Best Mouse Pad – Top 10 Mouse Mats for Gaming

A mouse pad may not be as important as a gaming mouse or keyboard.

But that does not mean it’s not important.

Having the perfect mouse pad can increase the effectiveness of your mouse. While also making your gameplay more smooth and comfortable.

So on this list, we will take a look at the 10 best mouse pads for gaming.

10 Best Gaming Mouse Pads

10. Spigen A100

Image of affordable gaming mouse mat

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First, there is this classic looking mouse pad from Spigen. It is by far the cheapest mouse mat on this list, but that does not mean it is bad, far from it.

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It is incredible how close it feels to the rest of the pads on this list when you look at its pricing. This is true value for money.

Even Though it is a cheap mouse pad, its anti-frey corners make sure it is still quite durable.

Like most mouse pads on this list, it is very smooth, which is probably the most important trait for any gaming mouse pad. 

 9. Perixx DX-1000

Image of folded mousepad for PC's

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Next up is this bargain from Perixx. This one is very reminiscent of the typical mouse pads of the early 2000’s.

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The rubberized design feels a lot like the classic mouse pad of our childhood. It does also make it less smooth but firmer. This makes for less smooth but also less slippery gameplay, which can be really great for some people.

I would not recommend it however if you enjoy the typical modern mouse pad, like the classic one from Steelseries. 

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8. HAVIT Computer Mouse Pad

Havit gaming mouse surface

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Havit are known for making some pretty great gaming gear at incredible prices. That is exactly what this is, a high-quality mouse pad with superb value for money.

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It is almost an exact copy of the classic Steelseries QcK mousepad, but a bit cheaper. Unfortunately, it is also a little less smooth, but that is not something most people would notice unless they were actively looking for it.

The design is a slick, minimalistic and overall classic. A great look for any subtle gamer.

Havit also has a great warranty on all their gaming gear. So even on a mouse pad, you get 1 whole year of guarantee.  

7. Corsair Gaming MM300 Anti-Fray Cloth Series

Image of gaming pc mouse mat


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Design wise, this series from Corsair is probably our absolute favorite. And in true Corsair style, it is also one of the most qualitative mouse pads on the market.

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Whether you want a small, medium or extended mouse pad, Corsair has got you covered.

It has been optimized for both laser and optical gaming mice. So no matter what mouse you have, this one will suit you.

This cloth mouse pad is of the highest quality and has endless durability. It is however also a bit more pricey than most, but still very reasonable.

It even has anti-skid rubber beneath it, to make sure it stays in place. So don’t worry about it being slippery, just because it’s made of cloth.

6. Razer Firefly Chroma

Image of Razer gaming mouse pad

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Now to the first entry from Razer and the first hard mouse pad on this list. This is for the real gaming-setup geek, with tons of customization and the famous Chroma lighting from Razer.

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Any gamer who already own a chroma keyboard or mouse, have got to get this mouse pad. The synchronizing Chroma lighting can make for a truly breathtaking gaming setup. Syncing your keyboard/mouse with this mouse pad is incredibly easy, and simple requires the Razer software.

The pad itself is surprisingly smooth and makes for a great surface for your gaming mouse.

This mousepad is obviously a bit more expensive than most pads, but it is also much more than just a pretty piece of gaming gear.

If you are looking to perfect your gaming setup, and turn it into more than just a gaming station, then this is for you. 

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5. Reflex Lab Pro

Image of a huge folded pad for gaming mice

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Testing this mouse pad was admittedly my first encounter with Reflex Lab gaming gear. But I must say that this mouse pad gave me a fantastic first impression. It is easily one of the best, extended mouse mats on the market.

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It feels very durable and has a great feeling of quality. The stitched edges is a real contributor to this factor.

The mouse pad is even water-resistant, which any gamer can appreciate. We have all tried spilling some sort of beverage whilst gaming, this pad makes it less of a mess.

The general shape and feel are very classic. The thickness is however what sets it apart from most others. This can be a major pro or con, depending on who you ask. Personally, I prefer a thin, smooth one, but that is just me.

The anti-slip rubber underneath makes sure that it does not move around while you game. Which is crucial for any huge extended mouse pad, since if it moves, your entire gaming setup moves. But luckily you don’t have to worry about that with this one.

It is as smooth as a cloth surface can be for your mouse.

4. Razer Goliathus 

Image of a piece of gamer equipment from Razer

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Now we move on to a real fan favorite among gamers. This series from Razer is known for its look and quality cloth design, and it comes it all sizes you may desire.

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If you are not a big fan of the aforementioned hard LED mouse pad from Razer. Then this might just be exactly what you need for your gaming setup.

This series is mostly known for its medium-sized pad, which you have surely seen before if you are an avid gamer. But the extended version works very well as well.

It sticks incredibly to the surface, and won’t move around unintended during gaming sessions.

3. Glorious XXL Extended Gaming Mouse Mat

Image of mouse pad from Glorious

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Now we move on to our absolute favorite when it comes to huge gaming mouse pads. It is smooth, slick and has an incredible minimalistic and modern design.

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It is easily the mouse mat with the highest feeling of quality and endurance. The anti-fray stitched borders, ensure that it will last you until the end of times.

The only negative about this mouse pad is the price. It is a bit more expensive than your regular pad. This does however not mean you don’t get your money’s worth, and it is very much worth the extra bucks.

It is also machine washable, which is a big plus considering it’s white. All gamers spill the occasional beverage while gaming, so being able to machine wash it was a huge plus for us.

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2. Razer Vespula Dual-Sided Mat

Image of gaming mouse mat from Razer

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On our number 2 spot, we have the most advanced mouse mat on the market. It is dual-sided, with one focusing on speed and ease, while the other grants a more precise gameplay experience.

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I was not expecting to enjoy the wrist rest, but it turned out to be a nice surprise. Due to the memory conformance foam, it manages to be incredibly comfortable and never really an annoyance. It can also be a very good idea to have a mouse pad with wrist rest if you are familiar with mice injuries and such.

This dual-sided mouse mat grants you a choice in your gameplay. One side is made for fast paced speed games, while the other is more suited when you need great precision with your mouse.

This mouse pad offers more than most, which is also why it is a bit more pricey than most. 

1. SteelSeries QcK Gaming Mouse Pad

Image of the best mousepad for gaming

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Was there ever any doubt? The QcK series from Steelseries are by far the most popular and praised mouse pads in the world. I dare to say it is also the best one, certainly the one with the best value for money.

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Every single mouse mat on this list is very smooth, but this mouse pad takes it to a whole new level. It is undoubtedly the smoothest surface mice can get.

Any and all mice dream of having the QcK Steelseries mouse pad beneath them.

In terms of price, it is incredibly affordable and comes in many different sizes.

There is a reason this is the choice of most E-sport players and pro gamers alike. It is simply because it’s brilliant, reliable and simplistic. And it is definitely our editors choice for this list. Although every single mouse pad on this list is worth considering.

Things to Consider Before Buying – Mouse Mat Buying Guide

A mouse pad is a simple device and although its usage is waning thanks to multi-surface calibrated gaming mice, it does have a lot of appeals. We’ve just outlined some of the things one must look for when choosing a great mouse pad.


Image of multiple mouse matsFirst up, the size of the mousepad is important. Size wise mousepads can range between 10 x 8.5 inches to a monstrous 38 x 18 inches. The logic is quite simple really, if you use a very low dpi setting then you might need a bigger pad else opt for a smaller more conventional gaming mouse pad. Gamers at times tend to use bigger pads so that it acts like a wrist rest as well.

It is hard to explain just how nice it actually is to go from a small or no mouse pad and then start using an XXXL mouse mat.

Thickness is another very important aspect and this tends to vary according to the brand as well. Some mouse pads are 0.1 to 0.2 inches thick while others offer variable thickness with some level of cushioning.


close-up of mousepad material This basically determines how smoothly your mouse glides over the surface and it’s probably the most vital aspect since it’s also a functional aspect. You can opt for either a soft or hard surface depending upon what you are used to. A lot of mouse pads are dual surface pads as well. Which offer a smoother surface on one side and a coarser surface on the other. If you play games from many different genres then this would be a great thing to have

Additional features

Image of LED lit mouse padBrands like razer tend to offer backlit gaming mouse pads too, these can really spice up the aesthetics of your rig setup. Often times when a mouse is backlit it can be completely covered by your hand but the backlit pads really make your setup look that much more awesome. Some of these offer 16.8 million color options too. A wrist rest is another feature that is much desired. Some brands do offer pads with inbuilt wrist rests that will help you game for long hours.


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