the AKRacing K-7 might be down your alley with its advanced 180 degrees reclining feature. Finally, the class-4 gas lift works smoothly and is easy to operate.

One downside is the chairs inability to rock forward. Also, the rocking mechanism is stiff, and not too comfortable. The chair is a bit softer and generally more comfortable than most racing chairs due to the fabrics but being softer is not necessarily a good thing. However, its ergonomic design allows you to sit and game for hours without fatigue. You may find yourself fiddling with the reclining feature before you find the perfect angle, but once you are used to it, it works perfectly well.


This mid-level PC chair is a decent option. Its durable, relatively comfortable, and reclinable. It should be on the top of the list for anyone seeking a gaming seat that doesn’t use PU leather and instead has custom tailored fabrics.

6. Topsky C4C-6

About: Up to 175 degrees recline, Removable headrest pillow & lumbar cushion, Padded armrests & footrest.

Image of grey white and black pc chair from Topsky

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The Topsky C4C-6 Gaming Chair is a higher end product. The most notable feature of the C4C is the adjustable 90 – 175-degree recline and footrest. With a quick pull of a lever, you can adjust these two components before pushing down, locking it. This is an excellent function because it helps promote comfort not only for your back but your feet as well. A lot of gaming chairs has attempted at adding a nice footrest feature, but very few have done it this well.

Additionally, the Topsky C4C-6 has an inclusive headrest and lumbar cushion. Unlike other chairs, these inclusive cushions are specifically tailored for gaming chairs, making it a clever addition. Also, the chair can withstand up to 300 pounds but has a recommended weight capacity of 220 pounds.

  • Innovative and extremely comfortable design
  • Durable
  • Footrest goes very well with the 175-degree recline function

For starters, the chair is really easy to put together. The clear instructions and easy to connect parts allow users to assemble the Topsky C4C-6 in 10 minutes on average. Also, the chair has advanced cushioning and incredibly ergonomic layout, proving phenomenal comfort. The specialized headrest and lumbar cushions also influence this. The Topsky C4C-6 is comparable to higher end product such as Vertagear chairs, despite its relatively low price.

Overall, the Topsky C4C-6 has very few cons. The only issue is that if you are over 6 feet tall, you may find this chair uncomfortable since the backrest is tailored for people under 5 foot 11.


Overall, the TOPSKY C4C-6 is a great choice for a new gaming chair. It is not necessarily budget, but it is still very affordable. For a little under $200, this chair is comfortable, easy to set up, feature packed and durable. If you are willing to invest a fair amount, the C4C-6 should definitely be added to your consideration.

7. Vertagear S-Line SL2000

About: Fully upholstered in PVC leather, Adjustable back angle up to 170 degrees, Steel chair frame, Anti-tilting function, Customized soft-glide wheels.

S-line SL2000 gaming chair from Vertagear


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One of our absolute favorite modern gaming chairs, the SL2000 from Vertagear has the entire package.

Its design is inspired, or at least bare a striking resemblance to the DXRacer series which is widely regarded as some of the best chairs on the market, so that is a big plus. However, it is far from a cheap knockoff as it brings almost the same amount of quality to the table as DXRacer but also beats most DXRacer chairs in the comfort department. It has a slightly softer take on the classic racing chair design, which usually tends to be quite tough to enhance ergonomics. But I feel that the SL2000 strikes a perfect balance between soft comfort and excellent ergonomics.

Estetically I prefer this design over the DXRacer Racing series, but that is obviously objective. Something worth noting is that it has a stunning 10 different color designs, and all look stunning.

The soft PU leather creates a heavenly comfort experience while still providing plenty of support for both your neck and back. This is achieved by combining the PU leather exterior with high-density resilience foam, which makes it look and feel incredible.

  • Incredibly durable build & steel frame
  • High-end comfort & excellent neck support
  • Pricey

The chair comes with a convenient slide-in design which makes it incredibly easy to assemble and removes one of the biggest dreads that usually comes with buying a new office chair.

The only negative is regarding its price. It cost around the same as the DXRacer Racing series but is not quite as good overall, although it is quite close. It doesn’t feel as sturdy as the DXRacer, and the wheels don’t work as smoothly. That being said, overall this is one of the best computer chairs on the market and comes highly recommended.

8. Merax Fantasy Series

About: Reclining locking system, Padded armrests, Weight: 38 pounds, Weight limit 225 lbs, Size: 50 (H) x 29 (W) x 29 (L) inches.

Image of Merex fantasy series computer chair


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A surprisingly cheap racing chair, which has a lot of resemblance to some of the most high-end gaming chairs.

Merax Racing chair is another good Leather chair on our list. The chair, like the Topsky, is super easy to assemble. The Armrest is something we really liked in the Merax as it is a bit closer and much more comfortable.

The chair has a feature where you can complete recline to a laying down position and not fall off. This is pretty cool. However, it does have a shortfall or two which we will touch on.

  • Good value for your money
  • Good back & neck support
  • Very Comfortable

The back support is firm, but that is also quite subjective. If you are the type that likes softer back support, then this might not work for you.

The major downside with the Merax is the fact you cannot lean back and lock it in. While you can recline, there is no lock-in for simply leaning back. Leaning back is a habit most people have when sitting in an office chair, so this can be frustrating.

The other issue a lot of users have reported is that the chair tends to squeak after some time. They have also reported instances of poor quality control concerning the screws and bolts. It is quite limited how much time we can spend on each chair when testing but we did not personally experience these problems, but they are worth mentioning at least.

The chair is much lighter than some of the others on our list and is not quite as sturdy an option. In short, the chair is not the greatest for the price but could work well for younger folks who weigh less.

9. Songmics Gaming Series

About:  Breathable polyester, Foam padding, adjustable backrest and armrests, metal frame with 5-foot stand.

Image of black and red gaming chair from Songmics

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The Songmics Gaming Chair is another great mid-range gaming chair. The chair is built after a racing sports chair with an ergonomic high-back build. Overall, the chair has most of the features you would expect for a product in this price range. This includes wide cushions for lumbar and neck support, which is fully removable. Also, the chair has a breathable polyester cover and high-density foam padding. The chair has a 150-degree adjustable backrest along with adjustable armrests. The auto-return cylinder used to adjust the height of the chair is 5.1 certified, ensuring optimal security. Besides that, the metal frame and 5-foot stand are all made of steel.

  • Great padding provides good comfort
  • Good durability
  • Structure is a bit too narrow for heavier people

The Songmics Gaming Chair is a fairly solid product. The padding all around has a medium firmness, providing a good mixture of strong support and comfort. The armrests and backrest can all be nicely adjusted with ease. Also, the lumbar and neck cushions are beyond comfortable, especially for a gaming chair. Whereas most cushions on the market tend to be too large, Songmics nailed it.

Additionally, the Songmics Gaming Chair is very durable. It can withstand up to 300 lb of weight, and the full steel frame provides a qualitative feel. The chair is very easy to set up, and the straightforward instructions and minimalistic parts take less than 20 minutes to construct. Finally, the chair isn’t stiff or squeaky at all.

The Songmics Gaming Chair has very few cons. The only complaint consumers have is that the structure of the chair is to narrow so that it can be uncomfortable in some cases. Besides that, once you break into the product, it should be alright. This can be a deal breaker if you are a heavier fellow though.


For the price range of around $200, the Songmics Gaming Chair is a great option. Its durable, easy to set up and packed with all the necessary features. The cair has a high-quality PU cover, a certified frame and compression chamber, and so much more. The only downside is the narrow build, but this should not bother most people. If you are looking for a chair in the $200 range, the Songmics Gaming Chair should definitely be considered.

10. Wensix Gaming Chair

About: Full recline functionality, Removable neck, and lumbar pillows, padded armrests, Full metal frame.

Image of computer chair from Wensix

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The Wensix Ergonomic High Back Gaming Chair is equipped with a 360-degree swivel and a reclinable back that can be adjusted up to 180 degrees backward. The maximum capacity of the chair is 300 pounds, a feature expected from a gaming chair in this price range. The chair has high back support with an ergonomic design. The chair also includes a removable head and lumbar cushion set, which does feel a bit too large, especially the lumbar cushion.

For its price range, the Wensix Ergonomic High Back Gaming Chair has more than most. The product has exceptionally thick padding throughout the entire surface area, including the armrest, providing great comfort.

The chair also comes in an array of different colors, so it is very likely that one of them will catch your eye.

  • Easy adjustability
  • Good durability & overall quality for the money
  • Gets quite squeaky after extended use

The adjustable backrest is another cool feature, allowing you to take a nap in this chair if you’re tired from a long gaming marathon. Also, the armrest and chair high are easily adjustable, ensuring preferred settings.

The PU leather-like texture is breathable and of decent quality. Finally, the Wensix Ergonomic High Back Gaming Chair is durable, thanks to the metal frame, quality molded cushioning and straightforward setup.

The Wensix Ergonomic High Back Gaming Chair is a pretty solid product, excluding a few cons. Unfortunately, the chair is quite squeaky after extended use. However, this issue can be fixed with a little bit of oil or WD-40. Also, the wheels don’t roll as smoothly as most people would like, but if you don’t plan to move around a lot, this shouldn’t be an issue.


Overall, the Wensix Ergonomic High Back Gaming Chair is a solid product. Mainly for its $200 price range, not many products can beat this one. The chair is durable, comfortable and high quality.

In-depth Look & Reviews – Best Budget PC Chairs

Few people realize just how good options there are available for gamers on a budget. These are the 10 best.

1. Kinsal High-back Computer Chair

About: Headrest and lumbar cushions, 360-degree swivel, 90 to 180-degree backward movement, retractable leg rest, Weight: 46.3 pounds.

Image of high-back PC chair


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At first glance, this chair from Kinsal can seem overwhelmingly big. However, the size also brings a lot of comfort and quality to the table, making this chair a worthy pick for any gamer and our absolute favorite budget option.

This Kinsal chair is a pretty eye-catching computer chair once assembled. For all its mean looks it’s certainly left us with a positive feeling despite a few things we didn’t like. It’s quite an inexpensive option if you are a gamer looking for something comfortable. The new version is quite stable and comfortable with the lumbar support being particularly fulfilling. The updated version also comes with a wider base and better padding which was a big positive.

  • High value for money
  • Soft & comfortable build with nice footrest
  • Footrest feels squishy

Like we mentioned earlier this chair certainly has one or two downsides. The stitching is not too great and looks like it could give way despite it having a sturdy feel overall. The major downside is related to the armrests. They are a bit low for people around the 6-foot mark. Despite their adjustability, they can be quite uncomfortable. Otherwise, the big and tall design works well.

The build quality of the leather and the overall ergonomics of the chair are top-notch with a comfortable feel.

Putting the chair together was quite easy, which is a significant upside for someone that have spent more hours than I’d like assembling annoying furniture.

Since the chair is made of leather, its breathability is not too great. Check out the guide at the bottom of the page to make sure this is what suits you. Overall, we feel the updated Kinsal is miles better than the older narrower version which was far less sturdy and comfortable.

2. BestOffice Bucket Racing Series

About: Load capacity of around 250 LBS, Adjustable height, PU leather upholstery, padded armrests.

Image of black and white bucket chair

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This bucket style gaming chair is an incredibly affordable option costing less than 100 bucks. The product can withstand 250 pounds and has a high back to support your spine and promote healthy posture. The bucket design helps promote comfort, and the solid five-point spring keeps the chair stable. The gas spring also allows you to decrease and increase your seating height. Like most others on the list, the chair is built with PU leather.

The easy to set up bucket style gaming chair is an incredibly affordable and reliable product. The chair is relatively comfortable, and the backrest does a decent job of maintaining posture. The chair is easy to setup and has a durable build. Most importantly, the chair has amazing value for its price, both regarding ergonomics and overall quality.

  • High value for your buck
  • Very comfortable
  • Armrest can be difficult to get underneath your desk

This chair has everything you would expect in a baseline gaming chair. The only downside is the lack of extra features and reclining mechanism. Also, the chair has cheap and slightly uncomfortable armrests. However, you can expect much more for its price.


If you are looking for a budget gaming chair, this product has everything might need, but it does have the less popular ”bucket” styled design. However, for its price, you can’t go wrong with this purchase.

3. BestOffice High-back Office Chair

About: Bonded leather, 250 lbs weight limit, Full chair padding, adjustable height.


Image of executive chair from BestOffice

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There is no doubt in the fact when you buy a gaming or racing chair then you pay a bit extra for that exact design and look. However, with a chair such as the High-back executive chair from BestOffice then you pay purely for quality and comfort. Not to say that it looks terrible, as it has an incredibly clean look and a lot more casual gamers would probably even prefer this look over the race car design.

Obviously, this chair is made for office workers and executives and not with gaming in mind. That does not mean that it doesn’t work fine for both though.

It is pretty clear that comfort for extended use was the focus when designing this high-back office chair and they accomplished that to perfection. It is definitely a bit softer and relaxed than the rest of the seats on this list which is one of the things that make it so excellent for long work or gaming sessions. It was made for 8 hour work days after all.

  • Best comfort for your buck
  • Very sturdy & durable
  • Armrest is difficult to get underneath your desk

For the price, the quality is almost unmatched, and the simplistic design makes it a bit more durable than most options in its price range. Making this one of the best investments you can do in this space for under 100 bucks, as it will likely last for years, which is not something you often see in budget chairs.

This bestseller from BestOffice has some major selling points, but the biggest one is the comfort factor. The leather padded armrests are incredibly comfortable, and the overall soft build makes this chair such a relaxed experience to sit in. However, this could be a bit negative for some people, as the general design philosophy for gaming chairs is that they are a bit harder as it helps some people focus on sit right. Anyway, if you want comfort, this is as good as any other on the list.

There are a few negatives that we have to go over though. First off, if you are looking for race car themed chair for Twitch streaming or something, then this is not the way to go. Secondly, the armrests are pretty large which can become an issue if your desk isn’t tall enough, as it will block you from getting the chair underneath the desk.

The high-back office chair from BestOffice is top of the chart when it comes to comfort for your buck. It also does very well in the durability and quality department, and it comes in at under a hundred dollar. Making this one of the best deals you can make when shopping for a new computer chair.


4. Coavas Racing Chair

About: PU Leather padding, Padded armrests, 280Ibs loading capacity.

Image of black and white office chair from Coavas

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Another budget option, the Coavas Gaming Chair is affordable and have most features expected in a standard gaming chair but at a lower cost. It has an exterior of PU leather all around, including the armrests padding. The chair can withstand 280 ponds and rock both back and forth. Besides that, the chair is fairly basic with a simple metal frame, standard foam, and standard size.

The simple PU leather is easy to clean and maintain. The assembly takes no time with the basic parts and straightforward instructions. Also, the back of the Coavas product helps you keep a proper posture, decreasing the risk of lower back pain. Also, the chair looks nice and is still comfortable.

  • Very affordable
  • Comfortable upholstery
  • Circular armrest form can be annoying at times

The simple PU leather is not that breathable, making you sweat in lengthy intense gaming sessions. The armrest is nothing fancy, and not adjustable. However, the padding does help make it more comfortable. Also, the chair is not reclinable.


This PC chair is comfortable, easy to set up, and affordable. The chair is easy to clean and maintain, and the underlying setup is decently durable. If you are looking for a basic gaming chair for a tight budget, the Covas Gaming Chair is a great pick.

5. Homall Gaming Chair

About: 90 – 180-degree backrest adjustment, a weight capacity of 300 pounds, removable headrest pillow and lumbar cushion,

Image of black and white gaming chair from Homall

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At first glance, the Homall Executive Leather chair looks like a standard high-end racing chair, but just so happens that it costs less than 100 bucks which are quite extraordinary. In many regards, it not only looks the part but also has the features of more expensive products. Such as 180-degree recline, high weight capacity and removable neck and back pillows.

Unlike many other gaming chairs of this price class, the Homall product can withstand up to 300 pounds of weight which I really didn’t expect from one of this price range.

Additionally, this gaming chair has a tilt locking mechanism, a rocking function knob and a highly polished SGS tested gas cylinder. The product is made of a breathable PU leather and features cushioning padding all around.

  • Best value for money on the market
  • Very comfortable
  • Putting it together can be really annoying

This Homall gaming chair is definitely a budget product, for only a little over $100, this product sells at a remarkable price. However, is it worth the money?

Spoiler alert: Yes, it very much is.

The chair is relatively durable. The suspension is solid, easy to use, and can withstand plenty of weight. The padding is also great and has the perfect consistency between soft and stiff. This means that gamers can play for long sessions without getting sore. Both the lever and suspensions are easy to utilize, and adjusting the chair takes little effort. Finally, the lumbar and neck pillow are both well made and provide optimal comfort.

As far as cons go, the Homall Gaming Chair is a fairly reliable product. The only downside is the setup. The setup of the chair is easy to follow, and the instructions are clear. However, the screws seem to be too tight, and screwing them in can be a pain and take a long time.


For its price, the Homall gaming chair is a great option. It has all the features you would find in a higher end product, and everything from the cushioning to suspension exceeds expectations. The only downside is the tight screws when setting up the chair. Either way, if you are looking for a gaming chair but still want to stay on budget, the Homan Gaming Chair is a suitable choice.

6. Flash Furniture Task Chair

About: Built-in lumbar support, Tilt lock mechanism, Tilt tension adjustment, 250lbs weight capacity, padded flip-up armrests.

Picture of compact and affordable computer chair

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This neat little thing from Flash Furniture rocks the more classic office chair look which is desirable in its own right. Not only does this make a bit more stylish and make it fit into almost any living room, but it also gives it much better lumbar support than others in its price range.

The shorter back and general ergonomics of the chair forces your body into a much healthier sitting position without you even noticing it. It is hard to stress how important it is to have a healthy posture when you sit for several hours a day and this task chair will help you do this effortlessly.

It’s more compact design not only makes it quite ergonomic and healthier for your posture but also makes it much sturdier and durable. As the metal build it not as long, it is almost impossible to break this chair by regular means, which mean that this chair will last for years. Something that is unfortunately not so common with budget oriented office chairs.

The chair also has all expected features such as height adjustment, tilt lock mechanism, and tension adjustment. Furthermore, it also has a ventilated mesh back which makes it a lot more comfortable in higher temperatures which is something a lot of people will appreciate. The flip-up armrests are also worth mentioning as it helps the chair fit in anywhere and with any desk.

  • Best durability for money on the market
  • Waterfall design enforces a healthy sitting posture and better blood flow
  • Flip-up armrests and compact design

The cons with this chair are pretty obvious but also not real negatives, such as the lack of neck support. This is an essential thing for most chairs, but the ergonomic design makes it unlikely that you will need it as it will force you into a healthier sitting position. Secondly, it is a lot less padded and use harder materials and is thus not quite as comfortable as the other options on this list. However, believe it or not, the harder and less comfortable materials actually improves focus. Which is perfect for serious gaming and work sessions, and is why most high-end gaming chairs use harder materials.

The Task Chair from Flash Furniture is almost indestructible and passively give you a healthier sitting posture. Without a doubt the most durable budget chair of the entire list.

7. AmazonBasics Office Chair

About: Made of bonded leather, 360-degree swivel turning, Padded seat and back, Size Dimension: L 29.13 by W 25.59 by H 41.34 to 45.08 inches.

Image of executive office chair

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This office chair might look a tad too simple but it delivers extraordinary comfort for it’s price range as well as good overall product quality.

It is clear when you sit in this chair that it is made to last and to please. That can not be said about gaming chairs since it’s all about having that ”gaming look”. But in my experience, it is those chairs that will break a few months into using them, while the more boring looking ”office chairs” can be passed down to your kids in 20 years and still stand strong.

Since this is officially an executive office chair and is built to be comfortable for at least 8 hours of use it works extremely well for gaming marathons and longer work sessions.

  • Fantastic quality for your money
  • Very comfortable, even after many hours of use

The armrests are slightly bigger than on most gaming chairs which can be a real pain if your desk is too low. That being said, the height if very flexible and can be adjusted easily, so this tends not to be that big of a deal.

The comfort is subjectively good. It has a very soft and comfy feel. We feel this makes it one of the most comfortable on the list, but if you prefer harder and more firm chair, then this might not be for you.

Despite the chair’s fake leather exterior, it is among the most qualitative options on the market, even with this affordable price tag. So if you are looking for quality for your buck and want a high-back office chair, then this might be the best option out there.

8. Killabee Bucket Racing Chair

About: Metal frame, 250lbs maximum capacity, Flip-up armrests, Full height adjustment, padded armrests.

Image of black and blue racing chair from Killabee

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The Killabee Racing Style Gaming Chair is another budget product. The chair is much less sophisticated than other gaming chairs but still does its job. The chair has a simple, but ergonomic bucket build with a high padded back support and a comfortable curves.

The armrests can be flipped up, and other adjustable features such as high adjustment, reclining and the 360-degree swivel are also available. After testing a lot of chairs with armrests that got in the way because of banging together with the desk, the flip-up armrests is a really nice feature.

The chair has a metal frame, and tested gas springs that pass international standards. Additionally, the Killabee chair has smooth-rolling casters.

  • Very affordable
  • Flip-up armrests are really handy
  • Not the most durable option

Once again, the Killabee Racing chair is a budget product. For just slightly over $100, this product is a great option if you don’t want to invest hundreds on a gaming chair. However, this doesn’t mean Killabee is the best budget option, but it is one of them Without a doubt. It has most necesasry features and is fairly durable. Everything ranging from the cushioning to the frame is fairly standard. However, this chair doesn’t have anything you would see in a higher end product.

The Killabee Racing Style Gaming Chair doesn’t have many cons. The only downside is that the chair looks a bit dull and it also doesn’t have too many things going for it besides its affordable pricing. It has the base level features, but extra stuff like 180-degree reclining, advance adjustments, and inclusive lumbar pillows are not available.


Either way, the Killabee Racing Style Gaming Chair is simple, basic and cheap. If you want a solid chair that isn’t too sophisticated, this chair is for you. However, don’t expect anything out of the extraordinary.

9. SeatZone Smile Face Series

About: PU Leather, high-density foam, Padded armrest, Height is fully adjustable, 360-degree rotation.

Image of black and blue office chair from Seatzone

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This Seatzone product is a high back, leather, adjustable and bucket seat racing gaming chair. For starters, the chair has an ergonomic design. The back is long and curved, helping support your spine. The inclusive seat cushions also help promote your comfort. The bucket style seat allows gamers to sit for hours without any pain. For people who fidget, the Seatzone Racing Chair is a great option.

The unique rocking function allows you to rock the entire chair band and forth. This can help heighten your gaming experience and so much more. The advance 5-part foot is well structured as well. The 360-degree swivel casters roll smoothly on the floor, making little noise. Also, the chairs can be ordered in a number of sizes.

  • Very affordable
  • Good ergonomics and comfort

For starters, the price of the Seatzone Racing Chair makes it a great budget product. The chair is incredibly comfortable, and the ergonomic design helps support posture, and let you sit for hours. The highly adjustable and well-cushioned armrests are also a nice touch. The Seatzone Racing Chair looks great, and the wheels don’t roll around unnecessary, helping keep your chair in one place. The product is also very easy to set up.

The only downside is the chair lacks the durability many of its high-end counterparts may have. However, if the chair doesn’t take notable abuse, it should be fine. However, the chairs build overall feels somewhat cheap. This doesn’t affect the comfort.


For the price, the Seatzone Racing Chair has what you would expect. Its comfortable, easy to setup and highly customizable, not to forget the rocking feature. Although, the chair does lack the quality high-end chairs may have. The product overall feels cheap and doesn’t last forever, but you can’t expect much more for the price.

10. Homall Ergonomic Gaming Chair

About: Built with PU leather, 360 degree and multi-directional swivel, Size Dimension: 20″ X 20″ Back Rest Size: 20″ X 28.7″ Adjustable Seat Height: 18.1″-21.2″.

Image of red and black Homall ergonomic budget chairBuy From Amazon

This Ergonomic gaming chair is a modern classic, and a great pick for gamers on a budget.

This chair from Homall completely and beautifully fit the modern-day design. What makes it a classic is that it is built with the old virtues in mind, which means it clearly has a strong focus on quality and real comfort. You might think that this is how every chair is built, but no. It would be easy to find a ”cooler” looking chair and it would probably be more expensive, but in most cases, it would actually be of a very lower quality. Very few chairs of this price class have a loading capacity of 280 lbs which should tell you a bit about its build.

The biggest critique of this Homall racing chair is that it doesn’t respond well to constant rocking. So if you are one of the people that tend to use the tilt rock function very liberally then this chair might not last as long as one might wish and you should probably look for another. That being said, Homall has excellent return policies and if you break it through regular use you are very likely to receive a replacement.

In modern days there is a very high focus on superficial design over quality and that is why this chair beats most modern gaming chairs on the market, at least in the sub-100 price class.

  • A lot of value for your buck
  • PU Leather build is pretty comfortable
  • No neck support

Best Chair for Console Gaming

As a gaming site, we have a high focus on PC gaming in general. But we thought it was worth mentioning our pick for the best console chair since it is an entirely different product. Luckily, console gaming doesn’t have as vast a selection of great products and the X Rocker Pro is pretty much the best option out there.

X Rocker Pro H3 4.1

About: 4 built-in speakers, Vibration motor that syncs with your game and movies, Wireless connection, Works with all source types, foldable design, Radio receiver.

Image of console seat with built-in speakers


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Console gaming is generally a little more comfortable than sitting at your computer. But this console chair takes it to the next level, and make your average gaming sessions into heavenly treats.

Oh MY GOD is this comfortable. This is the one place where console gaming beats PC gaming, in my opinion at least, comfort. Since you aren’t tied to a desk, there is more freedom. And the X Rocker console chair takes full advantage of just that. First of all, it is wireless, which grants a lot of freedom and choice to your gaming position preference. The chair actually has 4 speakers for total surround sound feel and that includes a  powerful subwoofer, and this really grants a fantastic feeling of immersion. It also has a built-in vibration motor, which makes your gaming sessions a full body experience and also adds a lot to your in-game immersion.

  • Dreamlike comfort
  • Enhanced immersion due to the 4 built-in speaker and vibration technology
  • Affordable

A feature worth mentioning as well is the wireless radio receiver. This is incredibly nice for those that maybe just want to sit back, relax, and do nothing.

The new H3 version is even more comfortable than the classic X Rocker Pro due to its softer padding and better overall ergonomics. Something that adds even more comfort to the mix is something that is often overlooked. Because it goes directly on the floor your feet have a natural resting place wherever you may sit. However, you can get it with a pedestal if you prefer but it will set you back a few extra bucks and honestly isn’t worth it unless you have a footrest at home you can use with it.

You might be thinking: Well this sounds great but it must also be painfully pricey, right? Well, that is where you would be wrong. The X Rocker Pro H3 is actually quite affordable and most people who spend a lot of time on console gaming will get their money worth and then some.

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Important Factors to Consider Before Buying a Gaming Chair

Gaming chairs need to be scrutinized to the same level of every other gaming component you decide to buy. The criteria in terms of how we determine what is great and what is not for chairs is on the simpler side compared to say a gaming laptop. Here are some of the things we think a great gaming chair should possess.


Image of neck and back rest on a chair

This is the first and probably the most important aspect of a gaming chair. Protection for your back, especially your lower back is important and your chair should allow you to make adjustments to help accordingly. In the case of gaming chairs, it’s important not to be stingy since the more customization options you have the better.

Adjustable backrests

Look for a chair that can protect your lower back by providing different levels of support you desire. The shape of the chair itself plays a huge role here. Look for chairs that have an option of locking your backrest in a particular position. The varied levels of pressure and tensions that are applied by the chair and by you can be controlled with this. Another aspect that is vitally important is an option to stiffen or loosen the backrest itself. We are not always in a static position and the amount we lean back can vary at any given time, and this feature certainly helps.

Neck rest

This is a feature that is not common in a lot of chairs but can be quite important if you have a large gaming rig setup. The level of the monitor relative to your eye line will determine the angle of your neck. A neck rest comes in handy when the former scenario is in play. If you feeling like surfing YouTube or taking a timeout between gaming sessions this will really come in handy and help you relax.

Height adjustment capability

This is a feature that has become the staple of every good office or gaming chair so ensure the chair you choose has it. A good gaming chair will provide a wide level of height adjustment that keeps you comfy even when you are relaxed.

Armrest & seat customization

Image of customisable backrest

A feature that is making more of an appearance amongst the newest gaming chairs, as armrests that are fixed can cause quite a bit of discomfort. Different people have different upper body lengths and it’s quite important to keep your arms in a comfy position so that you can game longer. Similarly, a feature found on more expensive chair options is the ability to slide the seat pan relative to the backrest. Its importance is sometimes quite underestimated.


Usually, chairs are either made from leather or mesh. Your tendencies and body temperature will help you decide what to buy. If you are the sweaty kind than opting for the mesh. The breathability aspect will certainly help you feel comfy. If you want something to keep you warm than leather chairs fare better. This is very much subjective.


The aesthetics and the build quality come into play here. The most aesthetically pleasing chair is not necessarily the best one. Make sure you look for something that feels strong and sturdy. And make sure the chair doesn’t creak every time you sit or make any adjustments. As you can see from our list, the design of the chairs can range a lot. For the best results, combine your subjective appeals with essential ergonomic elements and enjoy a long gaming career.

Ergonomics and a healthy posture

For people who spend a lot of time in the office or in front of the computer, an ergonomic chair is not only vital for comfort, but for your long-term health. You may notice that when you sit in an uncomfortable chair, a painful sensation in your back or neck occurs. Other issues such as sore arms and more can be consequences of a poor quality chair. However, if you switch to a higher end ergonomic chair, specially tailored for a healthy posture and comfort, these issues are much less likely to occur.

Posture and Health

When you are working at a desk, your posture is the most critical factor in maintaining a healthy spine. When you put excessive stress on your back, whether it’s from a bad chair or poor posture, consequences such as chronic back pain and a hunched back can occur over time. In most cases, an ergonomic chair resolves this issue. More specially, a chair with focus on keeping a healthy posture and a high back with proper headrest will benefit you the most. Also, most gaming chairs have the adjustable height and armrest feature, allowing you to customize the product until your posture is perfect.

Recently, a common saying states sitting is the new smoking. Obviously, this is an exaggeration, but sitting for many hours each day is worse than most people think. Many issues such as chronic back pain, headaches, and arm pain can occur from sitting a lot of every day, especially if you sit in the wrong chair. One of the most common injuries is carpal tunnel syndrome, a strain on the wrist, causing excruciating pain. So how can this be prevented if you have to sit a set amount of time each day? The easiest solution is getting an ergonomic chair, but frequent walking breaks will also help a lot and is very healthy overall. With an ergonomic chair, you will be able to adjust all the setting to ensure your appropriately positioned and your posture is well composed.


This is a given. An ergonomic chair is many times more comfortable than a standard office chair. With proper padding and an ergonomic structure, a well-built chair will allow you to sit for hours and enjoy every second of it. When it comes to gaming, a comfortable chair will enable you to pay attention to the game, and not get distracted by your aching body. More specifically, an ergonomic chair reduces the pressure on your hips, unlike their stiffer counterparts. This is because when you sit, your weight is exerted equally all around the ergonomic chair, reducing a direct influence on your lower body. Consequently, hip and buttock pain will be non-existent. Additionally, with a proper chair, the curved backrest plays a huge role in preventing back pain. The high back and curved ergonomic shape support your spine, promoting comfort.

Overall, a good ergonomic chair makes working and gaming more enjoyable. With the help of the endless customizations, durability and extraordinary comfort, a good ergonomic chair will make gaming or long work nights pain-free.


In retrospect, a high-quality ergonomic chair plays a considerable part in your long-term health and comfort. And ergonomic chair helps prevent sitting injuries such as back and neck pain, or wrist injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome.
So it is not only good for you but it also feels fantastic, and that is something you cannot say about a lot of things.

Now, it is important to stress that you don’t have to invest in the most expensive chairs for this to be fulfilled. There are plenty of lower-end options that promote healthy posture and decent comfort. The best example of this is the Task Chair from Flash Furniture, but there are plenty others such as the Kinsal.

So don’t worry if your budget isn’t massive, your neck and back don’t have to suffer.

Community Q&A on PC Chairs

A roundup of the best and most common questions asked by our readers

Q: What chairs are used at eSport events and tournaments?

A: At most of the major tournaments they use the DX Racer series. It is used at LCS, WCG, Major League, LCK and many more. The Chair is also the official seat and sponsor of teams such as Fnatic, Ninjas in Pyjamas and SK Telecom. On top of all this, it is also our favorite by far, with the only let down, being its price tag.

Q: Is there a big difference between the PU leather that cheaper chairs use and the real deal?

AYes, even though PU leather is a nice replacement, and it can feel quite similar to the unknowing. Real leather is more durable when it comes to general use and also feel a lot better on the skin. Problems can occur with the real deal as well, however. It will shrink if exposed to a lot of beverage, but this does not mean you cannot spill on your leather chair. It takes a LOT of water for leather to actually shrink, and it only means you cannot wash it in the washing machine.

Q: Is a gaming chair really worth the extra money compared to an ordinary office chair?

AIn general, no. A very large percent of gaming chairs on the market has a tendency to break after a few months because they have a much larger focus on aesthetics than on actual quality. So in regards to quality for the money, you will usually get a much better deal when you buy a simple office chair. However, chairs like the ones from DX, Kinsal and Vertagear are simply next level quality and comfort, which a regular office chair cannot compete with.

Q: I have a tendency for pain in my lower neck after long gaming sessions, what can I do?

A: This is a very ordinary problem, actually up towards 40% of all gamers experience back pain at one time or another. What you need is some additional support for the lower back, to help with your posture. I would recommend any chair that has an adjustable back cushion. You can even start by buying a simple round cushion for your current chair and try that for a while, but if that doesn’t help. You should probably look into a very adjustable chair with a lot of back support. Also, a good idea to sit more straight in general, your spines worst enemy is a sloppy posture.

Q: After gaming for a couple of hours I tend to feel a lot of neck pain, any tips?

A: Yea, neck pain is among the most regular injuries from gaming and office work. For most people, getting a chair with great neck support(maybe with a cushion) will do the trick. If this doesn’t help, however, it may be a problem with your vision or your general gaming setup. Make sure you don’t have to look up or down at your screen, but that it is straight in front of you at your desk. If none of these things help, we recommend you get your vision checked, since people with worse vision has a tendency to lean forward when sitting at their computer. Which very often cause neck and back pain.


In order to make the best article possible, we used the following websites as part of our research.

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