There are not a lot of gaming brands out there that can boast the same level of affinity and love from its ever-growing following as Razer. Founded way back in 1998, Razer specializes in providing top of the line PC gaming equipment and peripherals too.

The Razer brand is synonymous with a lot of positive characteristics like amazing design, performance and more. It’s no surprise that Razer more than holds its own in the gaming space. If you are a Razer fan then this guide is perfect for you. We’ve picked out what we think is the best Razer Gaming Gear on the market at the moment.

Best Razer Mouse: Razer DeathAdder Elite

About: 16.000 DPI / Optical Sensor / 50G Acceleration / 1000 Hz Polling

Image of Razer deathadder gaming mouse for PC

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  • Powerful optical sensor
  • Timeless design
  • Amazing speed, precision, and acceleration
  • Complicated and inefficient software

Even though the Razer DeathAdder has been out for many years it remains the best out of any Razer mice by far. It is arguably the best gaming product that Razer has ever released and it is no coincidence that so many professional gamers still favor it today.

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Testing this mouse out on games like Overwatch and Counter-Strike we found the accuracy, responsiveness, and acceleration to be quite stunning. The mechanical switches and tactile scroll wheel see to that. The mouse’s sensor is state of the art and can function on almost any surface including glass.

There is indeed not a lot wrong with this mouse. The mouse is super comfortable to use and the hard-core gamer can play for hours on end without a second thought.

Whilst Razer does mention that the mouse’s colors are customizable with the full spectrum available, the positioning of these lights are a letdown. As soon as the mouse is clutched the lighting is hidden from view unlike the lighting on the Mamba RZ01.

The mouse seamlessly syncs to the Synapse software. The Razer Synapse is great but the only con it has is that it gets updated an annoying number of times in a short span.

You can purchase a Chroma mouse mat which has LED light as well which can add to the price tag.

If you have budgetary constraints we would definitely recommend you opt for the Chroma option. The Elite does offer slightly better customizability, DPI and performance but value for money wise, we feel the Chroma still has the edge.

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Best Razer Headset – Razer Kraken Tournament Edition

About: THX Spatial Audio / 50mm Drivers / Cooling gel-infused earcups / Retractable microphone

Image of the new Razer Kraken Tournament edition in green

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  • Next-gen surround sound
  • Comfortable & flexible design
  •  Easy-to-use audio controls
  •  Dependent on the Razer Synapse software for peak performance

The latest addition to the Razer Kraken Series, the Tournament Edition, brings a lot of improvements and new features to the Kraken that we absolutely love. Its sporting next-gen THX surround sound and more comfortable design than ever due to it’s cooling gel-infused ear cushions.

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Best Mechanical Razer Keyboard: Razer Blackwidow Elite

About: Razer Mechanical Switches / 80 million keystrokes durability / Magnetic wrist rest

Image of new version of Razer Blackwidow Elite

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  • Top-tier Razer mechanical switches
  • Incredible design
  •  Quick & responsive

The Razer Blackwidow has always been one of our favorite mechanical keyboards and with the new Elite version, it just got even better. Equipped with top-of-the-line mechanical switches from Razer that gives you some of the quickest and most responsive gameplay experiences on the market.

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When Razer mentions “Feel the difference” they weren’t kidding with this one. The 1st thing that caught our eye and our fingers is how well-built this keyboard is aesthetically and functionally. The responsiveness for the mechanical switches was quite amazing.

Everything oozes quality from the braided fiber cable to the inter-device synchronization. We would recommend the compact versions instead of the Full RGB if you are buying this for your kids or purely for gaming purposes.

Quality wise, we found that the Razer mechanical switches are extremely similar to the Cherry MX switches. This is great when you add in the fact that these last much longer than traditional Cherry MX keys. Make sure you understand the type of mechanical keys when you choose your version. Although I love the Cherry MX switches I have to admit that the Razer keys feel even more durable and just as responsive.

The Razer Green is comparable to the Cherry MX Blue and the Razer Orange (which is found in the Stealth/ Ultimate version) is the Cherry MX Brown equivalent.

If you are looking for something that is Tactile and less Clicky, then the Stealth version is great. We found that the Stealth version is quieter than your average mechanical keyboard but still louder than most other membrane pieces.

The Razer Synapse software is great despite there being some minor driver compatibility issues on MACs. You can customize everything and save all your settings to the cloud too.

The keyboard also has a USB slot for your mouse and 3.5 jack for headphones which comes in very handy. The Deus EX and Overwatch versions are slightly heavier and all the versions have a very sturdy feel about them which is a great trait for a gaming keyboard.

Best Wireless Razer Headset: Razer Nari Ultimate

About: THX Spatial Audio / Hypersense Tech / 2.4GHz Connection / Cooling Gel earcups

Image of Razer Nari Ultimate wireless

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  • THX Spatial Audio & Hypersense is great in the correct settings
  • Very comfortable design
  •  Hypersense reduces directional audio
  •  Battery life is poor when all features are activated

The Razer Nari Ultimate is a mixed bag. It is without a doubt the most feature rich headset on the market today and when it performs at its best it is among the best wireless headsets today. However, it also has a lot of issues such as poor battery life and directional audio when said features are activated.

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Its biggest strength is also its biggest weakness. It is filled with high-end, cutting-edge features such as Hypersense and Spatial Audio. Both of which works great when in the correct setting but it also gets in the way of its bottom-line sound quality and battery lifetime.

Hypersense is a brand new technology that mimics the in-game events with vibrations to make the game feel even more immersive than with regular surround sound. This is a fantastic feature is games such as God of War or Battlefield 5, where atmosphere and immersion trump directional audio but it doesn’t really work in competitive games. The vibrations get in the way of the baseline sound quality and you won’t get as clear directional audio as with regular headsets which is a problem if you play competitive shooters.

The design is really comfortable and spacious but arguably too big as the headset sits a bit loosely on your head. For the most part, it uses the same design as the Kraken, which I love and the cooling gel-infused ear cushions feel really comfortable to wear.

Lastly, the biggest flaw might be its overly expensive price tag. Don’t get me wrong, it is a quality headset with a durable design and a ton of high-end features but it is much more expensive than most wireless options and I don’t feel like the features make up for it at all.

Best Wireless Razer Mouse: Razer Mamba Wireless

About: 16K DPI / On-the-fly adjustment / 50 hours battery / Razer switches

Picture of the wireless version of the Razer Mamba gaming mouse

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  • High-end specifications
  • Good battery life
  •  Ergonomic design
  •  No option to play while charging

Wireless technology is not usually Razer’s strong suit but the Razer Mamba is pretty fantastic, I have to admit. It is equipped with Razer mechanical switches, high-end specifications and a battery that goes on for days that makes it one of our favorite wireless gaming mice today. The only downside to this mouse is the lack of a play-while-charging feature.

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The DPI or sensitivity has just 4 options even though it’s advertised as on the fly switching. A few more options would be a bit better we feel.

The polling rate of 1000Hz is quite exceptional for a wireless mouse. The precision of this mouse is extremely good as well and delivers similar benefits as the wired DeathAdder.

Thanks to the lighting the mouse is very cool to look and is a bonus for those who like such things. The battery life is quite good too enabling 16 to 20 hours of continuous gaming. It is worth noting that the wired Razer Mamba Tournament edition is a pretty fantastic mouse as well. Although maybe not entirely up there with the DeathAdder.

Although the mouse has upsides in terms of comfort and precision, its price tag is quite high. Choosing between Wired and Wireless options can sometimes be a subjective decision but in terms of value for money, the mamba is definitely a letdown.

We also noticed that there are some firmware issues. The Adjustable Click Force tech that gets advertised often controls the click feedback.

The actuation force can be adjusted between 45 and 95 grams. As Razer recommends, lighter force is better for MOBA and a higher force is better for FPS games.

Whilst this is especially useful during MOBA games, it does not add on to the core performance of the mouse in a significant manner.

Best Razer Membrane Keyboard: Razer Cynosa

About: Mecha-membrane keyboard / 10-key rollover / Programmable Macros

Image of Razer Cynosa mecha-membrane keyboard

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  • Beautiful & ergonomic design
  • More responsive than regular membrane keyboards
  • Spill-resistant
  • Still not as quick & responsive as mechanical options

If you are not a fan of mechanical keyboards but still want high performance then the Razer Cynosa is perfect for you. It offers most of the advantages of mechanical boards but keeps the classic membrane feel for the most part.

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The Razer Ornata Chroma offers the best of both worlds. It boasts the same clicky sound that mechanical options offer, whilst offering the cushioned feel of a membrane. The tactile feedback is much better than any membrane keyboard but falls short of full mechanical options.

The membrane is what transmits the signal, so it’s no surprise that the performance is closer to a membrane than that of a mechanical board.

The keyboard also features a gaming mode which enables all its anti-ghosting capabilities.

What we really loved about this is the comfort it offers. We think this is arguably one of the most comfortable keyboards in the market. The massive wrist rest is ideal for those who spend hours on end gaming.

This device facilitates faster typing thanks to the mid-height keys. It’s not often we say that a Razer is well worth its price tag but this one certainly is.

The inter-device sync is great and though this keyboard doesn’t offer any USB pass-through for headphones or your mouse. This keyboard strikes a superb balance between being a work and gaming board.

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Best Razer Keypad: Razer Orbweaver Chroma

About: Razer Mechanical Switches / 30 Programmable Keys / Adjustable design

Image of the best keypad by Razer

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  • Excellent responsiveness
  • Uses Razer custom mechanical switches
  •  Very customizable
  •  Razer Synapse can get annoying

The Orbweaver is a feature-packed keypad offering by Razer. If you have used other keypads like Logitech’s G13 you will definitely appreciate the quality of the mechanical keys on offer. This makes the device ideal for FPS, RTS, and MMORPGs too.

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The customizability and comfort are huge positives with the adjustable rest modules quite sufficient for a plethora of surfaces.

Hardware wise, we feel this pad is top-notch. The tactile feedback for the keys is very good but the thumb buttons don’t have the same feature. You can also individually configure the LEDs too.

What holds it back, however, is Razer’s infamous Synapse software. We came across issues related to profile selections and mods which put a dent in the experience.

The major con with the Orbweaver is related to the build quality. The device has a bit of a flimsy feel although it does deliver great performance. The plastic feel is a bit of a no-no for a lot of folks out there. The main issue was related to the glue which tends to leak out of the palm rest following repetitive use for many months.


  1. Does Razer products are good really??? I will say no, I have bought a Mamba 1 to 2 years ago, and had very bad experience about their products, the pointer always stuck or jumping around on the screen when using wireless, using wire will fix this issue, the sales told me have to use a good mouse mat, so I have bought the Razer Control Edition mouse mat, but nothing changed, still had the same problem, also had the same problem after changed to Razer Ouroboros, completely rubblish

    • Sorry to hear that man. If I were to do an honest comparison of Razer against other top brands such as Logitech or Steelseries I would say that Razer generally gives the lowest value for money. So to that extent I completely understand you. However, Razer has also made some fantastic products such as the Deathadder and Blackwidow.


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