The Best Wireless Headsets for Gaming in 2020 – Complete Top 10

Image of professional esports player using wireless headphones

On this list, we will take a look at the ten best wireless gaming headsets in 2020, in no particular order.

As technology has evolved, wireless gaming equipment has become more and more dominant.

Wireless headsets, keyboards, and mice have never been closer to their wired counterparts in terms of performance than they are today.

So there has never been a better time to cut the cord and experience a wireless gaming experience.

Today take a look at ten extraordinary wireless headsets for PC gaming to help you find the perfect match.

Our Top 3 Picks

HyperX Cloud Flight
HyperX Cloud Flight
Our Rating
30 Hour Battery
Stereo Sound
SteelSeries Arctis 7
SteelSeries Arctis 7
Our Rating
24 Hour Battery
DTS X v2.0 Surround Sound
Corsair Void PRO
Corsair Void PRO
Our Rating
16 Hour Battery
Dolby 7.1 Surround Sound

The 10 Best Wireless Headphones for Gaming

1. SteelSeries Arctis 7

DTS Headphone:X v2.0 surround sound / S1 speaker drivers / 2.4G Connection / 24 hours battery

Image of Steelseries Arctis 7 wireless pc headphones

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  •  Excellent next-gen surround sound
  •  Even more comfortable than it is beautiful
  •  Great battery life
  • Console user experience is suboptimal

The Arctis headset series from SteelSeries is famed for its incredibly comfortable design and great sound quality. But with the Arctis 7 wireless version, SteelSeries can also brag with having one of the most wireless headsets on the market right now.

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The Arctis 7 by SteelSeries is probably our favorite on the list. It’s not often you get a customizable headphone that has excellent sound quality and is super comfortable.

This gaming headset is quite stunning with its high-quality yet straightforward design.

Built to last, this headset will serve you for a long time, and with the new 2019 version, so will the battery. Its latest version comes with a whopping 24 hours of battery life, so whether you are going to a LAN party over the weekend or are doing a 24-hour stream, this headset has got you covered.

Lag-Free audio is vital during FPS, MMO, and MOBA games, and these headphones certainly deliver on that front.

Better battery life is not the only upgrade that the Arctis 7 received recently. It now also comes with S1 drivers and next-gen V2.0 surround sound. Together these create one of the most immersive sound experience out of any headset on the market today.

VR compatibility makes this a worthwhile investment for the future too. We can safely say that this is a must-have for any serious gamer as this piece certainly justifies its price tag.

2. Corsair VOID PRO

7.1 Dolby Surround Sound / 50mm neodymium drivers / 16 Hours of battery

Image of wireless pc headset

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  •  Incredible value for your buck
  •  Comfortable, lightweight design
  •  Immersive surround sound & crisp audio quality
  • Mic is not adjustable

Moving on to the wireless version of an eSport favorite, often seen used by pro gamers at tournaments like ESL, and we understand why. This wireless beauty comes with great performance, a comfortable and lightweight design and a LOT of value for money.

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Moving on to the Corsair VOID RGB gaming headset. This piece is quite a bargain when compared to the pricier options. The benefit in price comes at a cost, though. The sound quality was good but not superb. Especially the bass leaves this piece from Corsair wanting compared to others on the list.

Corsair is known for their stellar mechanical keyboards, and fall just short of delivering the ultimate gaming headset.

We noticed that for most fits, these headphones are somewhat iffy in terms of comfort, to a point where it’s very subjective.

The wireless range and battery life were excellent too. We also found the noise cancellation to work very well, which is always an upside when skyping with friends.

The upsides are to be seen in terms of performance. The Dolby 7.1 quality shines through despite other subjective traits.

The mute button on the mic is well placed and comes in handy. An adjustable or foldable mic would have made this mic even better.

Nonetheless, a solid choice for someone on a budget looking for a radical-looking wireless headset from a premium brand.

3. Astro A50 Wireless

Dolby 7.1 Surround Sound / 5Ghz Connection / 15 Hours battery

Image of wireless Astro PC headphones

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  •  Very luxurious feel & comfort
  •  Powerful 5Ghz wireless connection
  •  Exceptional sound quality for a wireless headset
  •  Microphone quality was disappointing

If sound quality and comfort are your top priorities in a headset, then look no further than the wireless Astro A50. They have some of the most luxurious and comfortable designs on the entire market, and its performance in terms of sound quality is near perfection.

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For people who are familiar with Astro gaming headsets, it should come as no surprise that the A50 has some of the best-in-class sound quality and extraordinarily comfortable design. It has a luxury feel to it that very few other headsets can match, and it earned its spot on this list.

Connectivity is a big deal when it comes to wireless technology, and the Astro A50’s 5Ghz is very capable — ensuring that you will keep a steady and strong connection to your PC or console at all times.

The battery life is a bit above average. Fifteen hours is more than enough for most gaming sessions, but having to charge often is annoying. That said, 15 hours for such a powerful headset is by no means terrible and deserves a fair bit of praise.

The headset is also very customizable through the Astro Command Center software. This is great for gamers that love to tinker with settings like this but less so if you just want a simple plug-and-play headset.

One big downside I need to mention is the microphone quality. I wouldn’t say it’s downright bad, but it certainly isn’t held to the same standard as the rest of the headset.

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4. LucidSound LS41

DTS headphone x 7.1 surround sound / 50mm Neodymium drivers / Wired mode / 20 hour battery

Image of the brand new LS41 from Lucidsound


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  •  One of the most comfortable & qualitative headphones on the market
  •  Wired mode ensures you never have to fear running out of power
  •  Some of the best sound quality on the market
  • pricey

This high-end piece of gaming equipment might be pricey, but it’s overall sound, and product quality makes up for it. The LS41 is a true pair of luxury headphones with incredible performance and feel.

Underrated is probably the word that springs to mind when we talk about the LS41. This offering by Lucidsound is pretty impressive in terms of the sound quality & surround on offer. It has some of the best bass quality on the market, and you don’t get comfort like this from your everyday mid-tier gaming headset.

The surround sound & the crisp & clear audio is the first thing that caught our attention. The booming bass wasn’t the best, but it’s still very much a positive for us. DTS 7.1 most certainly enhances your gaming experience. The positional accuracy is outstanding and inline, we would say with what you expect for headsets in this price range.

It’s one of the rare headsets that have two mics so you can mix it up and is the removable option for chatting online and the integrated option for calls & gaming & such. Mic monitoring is positive since you can hear your own voice, which keeps you in check.

Comfort is a strong point of this headset with the ear cups & the memory foam feeling great for people with small to medium ears. Many users reported this to be the case over an extended period as well. We are a big fan of the wheel style volume control as well.

If you are thinking right, “Okay, so what are the issues preventing it from being the best” Well, connectivity problems are the main issue that has plagued the performance of the LS41 over time. Many users indicated sporadic connectivity issues that arise & this can be a nuisance, especially when you factor in the price. These issues tend to occur when you use the headsets on different platforms like when you switch from a PS4 onto a pc, for instance.

Another minor issue was concerning the durability of the ear padding/ cups. The padding is held together by just a small piece of plastic, which might tear through over a few months of prolonged use. To sum it up, when you weed out the connectivity issues, this wireless headset is a true beast. Still, for its price, we would expect a bit more consistency concerning an essential feature like connectivity.

5. HyperX Cloud Flight

Stereo / 50mm drivers / 2.4 GHz Connection / 30 hours battery

Image of HyperX Cloud Flight wireless

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  •  Excellent connectivity(plug-and-play)
  •  Exceptional stereo sound quality
  •  Able to last for up to 30 hours of playtime(with LED lights off)
  •  Great quality & comfort
  •  No surround sound

The HyperX Cloud Flight is one of the most popular wireless gaming headsets in the world for a reason. It has a beautiful, simplistic design that is also very comfortable. All the while providing you with extraordinary battery life and incredibly clear sound quality.

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HyperX has created something extraordinary with the Cloud Flight, and it is perhaps the most well-rounded product on this entire list. Although it doesn’t have surround sound, don’t let that fool you. The stereo drivers still give you excellent directional sound, and while features like 3D soundscape are nice, you won’t have any problems hearing and locating your enemies in CS:GO. In terms of the actual sound quality, it is also one of the best in class with crystal clear lows, highs, and mids.

Perhaps the most impressive feature of this headset is the insane battery life of up to 30 hours. Granted, to reach the 30-hour mark, you will have to turn off the earcup LED lighting, but that’s hardly a problem since you don’t see the headset while you play. The Cloud Flight has become my go-to wireless headset for this exact reason. It is very rare to play with a well-performing wireless gaming headset and not have to worry about running low on power. Combine this with the excellent connectivity and range, and you have a headset that provides more freedom than any other on the market.

The headset controls for mute and volume adjustment are incredibly easy to get used to and can be done effortlessly without having to take off the headset. Especially the mute button it clever, the left earcup can be pushed in, which mutes the microphone—making muting yourself more natural than ever before.

It comes with the Ngenuity software, which is pretty nice and allows you to adjust certain settings and see useful information like how much battery is left. However, it is still the perfect plug-and-play headset as the software only provides you with the quality of life features, and the wireless headset is fully functional with nothing installed and connects instantly to both PC and any new-gen console.

6. Logitech G533

DTS Headphone: X 7.1 Surround Sound / Pro G Drivers / 15 hours battery

Picture of the wireless G533 from Logitech


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  •  7.1 surround sound create great positional audio
  •  A lot of quality & performance for your money
  •  Strong wireless connection
  • Microphone is too quiet

Logitech’s latest attempt at a wireless gaming headset is also their best yet. The G533 outperforms the Artemis, and G930 on most parameters and also packs a few new toys. Very few wireless headsets work this well in this price range.

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The DTS 7.1 is quite precise & rich when playing any game. Like positional audio is essential, especially in FPS scenarios, and this headset performs well. The reception is another aspect that will determine how good a headset indeed is, and the reception quality even when you walk away is very good on the G533. This is something the G933 is notoriously bad at.
Logitech’s claims with its Pro-G drivers that you get sound that even audiophiles will appreciate, but in reality, we found this to be not the case. So when you are listening to music, you might see too much of a difference when compared to many other headsets in the market.

The G533 features a much simpler design compared to most others in the market priced in the mid to high range. It feels sturdy to some extent, even though some users do mention issues regarding durability. The design of the mic is good, but the quality of the mic divides opinion among most users.
The ear cups are comfortable & the headset, on the whole, is quite light. So wearing this for long hours is not going to be an issue. The battery lasts as long as Logitech claims, which are pretty good. This is one of the big positives of the G533.

This is probably an avenue where this headset loses some points in our eyes. There’s no RGB lighting for you to have fun with. We’ve listed this as a con, but some users prefer it that way, so it’s entirely subjective. Nonetheless, when you have a matching setup, RGB is good to have. You can use it while it’s charging as well. There are no programmable G-keys, which will probably be a big no-no for some serious gamers in the market. The lack of customizability is a con in our eyes. The on-ear volume controls are a nice touch.

The Logitech G533 is an impressive wireless headset with a reasonable price for such a high-end that definitely should be considered by many gamers looking to upgrade from their budget headsets. The G933’s reliability issues are quite well known, and the G533 offers an exciting alternative.

We felt the G533 offers a lot of value when you factor in its mid-price range. Yes, some customization options are missing that you find on the truly high-end headsets. Still, the in-game audio, reliability & comfort will give any gamer something to think about.

7. Turtle Beach Stealth 600

Windows Sonic Surround Sound / 50mm drivers / 2.4Ghz connection / 15 hours batteryImage of brand new Turtle Beach Stealth 600
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Very affordable

Great sound quality

Comfortable & lightweight design

Requires an Xbox Wireless Adapter for some PC’s

Turtle Beach might be most famous for making incredible console headsets, but all of their latest products can connect to any PC with Windows 10 installed, which is great news for PC gamers. The Stealth 600 is a comfortable and very affordable wireless gaming headset with a stable connection and strong battery life.

With some PCs, you might have to buy a Wireless Xbox Adapter to connect, but even including that, the Stealth 600 is a bargain. It is equipped with large, powerful 50mm speakers that provide you with both immersion and good directional sound queues. The microphone is decent but does not have active noise cancellation, which can be annoying if you play in a noisy environment. If you want a Turtle Beach headset but also find noise cancellation important, then the Stealth 700 is a good option. However, the increased amount of features also means that battery life is poorer.

Turtle Beach 600 is pretty lightweight and very comfortable. The soft mesh earpads feel very flexible, which makes them great for people who play with glasses as they won’t put any pressure on them. I really enjoy the Stealth 600’s design. It’s pretty compact but still doesn’t feel too tight, and the smaller design ensures that you don’t have too much weight resting on your head all day.

Lastly, let us talk about the battery. Turtle Beach 600 is slightly above average in this regard, but its not the HyperX Flight by any means. It can last between 10-15 hours, depending on how you use it, but if you remember to charge it frequently, you will rarely run out of battery. (Except if you play for 10+ hours in one session)

8. HyperX Cloud Stinger Wireless

Stereo Audio / 50mm drivers / 17 hours battery


Image of the new wireless version of the HyperX Stinger

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  •  Good stereo sound quality
  •  Flawless plug-and-play connection
  •  No surround sound

Making great headsets is what made HyperX the huge brand it is today, and the Stinger is one of their trademark models, and it now comes in a wireless version. Although it lacks in surround sound, it has brilliant sound quality and a very affordable price tag.

The Stinger is the famous budget model from HyperX, and the wireless version is no different. It comes with a very affordable price tag and a lot of bang for your buck.

The lack of surround sound might scare off some users, but the truth is that high-quality stereo sound beats poor surround sound any day. And in this price range, you usually don’t get the best surround sound, apart from a few exceptions like the Corsair Void.

Although the wireless Stinger is created and optimized for PlayStation 4, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t connect flawlessly to your PC as well. The 2.4Ghz connection is the same you see in some of the most expensive options on the market, and that is because it works so well. You plug in the USB, turn on the headset, and that is it — an actual plug-and-play wireless headset.

The only real downside to the HyperX Stinger is if you are used to large earcups. It uses a relatively small earcup design that sits firmly and rather comfortably on your head, but after 5+ hours, your ears will likely get a bit strained.

9. SteelSeries Arctis 1 Wireless

40mm drivers / 2.4Ghz connection / up to 20 hours batteryimage of Steelseries arctis 1


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  •  Unparalleled value for your money.
  •  Strong 2.4Ghz wireless connection
  •  Incredibly comfortable
  •  Exceptional battery life and easy charging

If you love the award-winning design of the SteelSeries Arctis series but find the Arctis 7 to be a bit too expensive, then the Arctis 1 Wireless is for you. It is using the same signature Softweave cushions and designed with a lightweight steel headband that is both comfortable and qualitative. The Arctis 1 Wireless might not have all of the premium features of the Arctis 7, but its value-for-money is through the roof.

Its 2.4Ghz connection is incredibly stable and works with every single platform on the market. So whether you want to game on your PC, phone, or console, you can.

The most significant difference compared to the Arctis 7 is the smaller 40mm drivers which do mean the sound is not in the same class, but for its price range, it is still solid. It does not come with surround sound either, which is sometimes more of a positive thing when looking at wireless headsets. Wireless headsets with too many features tend to fail when it comes to battery life and sustainability. The Arctis 1 Wireless has a battery that will last up to 20 hours of gaming, which is quite outstanding.

The battery life is excellent, and it is even swift to recharge, and you can also keep using it while charging with the 3.5mm jack.

It is equipped with a detachable ClearCast microphone which is Discord verified and delivers clear audio quality, and you won’t have any trouble communicating with your teammates with the Arctis 1. The design of the Arctis is very clean and makes it ideal for not only gaming but also outdoor activities which make the fact that its detachable a huge plus.

10. Razer Nari Ultimate

THX Spatial 360° Surround Sound / Hyper tense Technology / 2.4Ghz Connection / 20 hours battery(with lighting and Hypersense turned off)

Image of Razer Nari Ultimate wireless

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  •  THX Spatial Audio & Hypersense can create a one-of-a-kind immersive gaming experience
  •  Very comfortable due to the cooling gel-infused ear cups and overall design
  •  Very customizable through Razer Synapse
  •  Poor battery life when features are enabled
  •  Hypersense reduce in-game situational awareness and overall sound quality
  •  Very pricey

The Razer Nari Ultimate is by far the most feature-rich headset on this list and a genuinely bold move from Razer. It comes with stellar THX Spatial surround sound and brand new technology like Hypertense that mimic in-game events with touch sensory feedback for a more lifelike experience. However, it also has quite a bit of issues and is, in my opinion, overpriced.

Read our Full Review Here

On paper, this is one of the best headsets on the entire market, but sadly the reality is a bit different. Luckily for you, we have tested it out so you can make up your mind on whether or not the flaws are enough to counteract all its impressive features.

The THX Spatial surround sound is one of the most immersive surround sound systems available, and it provides you with a 360-degree audio experience. It is also the first Razer headset to be equipped with the brand new Hypertense technology. What it does is create vibrations and sensory feedback to mimic the events happening in the game. So if a grenade blows up nearby you, it will create a very vivid feeling of it with not just sound, but motion. Honestly, this feature is pretty spectacular as it creates a much more immersive experience, but it also comes with drawbacks. The vibrations can get in the way of sound quality and directional sound feedback, meaning it is better to turn it off if you are playing a competitive game where audio feedback is essential. Luckily it is easily togglable from the Razer Synapse software.

The 2.4Ghz connection is stable once it’s connected but can sometimes have problems connecting to the PC, and Discord also has trouble recognizing it at times.

The microphone is not what we expected from such a high-end product. It’s okay but not good enough for a 200 dollar headset, in my opinion.

The design is fantastic. It both looks great and feels very comfortable to wear, in no small part to the cooling gel-infused earcups. That said, it is a bit lose, and if you make rapid head movements, it will displace itself.

Lastly, the battery life is decent enough, but if you have all features enabled, it will suffer a lot. With everything disabled, it can last a bit under 20 hours, but if you want to use all of its technology, it will go down to a mere 8 hours, which is quite terrible for a headset in this price range.

The Razer Nari Ultimate is filled with features, but those features are a double-edged sword. THX Spatial Audio and Hypersense can create one of the most incredible gaming experiences ever, but all of the features each have their own problems.

I would cautiously recommend the Razer Nari Ultimate. When it performs at its best, it is one of the best wireless headsets for gaming, but it sadly doesn’t always do that as long as you have another headset available for when you run into issues. That said, I certainly don’t feel like it warrants the colossal price tag.

Things you should consider before buying a wireless headset

As it is with most gaming gear, wireless options tend to be inferior to their corded rivals. Headsets, in particular, used to suffer from this, but as technology advances, so does the quality of the wireless gaming headsets.

Wired Vs. Wireless

Close-up image of a headset cordAs a general rule, when it comes to gaming gear, you can assume that wireless is worse than wired. However, headsets may be one of the few exceptions(kind of). Headsets are one of the few pieces of gaming gear where you can get some excellent wireless options, without sacrificing too much. Even though the general rule does still apply, most wired headsets are better than wireless ones. Headsets don’t use the kind of technology that gives most wireless gaming gear problems and is therefore not generally as weak as most other wireless gear.

While wireless mice generally hold up against their wired counterpart, it is devastating if you lose the connection while gaming, tracking issues, and all that is not as bad when it comes to gaming headsets. There is a vast difference between losing your mouse during gaming and then losing our sound for a few seconds. While the stuttering sound is annoying, it is far from as bad as mouse stuttering for your gameplay.

The wire can also be way more annoying with a headset than it is with other gaming gear. It can get tangled in the wheels on your chair while gaming, thus ruining the entire headset. It can get stuck in different things if walking around with your headset, and the list goes on. The point being, a wireless headset may very well be the best piece of wireless equipment you ever invested in.

Why do you want a wireless headset?

There is a surprising amount of good reasons to go for a wireless headset, compared to other gaming equipment.

Here are some reasons that we find to be legitimate reasons to choose wireless over wired.

  • To avoid cord clutter under my desk.
  • It’s more convenient when using the headset on the move for music etc.
  • I want to use it for my console as well, without being bound by a cord.
  • I want to use my headset a lot away from gaming.

However, you should NOT get a wireless headset for any of these reasons.

  • I have enough money, and I might as well get the most expensive and therefore the best( wireless headset is more costly, but not better )
  • Sound quality: while there are some wireless options with excellent audio quality, it is more the exception than the rule.


This is short and simple, are you on a budget or do you have some extra money to spend? You should rarely opt for the wireless option if you are struggling economically unless you feel very strongly about wireless gear.

You should choose a wireless headset over a wired one if you don’t mind spending the extra money and if you have some legitimate reasons for choosing wireless since you will get less “value for money” than you get with a wired headset. But there is still plenty of things about wireless that can make it worth it.

Where do you use your headset?

Image of a man using his headset while biking

If you only use your headset for gaming at your home desk, then the wireless feature quickly loses value. However, if you like to take the headset with you when you take a walk when you ride your bike and other transportation situations, then that can also make it worth alone to go for wireless.

Not to say that wireless is out of the question if you only use it at home. First of all, what kind of gaming gear is obviously up to you, but there are other pros to getting wireless as well.

A widespread issue is that a lot of people’s gaming setups are cluttered with entangled wires, which can be insanely annoying. It is also prevalent that a headsets wire is too long, causing it to be in the way of your chairs wheels or something else, which is not only annoying but can ultimately ruin the entire headset.

Honorable Mentions

Every time we make a list such as this, there will always be a few products that were very good but don’t quite make it onto the list.

Razer ManO’War

Razer ManO’war has so much potential and does a lot of things well but ultimately falls short of other headsets of its price class. Such as the SteelSeries Arctis.

Logitech Artemis G933

The G633, which is the wired version of the Artemis, is one of our favorite headsets on the market right now, but the wireless version is not as good and certainly not compared to the new G935.

Sentey B-Trek H10 Headphones

For those looking for something in between gaming and a stylish modern headset, this is for you—a Bluetooth option, which does it surprisingly well in a gaming environment.

Havit I18

Another headset that is not exactly made for gaming but did a surprisingly good job at it from a budget standpoint. We recently did a full test of it to see how it holds up in a gaming environment.

Wireless Headset Q&A

Questions we have received from our readers about wireless headsets.

Q: I currently use an EasySMX wireless headset when gaming, but it has the bad habit of stuttering during gaming. Is this normal with wireless headsets?

A: Unfortunately, yes, but don’t fright! Even though it is a pretty common problem with a budget and mid-tier wireless options, it is far from impossible to get a wireless headset, without these issues. Headsets such as the Arctis 7 from SteelSeries is a perfect example. It proves that a wireless headset can perform on par with wired ones. It is also far more common with Bluetooth headsets, compared to a headset with a receiver/signal function. So to avoid this problem with your next headset, I would recommend you don’t buy one that uses Bluetooth.

Q: Do professional gamers ever use wireless headsets?

A: Hard to say what they use in their own free time, but at eSport tournaments, it is pretty much never seen. However, it is worth considering why they don’t use wireless. They get a perfectly customized gaming setup for each specific tournament. Which pretty much eliminates the need for a wireless headset. It is also worth noting that there is no wireless version of the Hyper X Cloud 1 and 2, which is by far the most common headset among professional gamers.

Q: What kind of signal technology works best for gaming headsets? Bluetooth or USB driver?

A: Always pick the headset which uses a USB driver. Unless you want to use it for music and stuff while on the move when it comes to gaming, the USB driver will always provide a better and more lag-free gaming experience.

Q: Do you recommend a wireless headset over wired?

A: No, but there is plenty of good reasons to opt for a wireless headset. Unlike it is with mice, keyboards, etc. A headset does not suffer as much from being wireless, and there is a lot of good options out there, including our top 10, of course. However, it is more expensive than regular headsets, without actually performing better.

Q: do wireless always have worse sound/Surround sound, compared to wired headsets?

A: No, the actual audio quality can stay relatively the same with a wireless one. However, to achieve the same sound quality, you will also have to spend a little more money since wireless technology makes them more expensive.

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