Best Gaming Headsets of 2020 – Complete Buyer’s Guide

Whether you want to find the best headset for CS:GO to make sure no one ever sneaks up on you again or maybe you want full immersion in The Witcher 3, then this list has got you covered. 

This article is the result of vigorous research and testing from our team to find the best gaming headsets on the market in 2019.

Gaming headsets may not enhance your performance in the same way a gaming mouse does, but it can still make a huge difference, especially in first-person shooters.

Few pieces of gaming gear can provide the amount of immersion and general quality of gameplay as a great gaming headset can. And of course, it’s also the best way to communicate with your friends online through Skype, etc. Unless you want to get a separate microphone for that.

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Our Top 3 Picks

SteelSeries Arctis 5
SteelSeries Arctis 5
Our Rating
Next-gen Surround Sound
AirWeave Comfort Cushions
HyperX Cloud 2
HyperX Cloud 2
Our Rating
7.1 Virtual Surround Sound
Award winning design
Sennheiser Game One
Sennheiser Game One
Our Rating
Best High-end Headset
Award Winning Sound Quality

1. SteelSeries Arctis 5

Features: 3D Soundscape audio, S1 speaker drivers and DTS, V2 surround sound, AirWeave comfort cushions, Full fit adjustability.

Image of the brand new Arctis 5 by SteelSeries

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  •  Awesome 3D DTS Headphone 7.1 surround sound
  • Very comfortable due to customizable fit and cooling airweave cushions
  •  Great noise cancellation
  •  Surround sound only available on PC

The SteelSeries Arctis 5 was already one of the best gaming headsets on the market but it has still received a few updates and improvements with the brand new 2019 version.

The Arctis 5 is among the best of its price range, and it has some serious firepower that can give high-end options a run for their money, and look damn good while doing it. It is the perfect option for those that feel the Arctis Pro is too expensive for them or just anyone looking for a professional mid-tier gaming headset.

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Comfort is always a big deal when talking about gaming headsets. Since most people want a headset that doesn’t cause fatigue when playing hours on end. SteelSeries have truly nailed the comfort part with the Arctis, both the 3, 5, 7, and Pro version fits like a dream and ensures a comfortable gaming experience.

The excellent cooling system further improves comfort. A lot of headsets with splendid sound isolation tend to get hot, really fast. While the isolation is not as great as on the Sennheiser Game One, it is pretty alright. Personally, I prefer a comfortable experience over total sound isolation, but that is something you need to decide on your own since you most likely won’t get both.

Excellent surround sound is hard to come by, but SteelSeries has taken it to the next level with this one. The 3D soundscape audio with the brand new V2 Surround sound gives the most immersive gaming experience imaginable and is among the best surround sound systems we have ever tried.

The fantastic surround sound is backed up by incredible audio quality, which only adds to the experience.

Final Verdict

If you are looking for fantastic sound quality and stunning 3D surround sound, then this might be the headset for you.

The only minor drawback is the microphone, while there is nothing wrong with it, we did expect more from a headset of this price class.

If you love the design of the Arctis but wanna save a little money, the Arctis 3 is a great choice as well. It is not as good as the Arctis 5 but is just toned down a little. The Arctis 7 is also probably the best wireless gaming headset out there if that is something you want. In conclusion, the Arctis series from SteelSeries is pretty damn phenomenal.

2. HyperX Cloud 2

Features: Noise isolating ear cups and detachable microphone, Braided cables, 15-25khz frequency response, 53mm hi-fi capable drivers, Over-the-Ear headphone, 7.1 Virtual Surround Sound.

Image of HyperX Cloud's best headset for PC

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  •  Outstanding virtual surround sound with great directional audio
  • Very high quality overall
  •  Fantastic frequency response
  •  Optimized for better communication
  •  Cable a bit too long and gets entangled

This is one of the most popular headsets among professional gamers on the eSports scene. It was even developed with the help of several noteworthy professional gamers to ensure perfect competitive performance. Which is something that is not just clever branding but quite apparent when you try out the HyperX Cloud 2.

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So, does the HyperX Cloud 2 live up to the hype?

I am happy to say that YES it lives up to it, and then some. This gaming headset offers some of the best sound quality I have ever experienced for gaming. In addition, it has a fantastic microphone, which is connected to a jack directly into the headset, which makes it so easy to remove/add to the headset.

The original HyperX Cloud was undoubtedly one of the best gaming headsets ever made. Which is why making a newer version is a bold move, as it is hard to outdo an almost perfect product. However, HyperX successfully made a second iteration that is slightly more awesome and is a worthy successor.

Most noteworthy is how this is one of the most comfortable headsets I have ever had the pleasure of wearing. Pretty impressive, considering its very affordable price tag. This is due to its extremely lightweight construction and the memory foam ear cups. I’d almost claim that it is more pleasant to have this headset on than off. And this is where it truly stands out, as a one of a kind gaming headset.

Furthermore, it is compatible with any platform, and the lightweight and clean design also make it a great headset for your phone, if you want to listen to high-quality music on the go.

The cords are very long, which can be quite annoying when using it for PC gaming. But it also makes it great for console gaming, where you are usually a bit further away from the screen. You might want to throw an extra five bucks in and get a cord organizer on the side.

Final Verdict

Everything with this headset is done SO well, and I will say that it is my favorite headset of its price range. It is easy to see that this was developed with the help of professional gamers, made for competitive gaming. I will recommend this to any player, for any game genre on any platform.

The cord’s length can be annoying, but it is such a small setback for an otherwise excellent product.

This is the headset we recommend to most gamers, even over the Sennheiser. Since regarding value for money, Cloud 2 is as good as it gets.

3. Sennheiser Game One

Features: Integrated volume controls, earcups optimized for long gaming sessions, transducer technology, Noise-canceling microphone, Sound pressure level: 116dB, microphone mute button, Stereo audio.

Image of Sennheiser GAME ONE headset in white

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  •  Best stereo sound on the market
  • Exceptionally qualitative and comfortable
  • Great for long gaming sessions
  • Transducer technology grant exceptional sound clarity
  •  Earpads too big for some people
  •  Pricey

Sennheiser has managed to up their game, and make a headset even better than their famous Zero model. This is a headset with very few cons, but a TON of pros. The Game One headset is not cheap by any means, but it has the performance to back it up and then some.

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”The Sennheiser Game One shows exactly what it means to be a luxurious gaming product. You know when you are holding this headset, that this is as good as it gets.”

This headset gives an immense feeling of quality, and it is not just a feeling, it indeed is qualitative. The incredible thing is that it manages to have an excellent build and feel sturdy as a rock, while also being quite lightweight.

The lightweight design, together with the high-end materials provide outstanding comfort.

”It is not a matter of whether or not it’s comfortable to wear, it’s whether or not you want to take it off again.”

The microphone is the best we have yet to try. It has incredible noise isolation and genuinely intuitive volume control.

Let’s talk about what headsets are all about, sound. The sound quality is hard to describe to anyone who hasn’t tried it, you can compare it to the Sennheiser Zero, but even those don’t hold up against the Game One. It is the best, most precise, and detailed sound quality we have ever experienced in a gaming headset, alongside the Arctis Pro.

The volume controls are cleverly placed on the right ear cup and are very easy to get used to.

Final verdict

This headset is exceptional, but it is also very pricey. It is vital that we mention that this headset is not a great ”value for money” buy for any gamer. You need to appreciate pure sound quality, and you also need quite a lot of spare money.

For most gamers, the HyperX Cloud gaming headset is the one we would recommend. The Sennheiser is only if you genuinely want the best of the best. Since the difference in pricing and product are not comparable between Cloud 2 and the Sennheiser. The X Cloud headset is merely a better bang for your buck.

4. Logitech G Pro X

Features: Next-gen 7.1 object-based surround sound, Pro-G 5mm drivers, Blue Microphone technology, G Hub software.


Image of Logitech G Pro X headset

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  •  Object-based surround sound are excellent
  • Most comfortable Logitech headset to date
  •  Unmatched microphone quality
  •  Highly customizable
  •  G Hub software is required for a lot of key features

Logitech makes some of the best gaming mice and keyboards on the entire market but when it comes to headsts they do tend to fall short. Until the brand new G Pro X changed all that.

Finally, Logitech has managed to craft a pair of gaming headphones that can compete with the best of the best. It has unparalleled microphone quality, exceptional sound quality, and one of the most comfortable designs on the market.

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The G Pro X headset comes with a lot of cutting-edge technology that blows most headsets out of the water. It uses a next-gen 7.1 object-based surround sound which is fantastic for both immersion and competitive gameplay. It provides you with great positional audio, and the only real downside is that you need the G Hub software to activate it.

The most impressive feature of the G PRO X is arguably the microphone. Logitech has recently purchased Blue Microphones, known for creating some of the best PC microphones on the market, and uses their audio technology in the G Pro X. The sound quality on the mic is simply mind-blowing and not something I have seen in any headset to date. It also offers a LOT of customizability with the G Hub where you can alter every little detail of your voice.

It is also the most comfortable Logitech headset to date. They are taking a lot of inspiration from the HyperX Cloud 2 design, which was a great choice. The materials are incredibly qualitative, and the earcups and padding are very soft and supportive.

Final verdict

The G Pro X is by far the best Logitech headset to date and is well suited for both casual gaming and high-end competitive gameplay.

5. SteelSeries Arctis Pro

Features: DTS Headphone:X v2.0 surround sound, Dedicated GameDac, Amp mixer, 10 – 40,000 Hz frequency, the world’s first certified Hi-Res gaming audio system, Oled Menu control, Bidirectional microphone.

Image of Arcis Pro gaming headphones

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  • Unparralleled audio clarity
  • Wonderful next-gen surround sound & Hi-res drivers
  •  Excellent comfort & quality
  •  Outstanding noise cancellation
  •  Very pricey

The SteelSeries Arctis series has always been among the very best gaming headsets on the market and finally they have chosen to introduce a true high-end option worthy of any avid audiphile.

The SteelSeries Arctis Pro is quite expensive, but it also comes with exceptional performance and even managed to be the first gaming audio system to surpass the Japanese Audio Society’s rigorous Hi-Res requirements. Making it one of the most advanced gaming audio systems in the world and in terms of clarity and overall sound quality, the SteelSeries Pro is an absolute beast.

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The SteelSeries Pro gaming headset comes with the ESS Sabre 9018 GameDac which is a real game-changer. The GameDac can bypass the internal sound card of your PC or console and make it into a high-performance audio source. Which in simple terms mean that the Arctis Pro has better sound than what your PC or console can produce on its own. In conclusion, the Arctis Pro has some true next-level sound quality that is sure to satisfy even the most avid audiophile.

Besides having a near-perfect performance score, it is also a real achievement in terms of design. The trademark Arctis design is among the most comfortable on the market, and that is saying something. Not only is it comfortable, but it is also a real piece of luxury equipment with a mix of materials that ooze of quality.

Final Verdict

The SteelSeries Arctis Pro is a real achievement and one of the best gaming audio systems ever. Everything from its design, quality, and performance is of the highest level, but you also pay for the privilege.

Although I am absolutely in love with this headset, it is hard to argue against the fact that it is slightly overpriced. That said, if you don’t mind spending a bit more to get real top-tier quality, then the Arctis Pro is perfect for you.

6. Razer Kraken Tournament Edition

Features: THX Spatial Audio, 50mm drivers, Cooling gel ear cushions.

Image of the new Razer Kraken Tournament edition in green

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  •  The new THX Spatial Audio surround sound is great
  • Comfortable lightweight design
  • Durable aluminium build and kevlar reinforced wire
  • Razer Synapse software can be a bit annoying
  • Razer Synapse is required for the surround sound to work properly

The new Razer Kraken Tournament Edition comes with some clear advantages and improvements over the Kraken V2 and is the best Razer headset in the price range yet.

The new THX Spatial Audio surround sound creates a more immersive experience and provide excellent audio feedback, which is essential for competitive play.

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Razer makes a lot of excellent gaming gear, but unfortunately, headsets have never been their strong suit. However, they have fixed a lot of their mistakes with the new Razer Kraken headset and managed to make a pretty great gaming headset. Primarily due to their brand new THX Spatial Audio surround sound and top-notch 50mm drivers.

The sound quality on the Kraken Tournament Edition is excellent and precisely what you’d expect from a professional brand like Razer. But the real star of the show is the superb new surround sound, and give you an edge in competitive fps gaming. The clear audio quality and the sharp surround sound makes it quite easy to detect your enemies’ movement and location in games such as CS:GO.

The Tournament Edition comes with the brand new audio control which comes with a sticky backside so you can place it on your table and always have it within reach. Not only does this provide you with better surround sound compared to the earlier version of the Kraken, but it allows you to control everything from bass and audio levels to in-game chat balance. This is incredibly handy and really smoothes out the gaming experience.

The surround sound is not the only upgrade over the old Kraken; the comfort and design have also improved a lot. The slightly larger earcups combined with the new cooling gel-infused cushions make the Kraken very comfortable to wear, even during an extended gaming session. It also feels like the sound isolation is better, although I cannot find any evidence of it anywhere.

Final Verdict

The Razer Kraken has superb sound quality and next-gen surround sound, and comfortable, lightweight design. The biggest issue with the new Kraken is the dependency on the Razer Synapse software. It is not the most user-friendly, to begin with, and the fact that you need it installed for the new THX Spatial Audio to work is a bit of a hassle.

If you love Razer, then this is their best mid-tier gaming headset yet, and I would recommend the Tournament Edition to both casual and hardcore gamers.

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6. Corsair Void PRO(wired)

Features: Breathable microfiber mesh fabric and memory foam, USB, Custom tuned 50mm neodymium speaker drivers, Unidirectional noise-canceling microphone, Dolby Headphone 7.1 surround sound, CUE software.

Image of Corsair VOID wired for PC

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  • Top-tier microphone quality
  •  Driver provide excellent directional audio
  •  Very high quality for your money
  • A bit heavy

One of the best middle-class gaming headsets on the market right now and a popular pick among professional gamers and we can definitely see why.

Corsair has created a headset with a slick and comfortable design that also provides you with great sound quality and a fantastic microphone. The Void Pro is the best gaming headset by Corsair yet and one of the best bang for your buck on the market.

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The Corsair Void Pro does come with wired and wireless variants. While the wireless Void is also a great option, we’ve chosen to focus on the wired option. Whether you are a Corsair fan or not, you will like the quality on hand in this gaming headset.
First up you got the customizable RGB lighting which makes these look pretty cool. The sound quality is outstanding & this Dolby 7.1 headset does indeed provide quite a rich & immersive experience. The main positive on hand when you opt for these is the mic quality. Both the wired & wireless variants have excellent voice quality, and there’s an LED mute indicator on the mic as well so you can avoid any mix-ups in-game.

When we tried these, we dropped these a few times and were quite impressed with how sturdy these were. Having a headphone with rattling parts is not good & Corsair does a great job with the void pro regarding construction. Others users also noted this is a big positive for them along with the CUE, which is pretty easy to use too.

The only downside for us is the ergonomics. Assuming you like to game for more prolonged periods, a lighter headset is always good to have. The Void Pro is marginally heavier than most of the top ones on our list. The foam cushion is comfortable, but again, not the best we’ve tested to it does lose a few points here for us.

Final Verdict
There are plenty of Dolby 7.1 Surround headsets on the market, but this one is another one of our favorites thanks to the range & richness of the sound on offer. Price-wise we feel it more than justifies its price tag when you factor in how well built this is along with the sound.

7. Audio Technica ATH-AD700X

Features: 53 mm drivers, Bobbin-wound CCAW voice coils, Impedance: 38 ohms, Full open-air over-ear design, Self-adjusting 3D Wing Support, Wired.

Image of Audio technica headset

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  • Provide some of the best sound quality on the entire market
  •  Incredibly lightweight and comfortable
  •  incredibly clear highs and lows
  •  Pricey

ATH-AD700X from Audio Technica is not just one of the best headsets for gaming but also one of the absolute best for music lovers and audiophiles alike. The highs, lows, and everything in between is pretty much perfect.

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This headset is the closest we will get to the Sennheiser Game One on this list. Although they offer the same top-notch quality, they do have different priorities. Whereas Sennheiser Game One is 100% optimized for gaming, the AD700X is for the real audiophiles out there. This also means that the high’s and lows are better tuned for music, but that doesn’t mean that this isn’t among the absolute best headsets for gamers looking for a truly immersive experience. So if you can tell a 50mm driver from a 53mm driver without batting an eye, then this masterpiece from Audio Technica might be the perfect fit for you.

You might think that at this price range the headset should at least be wireless, but you would be mistaken. Creating this level of qualitative audio with wireless headphones would almost be impossible.

Despite looking quite large, these headphones are very lightweight and offer unmatched comfort due to the open-air earpads. This design keeps your ears from getting too hot even after wearing them for hours. They put zero pressure on the ear, which is what makes these headphones top of the line when it comes to comfort.

Final Verdict

If you want a truly professional and immersive listening experience, then the ATH-AD700X is as good as it gets. While it is designed for music first and foremost, it does a fantastic job in any genre. It doesn’t matter if you want a top-notch movie experience or if you want to take your gaming experience to a whole other level, these headphones will not disappoint.

We rarely recommend such pricey products to the regular consumer, but it is also one of the rare cases where a luxury product provide enough value for your money to justify the purchase.

8. ASTRO A40 TR(With MixAmp Pro)

Features: Dolby 7.1 surround sound, Designed by pro gamers, Swappable precision microphone, Astro Mixamp Pro ( needed for surround sound to work correctly), USB soundcard.

Image of black and red version of Astro A40

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  • Top-notch audio and surround sound quality.
  •  Excellent comfort
  •  High-end build quality
  •  MixAmp and mod kit takes the audio to the next level
  • Mixamp PRO needed for the full audio experience.
  •  Pricey

Regarding pure sound quality and comfort, this headset from Astro is up there with the very best. Designed in cooperation with actual pro gamers for perfect competitive sound optimization. All these things make for an excellent gaming headset, but not a cheap one by any means.

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The Astro gaming headset is developed with professional gaming in mind, that it pays off! The sound quality is astounding, and even more important, it is precise. With this bad boy, you will never get sneaked up on in Counter-Strike ever again. The surround sound is simply excellent at informing you of your enemy’s whereabouts. Which is why it sees play at numerous eSports tournaments.

The headset oozes quality, and you can genuinely feel you got your hands on a premium product when holding this in your hand. This makes it quite high-end regarding the cost. The only reason that it is not higher on the list is that a little more could be expected from a headset with this kind of price tag. We feel that the Sennheiser Game One and SteelSeries Arctis Pro is a tiny bit better, at the same cost.

The microphone is among the best we have ever tried on a gaming headset. It effectively removes background noise and has a rock-solid build.

Concerning build quality, we are torn. On the one hand, it feels rock-solid, like the luxurious product that it is. On the other hand, the pipes that hold the headset together can feel a bit shaky after months of use. We never experienced any issue with this, but we have found when researching that occasionally they break off. However, it has to be said that the Astro customer support is excellent, and you will see no issue in getting a replacement if anything were to happen.

The premium quality can indeed be felt regarding comfort. It is hands down one of the most comfortable headsets to ever be produced.

 Final Verdict

This headset is clearly for the serious/pro gamer, and we would recommend it to anyone who thinks gaming is more than just a hobby.

It performs excellently in a competitive environment, and are among the few gaming headsets that can actively enhance your performance.

The big con is the build quality of the pipes, which can come off a bit shade after some time. It is important to remember that we did not have any issues with this, but we only know that it is something others have experienced.

The surround sound is impressive but has one flaw. You will need to buy the Astro Mixamp pro. This can be a significant turn-off for a lot of gamers, but it is also what makes the surround sound next-level good. Achieving this kind of surround sound without a mixer is hard. We highly recommend you buy the Mixamp pro if you want the full experience of this headset.

10. Turtle Beach Ear Force PX22

Features: Adjustable bass and treble, Independent volume controls, 50mm Turtle Beach custom drivers, Dynamic chat boost, An official headset of Major League Gaming.

Image of turtle beach ear force PX22

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  • Phenomenal drivers grant clear, crisp audio
  • Very customizable & independent volume controls
  •  Comfortable
  • Microphone auto volume adjuster can get annoying
  •  Short cord

Turtle Beach is not known for their PC headsets, but rather their console headsets. However, with the PX22 they managed to make a great multi-purpose headset, Fully functional for PC gaming.

The PX22 has crystal clear audio quality and a stellar design which is really comfortable to wear, even for hours on end.

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First off, this is a multi-platform headset and works great as just that. However, this is NOT Turtle Beach’ best console headset, far from it. It seems like Turtle Beach had a clear focus on PC gaming when making the PX22. It simply seems to perform better on a computer than on a console. For technical reasons, it is tough to make a multi-platform headset that performs outstandingly on both console and computer, so we are pleased that they put their focus on PC gaming.

The PX22 has all the signature Turtle Beach functionality, such as the in-depth audio editor. You can mute, adjust volume, bass, treble, chat, and gaming volume separately from the overall audio. This is what we love about Turtle Beach as a brand, the in-depth customization right at your fingertips. So if you are a fan of Turtle Beach headsets in general, then this is an excellent pick for you.

Final Verdict

You rarely get to adjust the bass and treble on a gaming headset so conveniently. Chances are you never have modified such things on your headset because you just never got around to it. Having these things conveniently adjustable can add a whole new level of ease to your gameplay.

The 50mm speakers are great, not flawless, but overall great. The sound is crisp and clear, but the lack of surround sound was a big disappointment for us. We feel that surround sound is an essential feature for many competitive games, especially fps games. However, headphones of this price class with a surround sound do tend not to be of high quality.

Great headset, especially for PC gaming. If you enjoy Turtle Beach as a brand, this headset is definitely worth your buck.

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Factors to consider when buying a gaming headset

Wired vs. Wireless Dilemma

With connectivity technology improving the wireless earphones in the gaming and non-gaming niche are growing in number and quality. Wireless headsets are also a great option if you don’t want too many wires hanging about. Depending on where your rig or laptop is placed, wired headsets can get in the way during a marathon frag session. Concerning consistency and performance, there is nothing quite like wired headsets, though. Wired earphones are a great option if you want to play it safe or if you need cutting-edge performance. The standard 3.5mm jack will ensure cross-compatibility across all your devices.

Sound Quality

Gaming headsets generally offer excellent sound quality, but there are differences. A great 7.1 headset will be quite the experience but will set you back more concerning price. Sets like the Razer and HyperX boast stellar sound quality and great 50mm tuned drivers. The frequency response of 15 25 kHz is pretty solid but look for something around the 12-28 kHz mark for pricier headsets. This makes for a precise, clear and rich gaming experience.

Mic Quality

When we mention mic quality, we take into consideration positioning, speech clarity, and ease of access, so must you! Especially during E-sports events, clarity is of utmost importance. Muting the mic efficiently and being able to hit the mute button quickly might seem like trivial issues but hold paramount importance. A lot of models can mute when you turn the mic, which was our preferred method as opposed to buttons. This is very subjective, of course! If you are an occasional gamer and like to use the headset for watching movies or listening to music comfortably, then go for a model that has a detachable mic for added comfort. Noise cancellation is almost taken for granted as a must-have feature when dealing with headsets that are over the $40 mark.

Design Characteristics

Inner ear cup diameter is a huge factor that needs to be considered. They are usually around the 2inch mark and need to be taken into consideration based on the size of your ears. Headphones like the HyperX are great fit irrespective of size. Tensile Strength and build quality play a prominent role in ensuring that the headsets are flexible but do not break easily. High-quality memory foam is used by many brands when manufacturing ear cups, and it’s a safe choice to opt for these gaming headsets.

Other Factors:

Weight is another massive factor. It’s essential to have a light yet comfortable headset to provide relief for your neck. Long hours with a gigantic headset can leave you with severe neck pain issues in the long-term. You might find a lot of headsets on the market weighing between 250 and 340 grams. We feel for prolonged gaming sessions light headsets are ideal.

Cross-platform compatibility is excellent to have if you have multiple devices like PS4s, Xboxes, and more. Another feature that should go hand in hand with the weight element that severely affects portability is the design of the cups. The Swivel type can be useful if the headset is going to spend most of its time at home. However, if you are always on the move, then a foldable option might suit you better. Volume control should be within reach. Most headsets on our list have easy access to all essential gaming and volume controls.

Features like extension cables for a longer reach and extra cushions will also come in handy. Aesthetics are essential, especially considering the price you pay. External branding and graphics tastes can be subjective but build quality is usually not. Look for something sturdy but not plastic in feel. There is nothing more annoying than a dense and extremely rigid headset.

We focused mainly on these five factors
  • Sound Quality –  What kind of audio system does the headset use, and is it any good?
  • Specifications/Features – What kind of extra features and specifications does the headset have? In other words, how does it look on paper?
  • Comfort – Seeing as you may have to wear your headset for hours on end, support is critical.
  • Quality – It’s very easy to find a headset that will break after a few months. It’s harder to find an actual high quality one, but we are here to help.
  • Price – How great the headset is when looking at other earphones in the same price range.

These are the five criteria we will be focusing on, mainly. But obviously, a lot of other stuff matters when testing out gaming headsets, those are just the most crucial ones. So we have, of course looked at everything when doing these reviews, to make sure we know all the pros and cons of every product.

Other Headsets we Tested

On our journey to find the ten best gaming headsets, we naturally also tested quite a lot of headphones that didn’t quite make it onto the list. Even though they didn’t make it, some of them are still very much worth mentioning.

Sades SA902

One of the more modest models from Sades. The SA902 is not as huge and filled with features as most Sades headsets, but they have kept the most important factors. What I personally really enjoyed about this one, is the slick, simplistic design. Most gamer headsets tend to be way too big and clunky.

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This headsets strongest feature is its microphone. The microphone has a clear sound, and it almost doesn’t pick up on any background noise. So with this headset, you have great possibilities of great co-op team play with your online friends, without annoying them with all kinds of background noise.

Also, it is extremely adjustable. It fits you no matter if you have a very tiny or enormous head size. This is due to the slim, lightweight design and the fact that it can be adjusted in every way you see fit.

As with most headsets in this price class with a 7-1 surround sound system. It is not perfect. However, it will do a decent job at locating your enemies when playing in a first-person shooter environment, which is what most gamers want out of their surround sound.

Final Verdict

If you are not neurotic about sound quality and want a good jack-of-all-trades headset. Then this is an excellent choice for you.

The sound quality is not comparable to the more high-end headsets on this list. But for most gamers, it will do just fine.

Sentey GS-4731 Virtual 7.1 USB

If you are looking for a gaming headset with A LOT of straight-up raw power, then this headset is worth considering.

The Sentey GS-4731 would probably still be in the top 10 if it wasn’t so hard to find a place that sells it.

Even Amazon rarely has it in stock.

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A headset is first and foremost a sound system, so the quality of sound is crucial. I would even argue that the actual sound system is the most important factor, together with comfort. And oh boy, does this headset deliver! The 4D bass and 7.1 digital surround sound in this headset are quite simply astonishing. And I cannot imagine a better sound system at this reasonable price.

When testing this headset out in The Witcher 3, I at one point closed my eyes to take in the sound quality, and I felt utterly immersed as well as amazed. Every bird chirping, wind blowing, swords clashing and horse neighing. It felt like I was indeed in the midst of it myself. And that is probably one of the biggest compliments I can give to a gaming headset.

Final Verdict

This headset does not have any specific niche features, but that’s okay. Because this gaming headset has an incredible sound system, and that is backed up by an incredible 4D bass system. This is what makes this headset a real treat, and it creates one of the most immersive experience I have ever experienced through a headset.

I would recommend this headset to anyone who truly enjoys gaming, and doesn’t just play it for competition’s sake. However, if you are more of a competitive gamer than an immersive player, I would recommend the HyperX Cloud Gaming Headset. This is only because the microphone could be of a higher quality, and after 8+ hours of play can begin to feel the fatigue. But this is still one hell of a gaming headset, no matter what type of player you are.


  • 7.1 Digital virtual surround sound system
  • 4D extreme bass
  • Over-ear noise isolation pads
  • Built-in Vibration unit
  • Compatible with Window XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and MAC generic (no drivers needed)
  • CD driver software


Sades know their way around making a great gaming headset. I can think of no other brand with so many excellent gaming headphones under their belt. This new model shows off Sades’ virtues perfectly. Great sound, great comfort, distinctive design but not the best one out there. This is a superb pick, that won’t make a hole in your wallet.

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Firstly, we need to appreciate the stunning design that Sades have created with the A60 headset. You can truly see that this one of the newer models from Sades.

The microphone is not great, but still quite good, which is the overall theme with this headset. Everything works well, but it does not have any particular trait that it does superbly. This makes it the perfect all-around gaming headset. It is also what makes it such a nice plug-N-play headset. There are not too many extra features to worry about, so you can plug it in, and you are good to go.

The audio system and microphone allow this headset to work alright in a competitive gaming environment. But it is not the headset we recommend for the very serious/competitive gamer. However, it is an excellent choice for any avid player, especially if you are not a snob about your headset.

Final Verdict

The A60/OMG gaming headset from Sades is one of the best value for money deals out there. It does everything very well and won’t break your budget.

It is not the best one out there, but we feel that it is the kind of headset that would make almost any gamer happy. Just because it does not have any real downsides, it is the ideal plug-and-play gaming headset, and at the end of the day, that is what the average gamer wants.

The only real con is that it is not excellent at anything but does merely everything well.


  • Adjustable microphone
  • Noise cancellation
  • Compatible with both Mac and Windows
  • Plug-and-play

Patriot Viper V361

This new headset from Patriot has grown very popular, very fast. Honestly, we can see why it is a fantastic budget gaming headset. I would gladly recommend it to any gamer on a budget if you do not like the HyperX Stinger, and that’s the biggest reason it wasn’t added. It has really good audio and sound capabilities; it is quite comfortable and is anything but expensive. However, it is slightly outperformed by the Stinger in almost every way. Nonetheless, the Patriot Viper v361 is well deserved of honorable mention and might be right for you if you are not a fan of the Stinger for one reason or the other.

Astro A10

Much like the Viper, it is a very good headset, and it almost made the top 10. The issue is that it performs on par with the Sades A60, which is the same price class but is less comfortable. Not that I would say the Astro is downright uncomfortable, but the earcups do feel a little heavy and quite clunky. That being said, the Astro A10 is well worth your time if you want something in its price range and have big ears. The large earcups are what makes it feel a bit clunky, but if it happens to fit it will quickly turn in to an advantage.

HyperX Cloud Revolver

HyperX Cloud is one of my absolute favorite gaming brands, at least when it comes to headsets. Which is why the Revolver was a bit of a disappointment. Granted, I did have very high expectations, as this is from the creators of the stinger and the classic Hyper Xcloud 1 and 2. However, even though it is more expensive than the 2, it doesn’t bring anything significantly new to the table compared to the X cloud 2. On top of this, it is a lot less durable and is known to break pretty quickly. The sound quality and especially the noise cancellation is quite spectacular, but when you can get an equally well-performing headset for less money that is more durable and comfortable. So if you want a HyperX headset, I would recommend the stinger if you are on a budget and the Cloud 2 for those seeking real pro-level performance.


MSI are mostly known for their excellent gaming computers but has lately been known to venture outside that niche and try their luck with regular gaming gear. The DS502 is by no means an unsuccessful attempt at a good gaming headset, but it does have a few vital flaws that MSI needs to work on. Concerning comfort and looks it is a home run, but the big issue is with the sound quality. It means that MSI is just not that experienced in this area as the sound quality merely is below that of other headsets of the same price range, and it is even known to get worse over time.

While this is not all of the headsets we tested, these are the most noteworthy that didn’t make the list.

Gaming Headset – Community Q&A

Questions asked by our readers in regards to headsets

Q: Is there a big difference between Dolby 7.1 and 5.1?

A: In short, yes. The 7.1 surround sound system does everything the 5.1 does but doubles up. It takes the rear and front channels and divides them up; this gives a much more realistic surround sound experience. However, if you are on a budget, the 5.1 is not a significant downgrade for most people, except those with a keen ear for audio tech.

Q: I have tiny ears, and I’m having trouble finding a headset that fits me, any ideas?

A: Yes! You might be one of the few who can genuinely benefit from the Razer Kraken headset. We didn’t rate the headset higher than the N10 on our list, but ONLY because of the very small ear cups, which can be very annoying for people with big or average sized ears. The rest of the headset was worthy of more, and if significant ear cups is an issue for you, we highly recommend the Kraken.

Q: Can all headsets be used with my PlayStation 4?

ANo, unfortunately not. They use different platforms, which is a shame since it provides much fewer options when you look for a cross-platform headset. However, don’t fright! There are a ton of good options out there, such as the Hyperx cloud series, both the 1 and 2 version work with all platforms and is widely considered some of the best headsets in gaming.

Q: I am looking for a headset to compliment my VR system, any recommendations?

A: Yes, most headsets are sadly not VR ready, but some amazing ones are. Such as the SteelSeries Arctis, which also has one of the best wireless versions on the market. This can be very beneficial when moving around the virtual reality world. However, headsets that are VR ready, pretty much always advertise it. Just look for the ‘VR Ready’ label.

Q: What headsets do professional gamers use?

A: HyperX Cloud is by far the most popular gaming headset for pro gamers, both the first and second version. The Sennheiser Game One is also extremely popular but is also very expensive. Surprisingly enough they both made it onto our top 3, simply because it is among the best headsets in the world right now. For most gamers, the HyperX Cloud will be the correct choice, but for the more high-end gamers, the Sennheiser Game One will be the ideal choice.

Q: Do headsets really make a difference in performance, or is it just a fancy accessory?

A: Yes, the impact is not as huge as with a gaming mouse or keyboard, but it certainly does make a difference. However, it mostly comes down to which genre you like to play. If you are fond of FPS and MOBA gaming, then it will make a huge impact, since a proper e-sport validated headset will give you adequate intel on your enemy’s whereabouts, etc. In other games, it is not as important, but studies do suggest that having in-game sounds which are relatable to what is happening on your screen, makes you more focused and aware.


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  1. Nice list, I currently use the Turtle Beach for my ps4, but im not entirely happy with it. Might try out your pick for best console

  2. I own the Arctis 5, really solid headset. I love that the microphone can tuck in because my last 2 headsets broke due to the microphone getting bumped. Great audio quality, great comfort. If you can afford it, this is a really good headset.


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