Best Laptop Bags – 10 Bags & Backpacks for Your PC Reviewed

Laptops are fragile and should be treated with care. Owning a good laptop bag or backpack can be a great way to ensure your laptop’s safety conveniently. 

A laptop bag is an important item for anybody. With computers gaining more and more importance there is an ever-growing need to keep them safe. Irrespective of whether you own an expensive gaming laptop or a laptop from work, a laptop bag will help you keep them safe from elements of the weather as well as accidents.

The bags themselves come in varied shapes and styles, so we’ve rounded up some of the great laptop bags out there that are quite suited to a variety of laptops and situations.

10. AmazonBasics Laptop Bag

Inexpensive, even compared to other budget options

Image of laptop and tablet bag

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An immensely popular choice for those looking for a sufficient laptop bag with incredible value for money.

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The Amazon Basics is a great option for those looking for an inexpensive cover for your laptop or even tablet. The external material works great against abrasions and the zips are extremely well-built also. This computer bag is available in many sizes that suit everything from your tablet to a massive 17.3-inch gaming laptop. We’ve reviewed the 15.6-inch version here.

The design of the bag is quite good with 2 zips where you can place other items and accessories. The features of this bag are not all rosy though. We didn’t quite like the padding it offers. Unlike other more expensive models in the market, the padding is extremely minimal so whilst this bag can protect your device from basic things like dust and a small drop, don’t expect it to protect against heavier falls.

Some users also reported durability issues with regards to the shoulder strap too. Nonetheless, this is an inexpensive and useful laptop bag for folks.


Internal Dimensions: 14.7″ x 2.2″ x 11.2″ (LxWxH)

External Dimensions: 15.5″ x 2.8″ x 12″ (LxWxH)

Sizes: 7-10, 11.6, 14, 15.6 & 17.3 inch

The Good:

Fits different brands well


The Bad:

Not enough padding

Durability Issues

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9. Mancro Business Laptop Backpack

A versatile budget option

image of grey PC backpack

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A versatile laptop backpack, that is both water-resistant and has a USB charging port. Surprisingly it is also very inexpensive.

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The Mancro laptop is the first on the list that boasts a water-resistant design. Unlike the basics which we saw earlier this is a backpack. It has a number of cool features too. We liked the fact that this one size can accommodate any small to a large laptop. It can save you a lot if you happen to have multiple devices or different sizes. The USB charging port is also a neat idea, however, the inside is slightly poorly executed as there is no immediate room for a power bank or battery to be placed.

This laptop bag is ideal for business travelers in particular and can save you from the accidental water spillage too. The bag is made from polyester which can have a bit of an odor on the purchase. This can be removed by airing out the bag initially. The anti-theft feature really divides our opinion as the lock is a nice touch but it’s not quite sturdy. The zipper design could also be a bit better we felt. The major upside of this backpack lies in how spacious it is. It can accommodate all sorts of accessories from sunglasses to your chargers. This is a great thing to have that other more compact designs fail to offer.

The Good:

Versatile with regards to sizes it can accommodate


USB charging port

The Bad:

Bag needs to be aired on purchase

The lock is not particularly great

Zipper is not durable

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8. CoolBell Nylon Shoulder Bag

A great unisex shoulder bag made to last
Image of grey and white nylon shoulder bag

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An aesthetically pleasing and highly qualitative shoulder bag, ideal for laptops, notebooks, and pads.

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The CoolBell is quite similar to the Amazonbasics bags with the shoulder strap and the hand strap design. The build material is something that differentiates the two bags. The Velcro finish is a nice feature. This bag will fit anything up to a 15.6-inch laptop. The padding is also quite good with the added advantage of water resistance. You can confidently walk through the rain and not worry about your electronics getting soaked. A cool bag to have especially if you live or travel to places like Melbourne or the UK where it can rain a lot.

There are roomy compartments that can hold other items like pens, phones, and even some clothes too if you have some really light weight wear.


Inside Dimensions: 15.7*10.6 inch

Available in 3 colors

 The Good:

Water resistant

Aesthetically very pleasing

The Bad:

A bit snug

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7. Ecosusi Faux Leather Briefcase 

A stylish choice for the ladies

Image of brown briefcase for women

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A very stylish and quality leather briefcase for the modern woman.

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The ECOSUSI is ideal for women who are looking for a bag that can double up for accessories as well as their laptop & tablets. The leather build is quite impressive. The presence of the bow we thought was done in an elegant manner without it appearing to girly. This can be quite subjective, however. The bag is available in 4 colors and is extremely sturdy. The stiffness can also be a double-edged sword with it helping hold things together efficiently. However, if you do like to add more things than you might have to really squeeze them in.

We didn’t quite like the magnetic snap buttons as they do tend to be hard to close. Some users also reported that the buttons to not tend to last either. The bag we found was not very large and would not be ideally suited for larger gaming laptops for instance but can definitely hold most office grade laptops (14” or less). The zippered compartment and the removable shoulder strap was also a nice touch. Overall, a good laptop bag for women.


Available in 4 colors

Size: 14.8 x 10.6 x 4 inches

Strap Length: 50- 140cm

The Good:

Feminine detailing are elegant

Leather Quality is great

The Bad:

Snap buttons for closing aren’t great

Not very large

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6. Brinch Nylon Computer Case

A safe bet with incredible padding

Image of black nylon pc shoulder bag

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Likely one of the most secure laptop bags on the market, offering great padding and safe space for all your devices.

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The Brinch is one of our favorites on the list. This waterproof bag is one of the few on the list that offers amazing padding on all sides. If you tend to drop things or would like to protect your laptop well then this is certainly the bag for you. The bag is marginally on the expensive side but offers a good bang for your buck. The compartments are neatly organized and the outer layer is not just water-resistant but waterproof too.

The feel is quite sturdy. The one thing which we didn’t like is the seam where the shoulder strap meets the bag. This issue was reported by other users too. The strap needs to be reinforced so that it does not tear off easily making it one of the most durable and functional options on our list. You can store everything from pens books, CDs, earphones, phones and tablets in a very organized manner too. Ideal for when you are making presentations in a work environment too. This bag is available in multiple sizes as well which can suit gamers too.


Exterior Dimensions: 42 x 33 x 13cm

Laptop Section Dimensions: 40 x 31cm

Available for 14”, 15.6”, 17.3” & 18.4”

The Good:


Foam padding is effective

Highly functional layout

The Bad:

Shoulder strap seam should be tougher

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5. Bonvince Gamer Laptop Backpack

A highly functional and versatile backpack for gamers

Image of backpack for gaming laptops

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A sturdy and safe pick, with excellent padding and highly multifunctional.

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If you just went past the Alienware bag and were disappointed cause you owned an 18-inch laptop then not to worry. The Bonvince backpack will have you covered. This massive laptop backpack with its water resistant design is also a more affordable option on our list. This is also a great option if you have multiple laptops or are into the habit of upgrading quite frequently. The bag has all the usual bells and whistles that hold accessories. The computer compartment is padded reasonably well.

The major issue we had with this backpack was with respect to the shoulder straps. This bag is indeed big which in many cases means you will be carrying a lot of items. The straps must be able to handle the weight and this is where the bag falls a tad. During constant use, the straps seams do seem to suffer. The 2nd round of stitching we felt would have don’t this bag wonders. Nonetheless, a good option provided you stick carrying your laptop and just a few other things.


Size: 21.65 x 14.96 x 11.02 inches (HxWxT)

Weight: 1.56 KG

The Good:

Very roomy

One of the largest backpacks

Good price

The Bad:

Shoulder strap has built quality issues

Can’t handle a lot of weight

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4. Case Logic PNC

An absolute bargain with immense value for money

Image of budget shoulder PC bagBuy From Amazon

We feel this is the laptop bag with the highest value for money on the market today.

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The case logic is something we consider as one of the best gaming laptop bags in the market today. It even fits the MSI GT80 TITAN SLI which is one of the largest laptops in the market today. So if you are looking for a cool bag to help take your rig to your friend’s place for a gaming session then this is it. The neutral design makes it great for the office environment as well. The bag as you can tell by now is extremely spacious and has compartments for different accessories like pens, iPods and more.

The bag is pretty well made and is extremely affordable for such a large option. The zippers are great and the material holds well against abrasions as well. The case is quite lightweight and this is where performance wise it is lacking we felt. The padding is slightly on the insufficient side, especially as the compartment is large and the edges of smaller laptops are not always aligned with the corners of the bag. The upside is that if you are looking to fit some spare clothes to work then this bag will certainly do the job!


Size – 19.7″ x 4″ x 14.6″

Available in a 16” model as well

The Good:

Value for money

Spacious and large

The Bad:

Padding could be better

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3. Brinch Oxford Shoulder Bag

A real treat, fitting for both men and women

Image of unisex shoulder bag for laptops

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This shoulder bag has the whole package, great and sturdy fabrics, affordable, practical and a real treat for the eye.

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The 2nd brinch on our list is one for those who like compact devices and designs. This bag is available in larger sizes but we have reviewed the 14.6” version which in itself has plenty of room for holding documents, cards and of course your computer. The build quality is something we were impressed with not just in terms of aesthetics but in terms of how the bag performs when dealing with scratches and tears. The shoulder straps are removable but we felt the clipping mechanism could be a bit better especially when the weight increases.

The metal zippers were a nice touch and were quite smooth. Aesthetically this laptop bag is one of the professional looking and you can carry this around with confidence wherever you go. Like we said earlier this bag is great if you like minimalistic spacing and design. The protection it offers in terms of padding and water resistance is an added bonus as well.


Available for 1.6”, 14.6”, 15.6” and 17.3”

Dimensions: 39 x 29 x 9 cm

The Good:

Water resistant

Build fabric is excellent

Great Price

The Bad:

Strap clips can be stronger

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2. Evecase Laptop Briefcase

One of the very best overall
Image of baclåack for electronic devices

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Pay more, get more. That phrase ring very true with this quality briefcase from Evecase.

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The Evecase is the first on the list which is a Unisex messenger/ convertible shoulder bag. Unlike the other bags, this is slightly on the larger side and can be converted. This is ideal for both men and women. However, we felt it performed better as a shoulder bag as it was on the larger side for a messenger bag which can make it a bit awkward. The core functionality is great with good padding and sufficient space for some if not a lot of accessories.

The bag is not perfect though with the zipper not being smooth and the color which is far less rich than advertised. Despite its convertible functionality, it does not include a long strap. For what it has to offer in terms of functionality we thought the bag was slightly on the expensive side. The pockets are well designed to use in shoulder bag mode. Overall, a good and very versatile unisex option for travelers & office goers alike.

The Good:

Adequate spacing

Convertible design

Padding is good

The Bad:

Colour slightly different from advertisements

Zipper quality could be improved

A tad expensive

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1. Alienware Mobile Edge Orion

The choice of the true gamer

Image of gaming backpack by AlienwareBuy From Amazon

Nothing shows you care about your gaming laptop quite like a quality Alienware backpack.

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We move on from multi-use options to one ideal for the hard-core gamer. Gaming laptops tend to be on the large side and if you had read our review on the best gaming laptops then you will know for sure that Alienware and SLI laptops are the largest of the lot. The mobile edge gaming laptop bag was designed specifically for this purpose. It has a multitude of compartments that allow you to store books and other accessories too. Perfect for when you are attending university and are heading out for a gaming session afterward.

The biggest upside is padding and there is certainly a lot of it. The only major downside we noted was with respect to the price. This is one of the most expensive bags on our list. The shoulder straps we felt could also be padded better to take on more of the weight proportionally. Sturdier zippers would also make this an unbeatable option indeed. This is ideal for 17.3-inch laptops.

The Good:

Loads of Space

Good Padding

The Bad:


Unspectacular aesthetics

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How we Tested Them

A list of steps we go through when testing out these bags.

Weight and Space Capabilities

Image of computer bagpack

A laptop bag is first and foremost made to carry your things. So it is important for us to make sure that the bag has some decent weight capabilities. We do this by filling it to its utmost limit, with all the heaviest computer equipment we have at the office. Usually, it ends up being around 70-80 lbs, depending on the bags spacing. Then we hang it up on a rack for 48 hours.

This is a great way for us to determine if the bag is capable of carrying a heavy load, without strain. Even Though you probably won’t expose it to the same amount of weight stress, it is important to test. Since any quality bag should be able to deal with this weight capability test, and it allows us to rule out the bad ones.

It is also a great way to see just how much space a bag has and how easy it is to fit a lot of equipment in it.

Comfort Test

This one is basically just a continuation of the weight test. Since the heavy load, we use in the weight test is the ideal way to test the comfort of the bag.

Because we test it when the bag is at its heaviest we make sure that we will notice if it has any sort of comfort issues. This test includes us taking a 2-mile walk and bike ride, wearing each bag.

So if the bag is uncomfortable or bad for your back or something of the sort, we are sure to find out.

Durability and Padding Test

This is all about exposing the product to hard and immediate stress. Such as throwing it around, tearing it, putting it under water etc.

All of this is done to test the overall durability, but maybe more importantly, the padding. It is crucial that every bag is able to protect the electronic devices inside. This is the big difference between a regular backpack and a laptop bag. It usually has a lot more important and expensive things to protect, meaning that the padding has to do a good job.

The Acer Aspire Test Dummy: 

Image of the laptop we test the bags with

This is where our ”Acer Aspire One testing dummy” comes into play. During every padding and durability test, this is the laptop that we put into the bags. As you might be able to see, it has been through a lot.

While it is far from being in mint condition, it has survived all of our tests with these 10 bags. Which mean that your own laptop should have no issues since you really shouldn’t treat your laptop as we treat our testing dummy.

Obviously, this does not mean that every kind of laptop will survive being thrown around in these bags. But it is still quite the testament to their padding quality.


What you Should Consider before Buying a new Laptop Bag

No matter how many tests we run, your own personal needs are beyond our control and are something you should consider before buying. These are the things that you should consider with yourself before making your purchase.

Office, Gaming or Multi Purpose?

Depending on what you need the laptop bag for, different things are important. Which is why we have tried in our reviews to state if we recommend it for office, gaming or versatile multi-use.

Office: Getting a laptop bag for office use generally set higher standards for the appearance, more than anything else. You want to send a professional signal, all the while keeping your stuff nice and safe. Quality fabrics, classy design, and versatile spacing are usually the trademarks of a great laptop bag for work.

Gaming: This is where padding and spacing are more important than looks. Gaming equipment is expensive and should be treated as such. This is why proper protection for your gear and enough space to carry it around are probably the most important for a gaming backpack. Especially if you wanna use it for LAN parties and such. Since that will mean that you need to carry your keyboard, mouse, computer and more, which require a decent amount of space.

All-purpose bag: This is the nice mix of it all. If you don’t just want to use your backpack for your laptop, but you also want one that does a good job as a fitness bag, traveling etc. This one doesn’t require as much padding as a gaming bag or as classy a look as an office one. However, it does require a decent mix of it all, durability, padding, spacing, comfort and so on.

Budget and Expectations

Just as it is with almost any product in any category, your budget matter. We feel that have a small budget is not necessarily a hindrance, as long as you learn to adjust your demands accordingly. As an example, if you only have 500 dollars, you cannot expect a good gaming laptop. Same thing goes with laptop bags, if you have a small budget, it is crucial that you adjust your expectations to that budget.

With almost any piece of gaming gear and PC equipment we have tested, there is a decent budget option. It is no different with laptop bags.



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