Top 10 Best Computer Desk for Gamers – Buying Guide

Image of professional office desk

Whether you are looking for a new office desk or just a table to game on, this buying guide got you covered. 

Modern gaming setups are becoming more and more demanding in terms of space.

Thus a modern gaming desk can be a great way to make sure you have all the space you need for your gaming setup to shine.

On this list, we take a look at ten desks for gaming or office use that we love.

1. Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk(Editors Choice)

160cm / 53” width | 80cm / 27” depth | Mousepad surface | Water resistant

Image of Arozzi Arena gaming desk

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  • Great quality build
  • Ample space, even for larger gaming setups
  •  Ergonomic design & comfortable materials
  •  Only slight height adjustment available

Being gamers, we typically concentrate more on our games and less on the accessories around us. But, the Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk could not go unnoticed. It is legitimately a great option when it comes to gaming desks on the market. Even though we did not expect much, the high level of comfort and ergonomic design took our gaming sessions to an all-new level.

The Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk comes with a massive 14 square foot surface that is built to hold a sturdy gaming setup. We’re currently using the desk with two monitors, 2 PCs, peripherals, and consoles. And, there’s still more space to accommodate a couple of monitors comfortably. The table is 5-foot 3-inches wide and can hold your entire gaming world. It is designed in a way that the curve contours to your body. The depth can be used to house your mouse and keyboard. The entire surface of the desk is covered with the same material used in mouse pads. So, it’s water-resistant and machine-washable. We tried cleaning it once as it gets dirty very quickly, and the cleaning process was tedious.

The gaming desk’s overall build is sturdy. The legs are of solid steel, and the board is solid wood. Apart from a few minor chips on the side, the table was delivered in perfect condition. The gaming desk is currently available in 5 color combinations, and we chose the red-black combo. The only issue we had with Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk is the height adjustment of the legs. They only move a couple of inches from the lowest level to the highest. So, more adjustment options would have been excellent. All in all, the gaming desk is a good deal and especially if you have a large gaming setup to accommodate for.

2. Eureka L60

60” width | 24” depth | Carbon fiber textured surface | RGB Lighting | Comes with large mouse pad

Image of Eureka L60 gaming table

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  • Sturdy & durable
  • L-shape is great for multi-purpose setups
  •  Spacious & easy to assemble
  •  No tilt adjustment option

We came across Eureka Ergonomic L60 Gaming Desk while looking for L-shaped gaming desks on the market and purchased it soon after checking the reviews and ratings of existing customers. The features are almost similar to Eureka Ergonomic Z60 Gaming Desk apart from the L-shaped design. In case you’re wondering why we were looking for an L-shaped gaming desk, the answer is simply because we wanted separate areas for playing and working. So, the Eureka Ergonomic L60 Gaming Desk serves dual-purpose for us.
We’ve installed two 24-inch monitors, a keyboard, and a mouse in one part of the L-shape and neatly placed our gaming accessories such as gaming headphones and consoles in the remaining area. The best thing about the L60 Gaming Desk is the Cable Management System strategically placed under the desk, which comprises a storage box for power strip and two-wire management trays to help you keep your cables more organized. So, we’ve finally got rid of our cable tangling issues.

When it comes to installation, we spent about 15 minutes assembling the gaming desk, and the task was easy. The instruction manual included in the product package is beneficial. At first, we were a little concerned about the textured feel of the carbon fiber used on the surface of the gaming desk, but to our surprise, the surface was as smooth as a countertop. The steel legs are strong and provide excellent stability to the gaming desk. The only thing that’s missing in the desk is a 5-10 degree tilt to make it a little more ergonomic.
Overall, the Eureka Ergonomic L60 Gaming Desk is lightweight, can be easily transported, and is perfect for all types of gamers.

3. Eureka Z60

60” width | 24” depth | Carbon fiber surface | RGB lighting | Comes with large mouse pad

Image of Z shaped desk from Eureka

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  • RGB lighting looks great
  • Carbon fiber build feels smooth & durable
  •  Very spacious
  •  No tilt adjustment available

We had heard a lot about the Eureka Ergonomic Z60 Gaming Desk from our friends and finally purchased it last month. The gaming desk is simply amazing, high-quality, and very reasonably priced for the sturdy build. The stylish black and red design look elegant, and the Z60 gaming desk comes with ample space for your gaming gear.

We’re currently using the gaming desk with two 24-inch monitors, 1 PC, one keyboard, one mouse, and other gaming accessories, and there’s still plentiful space to house two more monitors. Sometimes, we even use the gaming desk for office work. The gaming platform is made of carbon fiber and remains cool all day long.

Apart from the utility for gamers, one of the most attractive features of Eureka Ergonomic Z60 Gaming Desk is the RGB LED lighting. All you need to do is plug the USB into your gaming PC, and your gaming desk will light up to make your gaming sessions more exciting. The gaming desk comes with a giant mouse pad to place different types of keyboards, mouse, etc. The Z-shaped legs provide excellent stability, and the gaming desk can be easily transported from one place to another, unlike many other heavy-duty gaming desks on the market since the top-part is divided into two separate sections. The only thing that’s missing in the desk is a 5-10 degree tilt to make it a little more ergonomic.

Overall, Eureka Ergonomic Z60 Gaming Desk is a lightweight, solid gaming desk with abundant space. Easy to assemble and looks stylish.

4. TribeSign Solid Wood Desk

55” Width | 27.5” Depth | 1.8” thick | 30” height | Solid wood

Image of office desk made from Solid wood

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  • Fantastic quality
  • Big & spacious
  •  Great for both work & gaming
  •  Heavy & difficult to move around

Whether it’s for work, gaming or something else entirely, this is an extremely solid table. This is the desk likely to make the most people happy, with its immense quality, spaciousness, and sturdiness. You cannot go wrong with this one.

The desk feels incredibly qualitative with its solid wood and iron materials and its thick surface. This is a desk that will stay with you for many years without any durability issues.

Another strong part is its size. You can easily fit a large gaming setup or busy office setup onto it and still feel like you have some space left.

My only thing that might annoy some people is how heavy it is. It is not exactly easy to move around once assembled. Luckily the assembly process itself is very straightforward, and the weight also does add to the sense of quality.

A fantastic all-purpose desk from TribeSign that will suit almost any purpose, whether it be gaming or work.

5. Walker Edison Soreno 3-piece

51” width | 20” depth | L-shaped | Keyboard trey | CPU stand

Image of L-shaped walker edison computer table

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  • Great, simple design
  • Keyboard tray is a nice touch
  •  Good quality
  •  A bit annoying to assemble

This beautiful corner desk is ideal for both gaming and office work.  A quality choice if you are looking for a corner table.

The Walker is one of our favorites on the list. The three-piece corner desk provides you with some unparalleled versatility. You can place many items on the left or right desk, plus you can move them alongside one another to make a long desk. The keyboard tray is slightly small but can be placed on either desk, which is a boon. Often time’s gamers or office fold would like to deal with multiple screens, and this table provides just enough space to place them either next to one another or in a diagonal position. The CPU stand will come in handy, especially if you own a large tower or large screens. There is plenty of room for speakers, headsets, and of course, a mouse to be placed.

This desk has a minor downside and is related to its assembly. Many users have reported it to be a bit tricky to assemble. Also, if you have a ton of wires, there are no holes in the desk from the CPU stand, so you might have to tie them together to avoid clutter—all in all, a near-perfect table for all your office & gaming needs.

6. Atlantic Gamer Desk

40” Width | 23.5” Depth | 29.5” height | Stands for headphones, monitor, phone, controllers & more

image of Atlantic gaming desk

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  • Dedicated stands for almost any type of gaming equipment
  •  Easy to assemble & move around
  •  Wire management reduces cable clutter
  •  Not the best looking design

Atlantic managed to make two brilliant gaming desk, and whether you want the pro or normal version, this table can really beef up your gaming sessions.

If you are looking for a desk that matches your stacked rig setup, then look no further than the Atlantic. It has everything from headphones stands to a charging station setup. There are stands for your speakers to be placed, but these can be slightly on the flimsy side. The overall frame is quite sturdy and feels firm, but the individual stands need to be handled with care. The game storage rack and hold about ten titles along with two joypads.

A pretty handy feature is the cup holder at the bottom, which is a neat thing to have, especially during a long gaming or work session. The assembly is effortless as well. Other than the flimsy feel or certain parts, the table surface starts to form bubbles as the coating sometimes tends to peel, which is not a very good trait. A wired storage drawer is also present for accessories like paper and office items to be placed. The monitor stand can take on a decent amount of weight and allows for at least a dual-screen set up—a pretty good choice for those looking for a focused gaming computer desk.

7. Edencomber Floating Desk

42.5” Width | 19.7” depth | Mounted wall design

Image of wall mounted office desk

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  • Takes up almost no space
  •  A lot of room for extra accessories
  •  Depth is a bit lacking for desktop setups

This is the perfect option for an office or gaming station for people with minimal space at home.

When it comes to simple design and aesthetics, this might just be our favorite of the entire list. Ideal if you want a quality workstation that doesn’t take up to much space.

The Edencomer adopts a much different design to that of a conventional desk. For those short on floor space, this wall-mounted option can be great. There’s plenty of storage compartments to place speakers and other computer peripherals. The build quality is quite good, as well. This table is available in white, espresso, or black colors. This table makes any room look more aesthetically pleasing due to the space-saving obtained. This is a much-desired aspect for a lot of folks. The tradeoff, however, is that it can only hold about 100 pounds, which is much lesser than a conventional table.

The downside is primarily related to the depth as it can’t hold a large screen and a keyboard setup. This is again more ideally suited to holding gaming laptops or just gaming monitors alone. A way around this con is to place the rig on the ground, which can help. While this model offers you the chance to mount the table at whatever height you desire, moving it can be a pain. Overall, a slightly pricier option but worth the money for those who want something different.

8. Clifton Computer Table

31.5” width | 23.5” depth | Raised top shelf

Image of Cliften pc desk

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  • High value for your buck
  •  Fits almost anywhere
  •  Cannot fit much more than the bare essentials

If you are either on a budget or just need a desk that won’t take up too much space, then this is an ideal choice with a lot of value for money.

The Chiffon computer desk is another reliable option for gamers & general folk. The ergonomics of placing the monitor on the top shelf and the keyboard and mouse below it are sound. There is more than enough room for a keyboard and mouse on the main tray with a place for accessories available on the lower shelf for devices like a subwoofer or even books. The laminate surface is ideal, as items don’t tend to slip. The frame is vast, which makes for a very sturdy yet small surfaced table.

The cons, however, lie in the positioning of the lower deck, which is at a very odd height giving you close to 0 legroom. This is an issue for those who like to stretch their legs under the table. The assembly is also quite simple. The top desk can hold one large screen, but can’t cater to a multiscreen setup.

9. Vivo V00B Sit-Stand Converter

36” width | 22” depth | Sit-stand desktop converter

Image of Vivo V000B desktop stand converter

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  • Great ergonomic option for work stations
  • Easy to assemble
  •  Compact & easy to fit onto most desks
  •  Not well suited for gaming

While looking for the best desktop workstations for our office, we came across VIVO Desk V000B Sit-Stand Desktop Converter. The low price point is certainly attractive. Even though there are many other low priced standing desk converters on the market, many of them have not shot up the ranks like the VIVO Desk V000B. We were curious about what made the Desk V000B so popular and found the answers soon after purchasing the product.

The lift system in the standing desk converter is z-type, and two gas cylinders aid the movement. The unit comprises a basic tooth locking system with eight adjustment options to pick from. Apart from the side covers made of cheap plastic, the remaining unit comes with a sturdy build. The metal is rigid and robust. The assembly is straightforward. We just attached the feet to the base and added four rubber stoppers. The Allen wrench that was included in the package helped in connecting the foot to the bottom. We assembled the unit.

The overall unit is large and weighs approximately 45 lbs. So, it’s not easy to move it here and there. You can use the eight predetermined height positions locking the handles in place. It’s easy to adjust the unit from lower to middle positions, but it’s cumbersome to change from the maximum height downward. We struggled to get the unit moving downward. The higher we raised it, the more pressure the handles required to remain unlocked.

When it comes to stability, VIVO Desk V000B is one of the most stable standing desk converters on the market. The rubber stoppers are good quality and hold the unit in one place throughout different adjustments. Overall, an excellent standing desk converter at a great price.

10. Need Furniture Folding Table

31.5” Width | 15” Depth | Foldable design

Image of foldable desk from Need Furniture

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  • Great portable table for Lan’s or guests
  •  Easy to fold
  •  A bit small

Looking for that ideal table for guests, LAN parties or just want a desk that is easy to move? This small foldable table from Need is the ideal choice.

Having a foldable table can be great, especially if you still frequently attend or host LAN parties with your friends. Having a desk like this to pull out whenever you want to play with your friends at your house is exceptionally convenient, and although not the most spacious, it will do a decent job of keeping your friends happy.

The design is compact and straightforward, like any foldable table should me. It is easy to fold and unfold, and we experienced minimal issues with the mechanisms. The surface is not large but should fit a laptop or smaller desktop gaming setup without problems.

What to consider when looking for a new computer desk

There are a few crucial points to consider before buying a new table for the office.

Gaming, work, or something else

What do you need a new table for? There is a vast difference between finding a proper desk for the home office, compared to finding one that works great as a gaming station.

Office Desk

Shopping for an excellent gaming desk is usually a little more straightforward than a gaming table. You typically don’t need a lot of extra features, and for most, it is just essential to get a stylish table of high quality that can fit your needs.

What you should consider is whether you want a corner desk, a classic one, or maybe something subtle. While a corner desk can have some very desirable benefits, they also take up a lot of space, and it comes down to how much space you need on your desk. If you use a double or triple monitor setup, a corner desk is usually the way to go. However, if you have the most basic needs for a PC screen, a desktop or laptop, and of course, your mouse and keyboard, then the classic office desk like the one from Tribesign is likely preferable.

Image of computer playing station

Tables for Gaming

A gaming desk usually has a lot of stuff that you would never need for the office. Such things as a cup and headset holder can be handy when trying to create the ideal gaming station. Every gamer knows that spilling your drink is a genuine problem during intense gaming sessions, and can singlehandedly lose an important game, so having a safe cup holder to make sure that won’t happen is quite useful.

It is also awesome to have your monitor elevated to create a more pleasant gaming experience, such as the ‘Atlantic Pro Gamer Desk’ and others made solely for gaming. This ensures less neck and back strain during long sessions as you don’t have to look down for hours on end. This is very undervalued, and quite crucial if you spend a lot of time in front of the computer as back and neck pain are some of the most common problems and illnesses associated with gaming. This is why having a proper desk and PC chair is crucial.

What is generally worth noting about gaming-specific tables is that they have a lot of gadgets and gimmicks. You should, therefore, consider if these are important to you or if you would rather have a classic plain desk. Here are some standard features attached to gaming desks:

  • Cup Holder
  • Gadget/phone holder
  • Charger outlet
  • Elevated monitor
  • Headset and peripherals hanger
  • Joystick station
  • Games/DVD station

If these things sound great to you, then you should probably be looking for a gaming-specific desk, and we highly recommend our pick, the Atlantic Pro. If not, then you should look into a more standard option. All these gadgets can be very lovely, but some people will be much happier with a standard, big, sturdy desk.

Other needs

There are also some other things to consider, such as size, portability, and functionality, etc.

Foldable tables

If you tend to have guests over or have a friend or two, which sometimes come to your house to play the computer, then having a portable table is incredibly useful.

Image of table attached to wallTables for the living room

If you don’t have the luxury of having your own office or bedroom, then getting something a little more compact can help create a pleasant office situation in the living room. There are a lot of great options that are either attached to the wall to save space or are just quite small. While these will not work well if you are a double monitor type of guy, then these can be an excellent replacement for your home office.

Image of glass corner on a tableMaterials

The last but crucial thing to consider before shopping for a new desk.


A very stylish option, but not always the best. There is no denying the fact that glass tables can look incredibly sleek and modern, but they also have some pitfalls. While they are by no means easy to break, glass is still a lot more susceptible to pressure, compared to hardwood.

It is also an icy material, which means that it can be a little uncomfortable to put your arms down onto.


Whether it be maple, birch, or something else, wood is usually a great choice, as long as you enjoy the look of it. It is by far the most durable option and will likely last you for ages if it is made correctly.


They are usually used for foldable tables and such. It has the same pitfalls as a glass table and can be a little uncomfortable due to the cold material. However, it rarely looks as stylish as the glass option, but it is much more functional, which is why it is often used for foldable or gaming tables, as it is easy to make a lot of gimmicks and features in metal.


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