Best Moba Mouse – Top 10 Mice for Competitive Moba Gaming

Image of Razer Viper Ultimate gaming mouse

On this list, we have taken a look at ten excellent mice for MOBA gaming. So if you wish to improve your performance in League of Legends or DOTA2, listen up. 

Twitch and the gaming space, in general, might have been overtaken by battle royales, but in terms of Esports, MOBA’s like League of Legends and Dota 2 remain kings.

You might not have the reflexes of Faker or the talent of Bjergsen, but what you can do is at least play with the same set up as the professional players. While it won’t make you a pro yourself, it might give you the edge you need to climb the ladder and achieve new heights.

This list is a compilation of our favorite mice to use for MOBA gaming, as well as the most popular picks among the professional players. Designed to give you an overview of some of the best mice for League of Legends and Dota 2.

Note: Professional League of Legends and DOTA 2 players are often switching set up, so we cannot guarantee that these exact players are still using these mice.

Our Top 3 Picks

BenQ Zowie EC1-A
BenQ Zowie EC1-A
Our Rating
Used by more than 100 professional esports players
Excellent Tracking
Logitech G Pro Wireless
Logitech G Pro Wireless
Our Rating
Used by more than 150 professional esports players
Most Powerful Wireless mouse
Razer DeathAdder v2
Razer DeathAdder v2
Our Rating
Used by more than 100 Professional esports players
Focus+ Sensor

Top 10 Moba Mice: An in-depth look

1. Logitech G403

Specifications: PMW3366 optical sensor / 200 – 12,000 DPI, Zero smoothing/acceleration/filtering / braided cable / mechanical buttons / adjustable weight.

Image of Logitech G403

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  •  Signature Logitech ergonomics
  •  Top of the line specifications & performance
  •  Some of the most precise tracking on the market as well as high-end acceleration

I think it’s fair to say that Logitech is one of, if not the best gaming company on earth when it comes to making gaming mice, and the new G403 is, without a doubt, one of the best they have ever created.

Used by: Members of Team SoloMid(LOL), G2(LOL), INTZ eSports Club(LOL), Royal Never Give UP(LOL), and The Chiefs Esports Club(LOL). Notably used by Wunder of G2(LOL).

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The G403 has a lot of similarities with the G502, which already put it off to a great start, but the G403 also has a few advantages compared to the grizzled veteran. The brand new Prodigy design is incredibly slick and, most importantly, very lightweight. I realize not everyone loves very lightweight products, but once you get used to this mouse, it is so quick and responsive in its reactions that it’s almost not fair.

The G403 uses the textbook Logitech MW3366 optical sensor, which is one of the best the market has to offer, and apart from the brand new Hero sensor, there are very few competitors that do a better job. The tracking, precision, and most importantly, responsiveness is top tier, and it’s no wonder so many pro players are starting to switch over to the G403.

Logitech G403 is crafted for competitive play and is one of the top choices right now for anyone looking to improve their performance and gain an edge over their competitors.

2. Razer DeathAdder V2

Specifications: Up to 20.000 DPI / Focus+ / Up to 450 IPS with 99.4% resolution accuracy / optomechanical buttons / 82g weightImage of Razer deathadder gaming mouse for PC

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  • One of the most precise sensor on the market
  •  Fantastic grip & customizability
  •  Use Razer Mechanical Switches

The Razer DeathAdder Elite is a true masterpiece. For gamers who need something that is ultra-customizable and ultra-sensitive, this mouse is beyond perfect. The 50g acceleration this mouse boasts blows most other mice away.

Used by: Players on Team Solomid(LOL), Team Liquid(LOL), Counter Logic Gaming(LOL), Unicorns of Love(LOL), SK Telecom(LOL), and many more. Most notably used by Faker(LOL)

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This is a reliable mouse for FPS, MOBA as well as RPG gamers. Despite the mouse having just five programmable buttons, these are independently programmable, unlike most other mice on the market. With the state of the art synapse program, you can customize anything at any time. The on the fly adjustment of pretty much everything is something we liked a lot.

The color synchronization and lighting are overplayed on the marketing front. Realistically, there are only specific distinct colors available without the variants overlapping. This is pretty much the same as with DPI. Every significant brand offer 16.000 DPI and over 16 million LED colors, and you will honestly never use a significant fraction of either of these features. It just sounds good on paper. That being said, better have too many options than too few.

Ergonomics is a massive strong point for the DeathAdder, just like the Logitech G502. This mouse is one of the best in the market regarding comfort offered, irrespective of the grip style. The grip on this mouse is quite good, but the build quality of the buttons, in particular, was the only downside, in our opinion. Double click and button performance issues we noticed arose after prolonged use for about half a year.

This mouse is one of the best in the market in terms of both comfort and performance

“Value for money” is not something we typically associate with Razer products, but this mouse more than justifies the price tag.

There’s not much you can’t do with the DeathAdder Chroma. You can even adjust the mouse based on the surface used. It’s not every day you find a mouse that works so well on glass surfaces.

The mouse is available in multiple variants, including the Elite, Essential, and one specifically designed for lefties. The max DPI is about 10K, but we found that a lower DPI of around 1K was ideal for FPS games and 2k for RPG titles.

Thanks to the lack of more customizable buttons, one could argue that this mouse is more suited to FPS and RPG games that don’t require too many programmable buttons. The FPS performance of this mouse on games like Overwatch merely is stunning. Razer has aptly introduced an Overwatch version of this mouse also.

3. BenQ Zowie EC1-A

Specifications: 400-3200 DPI / 1.5 lift-off distance / Plug-and-play(no driver) / 125-1000Hz.Image of the best BenQ zowie PC mouse

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  • Pro-level tracking and precision
  •  Mechanical side buttons
  • Plug-n-Play
  • Few additional features & gimmicks(LED,software etc.)

It’s tough to make a buying guide like this for a competitive gaming genre and not mention the crown jewel of BenQ. The EC1-A.

Used by: Flash Wolves(LOL), Natus Vincere(DOTA2)

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I will say straight off the bat that both of BenQ’s most popular mice, the EC1-A and the FK1 are equal regarding performance. So which of them you prefer comes down to your grip preference. Whereas the FK1 is ambidextrous and can be used both as left and right-hand mouse, the EC1-A is much more ergonomic and fits perfectly for claw or palm grippers.

At first glance, some people might be turned off by the maximum DPI of mere 3200, but there is a reason that the BenQ’s are so popular among professional gamers. What most people don’t realize is that above 4000 or so DPI on a well-optimized mouse, you will start to lose way too much precision, and this is why mice catered at professional gamers often stay in the low-end concerning dots per inch. The EC1-A has an incredibly reliable and precise sensor, paired with an up to 1000 Hz report rate make this one of the most well-optimized mice for competitive gaming of any kind. On top of this, it also has one of the lowest lift-off distances on the market, which gives it outstanding all-around performance.

The mouse entirely plug-and-play and doesn’t need a driver for anything. While this does detract from its customizability, it also makes it so convenient. I found that with the on mouse adjustment of Hz and DPI that I didn’t feel like I needed a driver at any point. That said, this is a major letdown if you are really into RGB LED backlighting and macro customization.

As mentioned earlier, the EC1-A uses an incredibly ergonomic and comfortable design. While it is not on par with the G502, it gets surprisingly close, which is rather impressive.

The hard plastic exterior also feels sturdy, and the pads feel slick. So the mouse runs smoothly over any surface, and as a whole, it feels very durable.

The EC1-A is not very customization friendly and may seem overly simple on the surface of it all. However, it’s performance, and user-friendly design makes up for all of this and even make it a strength rather than weakness. This is our favorite driver free competitive mouse on the market, and for people who enjoy plug-and-play options, this one is hard to beat.

4. Corsair Sabre

Specifications: Up to 10.000 DPI / Optical sensor / 1000hz / Omron switches / 16.8 million RGB backlighting / 8 programmable buttons.

Picture of Corsair Sabre

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  •  Very ergonomics and qualitative feel
  •  Incredibly reliable due to Omron switches and great sensor.
  • Very customizable through the Corsair software
  • Corsair shape can feel a bit short if you are used to Logitech or Razer models.

The Corsair Sabre remains one of the most popular choices among professional League of Legends players today, and it’s not too hard to see why.

Used by: Members of Splyce(LOL), Dignitas(LOL), Complexity(DOTA2).

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Corsair is famous for its qualitative and durable products but also tend to struggle when it comes to performance at the highest level compared to Razer and Logitech. However, the latest Corsair Sabre is here to change that prejudice and show that Corsair knows exactly how to make a quality product that can compete with the best of them in terms of performance.

The biggest strength of the Corsair Sabre lies with its quality and highly comfortable design that ensure that you can play hours-on-end with minimal fatigue. While the durability can withstand most rage quits with ease.

What makes the Sabre so much better than the other mice from Corsair is its performance at the highest level. Any gamer who plays at the higher ends of the competitive ladder in a MOBA knows how much of an advantage a low response time and high acceleration provide and the Sabre has both in spades.

The Corsair Sabre is simply the best Corsair mouse for competitive play, and its no wonder that the LoL pros are so fond of it.

5. Logitech G502 Hero

Specifications: Hero 16K Sensor / 200-16.000 DPI / Weight tuning / 11 programmable buttons / 1000Hz Polling Rate.Image of the best gaming mouse on the market

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  • Most comfortable & ergonomic option on the market
  •  Customizable buttons, weight & LED lighting.
  •  High-end tracking and overall performance

After trying out the Logitech G502 Proteus Core, the words that come to mind are usually “the best,” “Unrivalled” “perfection.” It’s honestly very easy to run out of superlatives when reviewing this mouse.

Used by: Members of Team SoloMid(LOL), Immortals(LOL), and Cloud 9(LOL). Most notably by Bjergsen of Team SoloMid(LOL).

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At first glance, the design is fantastic, and the performance matches that. The mouse comes with 11 programmable buttons that make it an excellent choice for most FPS, RPG, and other types of games.

Its usage flexibility is one little aspect of the mouse’s strong points. You can tune the mouse’s sensor based on the surface it’s on to obtain the maximum performance. This way, you never lose your edge, even if you are away from the comfort of your home.

The 16K Hero sensor makes it among the most powerful and most reliable mice in the world. Capable of extreme acceleration and speed as well as high-level precision.

Just like runners need their weight to fall on different parts of the feet, you can adjust the weights and center of balance with unerring accuracy. You have about five 3.6g weights to choose from.

A lot of improvements on the software front from Logitech have made this mouse a force to be reckoned with. The software was once nowhere near as good as the Razer synapse but now functions exceptionally well. However, even the G502 isn’t without flaws.

Grip wise this mouse is unrivaled and is probably its most significant strong point. The feel is not plasticky like the death adder but rich. The only thing that drags this mouse down from a perfect 10 to a 9.9 would be the fact that it’s not great for folks with larger hands. We noticed that it is very much usable, but the same level of comfort cannot be obtained for those with larger hands who employ a palm grip.

Logitech has also launched a variation of this called the Proteus Core Spectrum that offers the added benefit of RGB lighting. The G502 is an ideal choice for playing COD, Counter-Strike GO, Battlefield, Overwatch, and of course, MOBAs.

6. Fnatic Flick 2

Specifications: Pixart 3310 optical sensor / 12000 CPI / 50G acceleration / 1ms / 250ips and 1000hz / textured rubber side grip / Omron switches.

Picture of Fnatic Flick 2 Pc mouse

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  •  Incredibly fast & responsive
  •  Tested and created by pro players for pro players.
  • Top-tier performance and specifications.
  • Excellent comfort & durability

So what do you do if no equipment is good enough for your brand? You create your own with the help of all of your in-house professional gamers across genres and that is exactly what Fnatic did with the Flick 2.

Used by: Members of all Fnatic rosters across all esports.

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After many years of using outside brands such as SteelSeries for their players, Fnatic finally went and made their very own gaming gear collection, and it is honestly pretty fantastic. Fnatic has the advantage of more than a decade of esports experience as well as owning prominent League of Legends, Dota 2, and Counter-Strike teams. This experience and aid from their professional players shine through when you take their new gear for a spin, and in particular, with the Flick 2.

Flick 2 is astonishingly fast and responsive, and it is evident that performance at the high-level was the first and most important goal when Fnatic created this mouse.

Apart from high-end performance, what does a professional gamer need? Comfort, to make sure that the 8-hour training session put as little of stress on the player as possible. This is achieved with an ergonomic design reminiscent of the Razer Deathadder as well as some nice rubber-textured side grips.

Some of the best features of the Flick 2 lies in the details such as the cord which is tilted upwards to make sure it creates as little irritating drag as possible. It is just clear that mouse in cooperation with gamers that know what matters at the high-level.

The Fnatic Flick 2 became an instant classic among us at the office after testing it out, and it is now one of the first I would recommend if anyone asked for a mouse for high-end performance for climbing the ladder in League of Legends, DOTA 2 or another highly competitive game.

7. Logitech G Pro Wireless

Specifications: Hero 16K Sensor / 1ms response time / 200-16,000 DPI / Ultra-lightweight(80g) / Lightspeed tech / Wired mode(play while charging)

Image of Logitech G Pro wireless

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  • Truly extraordinary wireless performance
  •  Wireless gaming without all the issues(Latency, charging, etc)
  • Slick, lightweight design
  • Pricey

A few years back you would never see a wireless mouse in the professional gaming scene but all of that changed recently with the Logitech G Pro Wireless. With its flawless connection, immense battery life, ultralight design and exceptional performance it is not hard to see why it quickly became one of the most popular mice amongst professional gamers across all genres.

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8. SteelSeries Sensei RAW

Specifications: SteelSeries ExactSens / FreeMove / ExactAim / and ExactLift / Ambidextrous shape / plug-and-play / Programmable macro buttons.

Image of the best fps gaming mouse by SteelSeries

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  •  One of the best ambidextreous mice on the market.
  •  Slick & reliable
  •  Uses some of the latest technology from SteelSeries to provide excellent tracking and speed.
  •  A bit dull compared to some of the other options on the list.

The SteelSeries Sensei might not be the most flashy gaming mouse, but it is a very reliable and well-performing mouse that has been a mainstay on the competitive MOBA scene for years.

Used by: Members of Vitality(LOL), Invictus Gaming(LOL), Ahq e-Sports Club(LOL), Alliance(DOTA2), Evil Geniuses(DOTA2) and more.

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Most new mice right now are produced with the signature ergonomic grip like the Deathadder and G502, which often leaves the ambidextrous shape out to dry. Luckily though, the Sensei from SteelSeries is not only comfortable but performs at a very high level.

While it might be considered an ”old” model, it has been updated over the years with the latest SteelSeries ExactSens, FreeMove, ExactAim, and ExactLift, which provide it with all the necessary tools to be used at the very highest level of play. SteelSeries own hardware does not use the same metrics as most brands, but that does not mean it is not every bit as good.

I can see why many may turn away from the SteelSeries Sensei as it appears a bit ”Vanilla” compared to the other more flashy options. However, if what you want is a sturdy and effective piece of equipment with ambidextrous shape, then the Sensei is still one of the best.

9. Razer Viper Ultimate

Specifications: Up to 20.000 DPI / Focus+ sensor / Up to 70 hours of battery / Optomechanical buttons / 74g weight

Image of Razer Viper

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  • 74g lightweight design is perfect for competitive gaming
  •  Mechanical buttons
  • Focus+ sensor is extremely potent
  • Pricey

The Razer Viper Ultimate has taken the esports world by storm with its exceptional Focus+ sensor, incredible battery life and connectivity, and extraordinarily low weight of only 74g. While it is mostly the FPS scene that has taken a liking to it due to its ultra-lightweight design, it is very popular in all esports and a true competitive dream.

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10. BenQ Zowie S2

Specifications: 3360 optical sensor / 400-3200 DPI / Plug & Play / 125-1000Hz.

Image of BenQ Zowie S2

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  • Exceptional performance tuned for competitive gaming
  •  High quality & very durable
  • The ideal plug-and-play mouse

BenQ’s Zowie mice have long dominated the esports scene with their minimalistic design, and finely-tuned performance, and the new S2 symmetrical mouse is another homerun from BenQ.

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In terms of performance and specifications, the S2 is identical to other Zowie mice on the market. Meaning you won’t get any outrageous 20.000 DPI sensor with five additional catchy named features on top of it. Instead, you get an expertly crafted gaming mouse that has been finely-tuned specifically for competitive gaming from one of the most trustworthy brands in the business.

S2 sets itself slightly apart from with Zowie mice with its highly ergonomic, yet ambidextrous design. It is designed to work well for both left and right-handed gamers, but the elevated back where you rest your palm gives it a high level of comfort that some of the older Zowie mice can’t quite compete with. It is also a reasonably short mouse, which makes it an ideal choice for people who prefer to play with a claw-grip.

It is no coincidence that Zowie quickly became one of the most broadly used brands in the entire esports scene across all genres. They make some of the best competitive mice on the market, and unlike other brands like Razer and Logitech, Zowie’s line of mice do not have a single bad apple.

How to find the best MOBA gaming mouse for you

Now that we took a look at some of the very best mice for MOBA gaming. It is time to talk a little bit about what it is that makes a MOBA mouse what it is. What kind of specifications are most crucial to MOBA gaming, and which type of design and keybindings is a must-have?


Image of Logitech G402Multiplayer Online Battle Arena(MOBA) gaming is among the game genres with the highest requirements for speed and reaction capabilities. Not entirely on the same level as FPS gaming, but it is as close as it possibly gets.

It is no secret that real skills and brainpower is way more important than gaming gear and that a good player will beat a bad player even if the lesser player possesses some of the best equipment in the world. However, if you give that same gear to a great player, then that is when he goes from great to brilliant.

Regarding specifications, there is a holy trinity for MOBA gaming, which is DPI, polling rate, and resolution accuracy.

DPI: Dots per inch, which is pretty self-explanatory. It is just the amount your cursor moves per inch you move your mouse. A common misconception about dpi is that more is better, which is false. Very few will get any good out of 10k dpi, but having the option of switching between low-mid and high dpi is always advantageous.

Polling Rate: Is the rate at which the mouse inform your PC of its current location. It is the gaming mouse version of ‘frames per second.’ It is obviously a huge advantage to have a mouse with an excellent polling rate if you intend to compete in a high-paced eSport environment.

Resolution Accuracy: This is often overlooked in favor of high polling rate and dpi, but the truth is that your polling rate efficiency heavily relies on your mouse’s accuracy. It is excellent that the mouse tells the PC of its location 200 times per millisecond, but if its position is wrong, then what good does it do?

Ergonomics & Design

Image of an ergonomic mouse

Comfort and feel are just as important as the actual raw power in the mouse. Figuring out which type of grip you want in your mouse is crucial to your gaming experience. Concerning mice and hold, there are generally two designs and three different mouse grips to consider.


  • Claw Grip: This grip is not the most common but is used more and more by professional gamers who enjoy ambidextrous mice. You just fashion your hand in a claw-shaped form, leaving a gap between the fingertips and back-end of the hand. This grip is said to keep gamers on their toes and increase reactionary capabilities.
  • Palm Grip: By far, the most common grip and for most people, it is also the most natural and comfortable. With this grip, most of the hand touch the surface of the mouse.
  • Tip Grip: By far, the rarest grip of all, with which you only touch the mouse with your fingertips and leaving the rest of the hand above the surface of the mouse. This grip is said to be effective for rapid movements.

Design types

Ergonomic: Mice made explicitly with a palm in mind. Usually, it has inward space for the thumb and a curve down for the rest of the hand.

Ambidextrous: This type of mouse is the same on its left side as it is on its right side, making it extremely efficient for both tip and claw grips. As well as ensuring both left and right-handed gamers can use it.

Keybindings & Macro Management
Image of mouse key-bindings

This is where a lot of MOBA mice show their true colors, and one of the few features you can say is solely made for MOBA gaming. Whereas a traditional gaming mouse has two thumb buttons, whereas MOBA mice tend to have the so-called ”key wheel” which cater excellently to most MOBA games.

It may not be entirely enough buttons for MMO gaming, but it is just right for a MOBA, and having those 4-7 extra key bindings can genuinely enhance your in-game performance.


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