The Best Wireless Keyboards 2020 – Top Picks for Gaming & Office use

Official press photo of Logitech G915

Wireless technology has come a long way and is now an attractive option for both gaming and office use. In this buying guide, we take a look at the best wireless gaming keyboards as well as the best for office use.

Whether you need one for your smart tv, for the office or just want a wireless option for gaming, this list has got you covered.

We have separated the office and gaming keyboards into two lists for obvious reasons. First, we will take a look at the best wireless keyboards for gaming, then the best for office and work use.

Best Wireless Gaming Keyboards

First, let us take a look at the best wireless options for gaming.

Our Top 3 Picks

Corsair K63
Corsair K63
Our Rating
Cherry MX Switches
Wired mode
Logitech G915
Logitech G915
Our Rating
Low-profile GL Switches
Lightspeed Technology
Logitech G613
Logitech G613
Our Rating
G-Romer Switches
Lightspeed Technology

1. Logitech G915

GL Custom Mechanical Switches / 30 hours of battery / Logitech LIGHTSPEED / Lightsync / Play-while-charging 

Logitech G915 wireless

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  •  Design & build quality is second-to-none
  • Low-profile keys feel incredibly satisfying to type and play on
  •  Incredibly feature-rich
  •  Can be connected to several devices at once
  • Pricey
  •  Low-profile keys can take some getting used to if you usually play on a regular mechanical keyboard

The G915 from Logitech is a masterclass in design and is still arguably the best-looking keyboard on the market. Everything piece of the G915 oozes with quality, and when you hold it in your hands, it is clear that you are dealing with a luxury product. It is crammed full of the latest technology from Logitech and holds more features than any other on this list. From Logitech’s extraordinary LIGHTSPEED connectivity tech to the ability to connect to multiple devices at once, the G915 feels like a keyboard from the future.

When it comes to a wireless connection, no one comes close to the ultra-fast and reliable connectivity of Logitech’s LIGHTSPEED tech. And if you can get used to the low-profile keys, then this is a keyboard that can compete with some of the best wired mechanical keyboards on the market.

Read Our Full Review Here

2. CORSAIR K63 Wireless

Cherry MX Mechanical Switches / Up to 75 hours of battery / 2.4GHz connection / RGB Lighting / Wired mode

Image of Corsair k63 wireless

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  •  Uses some of the best mechanical switches on the market
  • Ergonomic design that feels very qualitative
  •  Fantastic battery life when RGB lighting is turned off
  • RGB lighting reduces the battery life a LOT

Usually, there is a pretty significant difference in performance between wired and wireless keyboards, but the Corsair K63 closes the gap with its MX Cherry mechanical switches and excellent wireless connection. It gives you the gaming performance of wired mechanical keyboards as well as the freedom of complete wireless technology.

The K63 is very reminiscent of the Corsair Strafe MK.2, which is quite the compliment considering it is one of our all-time favorite mechanical keyboards. It uses the trademark Corsair design, which is very ergonomic and looks pretty spectacular as well as being top-notch quality.

Now let us talk about the wireless connection and battery. The 2.4GHz wireless connection provides stutter-free and robust connectivity that won’t let you down during a gaming session unless you let the keyboard run very low on battery. Luckily you can charge the battery with ease while gaming with the wired mode so the battery in that regard will never limit you.

I would recommend playing without the LED lighting activated when you are playing wirelessly as it takes the keyboard from an outstanding battery life(about 75 hours) to between 10-25 hours, which is not ideal. Corsair knows this to be a crucial issue, so they have added an RGB lighting button on the media controls so you can quickly turn it on-and-off.

Perhaps the most essential feature of the K63 is the Cherry MX Switches, which is kind of rare to see among wireless gaming keyboards. People familiar with mechanical switches will know that the Cherry MX line is among the best and most responsive on the entire market with an incredible tactile feel. The keyboard also comes with the option between the different switches, so whether you want them linear & quiet or clicky & tactile, you are all set.

All and all, I was thoroughly impressed with the K63. It has top-notch performance that can easily be compared to its wired competitors, excellent battery life, is very ergonomic, and comes with Cherry MX switches. Without a doubt, one of the best wireless gaming keyboards on the market.

3. Drevo BladeMaster Pro

Cherry MX Mechanical Switches / 2.4Ghz Connection / Bluetooth, USB wireless, and wired modes / RGB Lighting / Genius Knob

Image of Drevo Blademaster Pro wireless


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  •  Superb design & quality
  • Innovative Genius Knob design is a great addition for macro use
  •  Available with 5 different kinds of Cherry MX switches
  •  Software could use a bit of work

This luxury keyboard from Drevo is straight-up magnificent, both in terms of performance and ergonomics. The design is one of the most beautiful and comfortable on the entire market, and the gaming performance is no different. The Drevo BladeMaster Pro might be a bit pricey, but it also has more than enough power and features to make up for it.

The 2.4GHz USB connection combined with the Cherry MX mechanical switches makes this one of, if not the most, responsive wireless keyboard on the market. With next to zero delays, no stutter, and flawless connectivity, it is one of the most fluid pieces of wireless gaming equipment on the market.

Like the K63, it uses the famed Cherry MX mechanical switches, which is tremendous and ensures top-notch feel and performance. Furthermore, the BladeMaster Pro gives you the option between 5 different switch types. Black, Blue, Brown, Red, and the new Speed Silver. So whether you want silent, quiet, clicky, or something in between then, the BladeMaster Pro has you covered. We tested it with the new Speed Silver switches, and the performance is quite phenomenal, but it is also slightly more expensive than the regular Cherry MX switches. I would highly recommend the Silver switch for serious competitive gamers that want every last edge they can get their hands on.

This keyboard has quite a few unique features available. First and foremost, the Genius Knob. This innovative little addition is one of the main reasons that the Drevo BladeMaster became one of the most funded projects on Kickstarter for a time. It allows you to tie any command or macro to this easy-to-use knob on the left side. It was designed so you don’t have to move your hand from its central position and still get a ton of additional keybindings that work smoothly, and Drevo nailed it with this feature. Easily one of the most positive surprises about the BladeMaster Pro.

Secondly, it has full tri-mode connectivity, which means it can connect to any device with either Bluetooth, wireless USB, or wired mode — making it a true multi-purpose keyboard despite clearly being aimed at gaming.

The build feels very qualitative, and the compact size is great for gaming but also makes it very portable, which goes nicely with the tri-mode connectivity.

The Drevo BladeMaster Pro is hard to match in terms of ergonomics and performance, and it is one of our absolute favorites on this list, and its performance is up there with the best. It is not a cheap keyboard by any stretch, but all of these things make it worth every penny.

4. Logitech G613

Romer-G Mechanical Switches(quiet) / 2.4GHz & Bluetooth Connection / Up to 18 months of battery(AA) / Lightspeed Tech

Image of G613 wireless from Logitech

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  •  Unparalleled battery life
  • G-Romer switches is excellent
  •  Lightspeed tech makes it one of the fastest on the market
  •  Macro keys sometimes felt unresponsive

The G613 is the latest wireless gaming keyboard from Logitech and is equipped with the renowned G-Romer switches, Lightspeed technology, and an almost everlasting battery. The Lightspeed tech and G-Romer mechanical switches make it one of the fastest and most responsive wireless keyboards in the world.

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Logitech has mastered the craft of wireless technology, and Lightspeed is the culmination of this – it allows for an ultra-fast response time of 1ms. It is what has made wireless gaming gear something that even professional gamers use. Most notably with the Wireless G Pro mouse. When you combine that with the award-winning G-Romer keys from Logitech, you have one of the most competitive wireless gaming keyboards in the market in the G613.

Logitech chose to go an alternative route with the battery on this one. Whereas most use a rechargeable option, this uses standard AA batteries, which allows it to blow every other gaming keyboard out of the water in terms of battery life. While I have not tested it for the 18 months that is supposed to last, other users seem to back Logitech’s claim up. While it is always nice to have a wired mode available, I don’t think anyone will have issues replacing the batteries once every 1 or 2 years. The battery life will differ depending on how much you use it, but it is safe to say that it beats any lithium battery keyboards on the market.

The keyboard is equipped with six programmable keys that can be set to any macro you wish and is excellent for people that want additional on-hand keybindings. Sometimes the G-keys did feel a bit unresponsive and even occasionally required the keyboard to be reconnected after adjusting them.

The build is standard Logitech quality, which is, of course, great, and the G-romer switches have a durability of 70 million keystrokes. Meaning the G613 will be with you for years to come.

If you enjoy competitive, fast-paced games but still want a wireless keyboard, then the G613 is, without a doubt, one of your best options. The mechanical switches are great, and its battery life is unmatched.

5. Anne Pro 2

Gateron Mechanical Switches / 4.0 Bluetooth connection / RGB Lighting

Image of Anne pro 2 bluetooth keyboard

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  •  Very customizable
  • Compact & thick design is quite comfortable
  •  Gateron switches are a great alternative to Cherry MX switches
  •  Only relies on Bluetooth

This compact little devil from SainSonic is a design masterpiece equipped with Gateron mechanical switches and a lot of competitive power. It’s 4.0 Bluetooth connection makes it ideal for gamers that switch between devices regularly.

Unlike most other wireless gaming keyboards, Anne Pro 2 does not have a USB connection but relies solely on Bluetooth. While I usually prefer USB connectivity, I have to admit that the 4.0 Bluetooth in the Anne Pro 2 works pretty flawlessly. Bluetooth has one advantage, as well. You don’t have to swap the USB connector – meaning you can seamlessly swap between console, PC, and laptop.

The Gateron mechanical switches are quite rare, but that does not mean they don’t work. They blow most custom switches out of the water and is a strong competitor to the Cherry MX brand with high responsiveness and tactile feedback. The Anne Pro 2 comes with three different switch colors so you can choose between loud & clicky, silent, or quiet. We went with the quiet option, and it strikes a nice middle-ground between loud and completely silent.

The design is thick, compact, and has a durable quality feel to it. It can get some time getting used to the tall model, but once you do, it is very ergonomic and, in some ways, preferable to the standard medium design.

It comes with full RGB lighting and the option to bind every key to any command. This is all done via software, which works pretty well. I would recommend playing without RGB lighting, though, as it takes the battery life from being pretty spectacular to a mere 8 hours. This is, of course, fine if you don’t mind charging it more often.

Anne Pro 2 is one of the best mechanical Bluetooth keyboards, and especially it’s design and responsiveness impressed me.

6. UtechSmart Mercury

Custom Blue Mechanical Switches(clicky) / 2.4GHz Connection / 40 hours of battery / RGB Lighting

Image of Mercury wireless keyboard from UtechSmart

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  •  Exceptional value for money
  • Custom blue switches does a good job at replicating Cherry MX Blue
  •  Good battery life with an indicator when it runs low
  •  Custom Switches not quite as responsive as Cherry MX options

Wireless keyboards don’t have to be expensive to be good, and UtechSmart proves that point with the Mercury. The UtechSmart Mercury is an incredible deal with surprisingly good performance and a ton of additional features.

The Mercury is equipped with custom made blue mechanical switches with a nice tactile feel and satisfying clicky sound. When looking at the price tag for this keyboard, I wasn’t expecting much, but they do feel surprisingly good to play with and is well suited both for gaming and writing. That said, they are still slightly worse than the beloved Cherry MX Switches, in my opinion, they just don’t feel as responsive but gets close.

Like most others on this list, it uses a 2.4GHz connection that works flawlessly except for when at deficient battery levels. Luckily, the LED lighting has an indicator function that will let you know when the board needs charging.

The battery life was also pretty great with up to 40 hours of playtime, and with the ability to play while charging, you don’t have to ever worry about the battery.

The ABS and metal construction also gives it a pretty qualitative feel, which I did not expect at this price range. It has a full 104 key setup, which makes it an excellent option for people who want to play games but also want an excellent keyboard for writing on the site. It is also entirely splash-proof, which is always a welcomed feature, so you don’t have to panic too much when spilling a bit of beverage onto the board.

I would recommend the UtechSmart Mercury for gamers on a budget that seeks a wireless keyboard with great performance ergonomics.

7. G-Cord Wireless

Custom Brown Mechanical Switches(Quiet) / 2.4Ghz Connection / 240 hours battery / Wired mode / Plug-n-play

Image of G-cord wireless mechanical keyboard

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  •  Very budget-friendly
  • Plug-and-play
  •  Outstanding battery life
  •  No indicator for when the battery is low

This feature-light wireless mechanical keyboard from G-Cord is the ideal plug-and-play option with an immense amount of value for your buck. Although it has next to no special features, it still has the most important ones, such as flawless connectivity, play-while-charing, and exceptional battery life.

If you don’t like to play around with custom software to make macros, keybindings, and LED customization, then this G-Cord keyboard is the perfect pick. It is working at full capacity the second you plug it in with its 2.4Ghz USB connection that works flawlessly except when at really low battery. Furthermore, it has an extraordinary battery life that goes well over 200 hours if you don’t activate the LED lighting and is also fully useable while charging. I would recommend having it plugged in if you are playing competitively as it’s overall performance is better in wired mode.

It is equipped with custom brown mechanical switches that are tactile and quiet. Not to be confused with silent – they still do make a very noticeable sound but just not as loud as Blue switches and other “clicky” variants. Although not Cherry MX, they do perform very admirable and will still provide a considerable increase in performance if you are used to membrane keyboards.

The quality is great when you consider the price tag, and due to its plug-and-play nature, I would say this is one of my favorite wireless budget keyboards for gaming.

8. Klim Chroma Wireless

Membrane Keyboard / Lightweight / RGB Lighting / 17 hours battery(at max brightness)

Image of Klim Chroma Wireless

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  •  Very cheap
  • Slim & ultra-lightweight design makes it very portable
  •  Plastic build feels quite cheap

This membrane keyboard is a fantastic cheap alternative to gamers that either don’t like mechanical switches or want something very affordable with good performance. Despite being a membrane keyboard, it is surprisingly responsive with its low response time and good connectivity.

The membrane keys, while not as effective as mechanical switches, are quite responsive and are tested for up to 10 million clicks in terms of durability. On the plus side, if you want an utterly silent keyboard, membrane keys are a good way to achieve it.

The design is incredibly lightweight at only 460 grams, which makes it a great portable option for multi-purpose use. However, it also means that it feels quite cheap and is almost entirely made of plastic, but at this price range, I wouldn’t expect anything more.

Although the build feels very cheap, it doesn’t feel squishy, and the ABS plastic construction appears to be quite durable. The design is slim and lightweight, with full RGB lighting shining through, making it look pretty neat.

If you want a very cheap wireless keyboard that works for gaming and isn’t mechanical, then I would recommend the Klim Chroma Wireless. That said, if you want a keyboard for competitive gaming, then I would recommend a more pricey option like the BladeMaster Pro.

Best Wireless Keyboards for the Office

Work and gaming use have very different needs. Now let us take a look at the best wireless keyboards for office and work use.

1. Logitech K800

2.4GHz Connection / Backlit / Lightweight

Image of the best wireless keyboard of 2017

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  •  Plug-and-use
  • Flawless connection
  •  Average ergonomics

If you are looking for a well-rounded overall wireless keyboard, this is the best of them all. Once again, Logitech proves themselves as the kings of the wireless keyboard industry.


The ultra-thin profile, coupled with the performance on hand indeed, makes this one of the best if not the top wireless keyboard on our list. Unlike the K360 or other keyboards, the ease with which one can type and the almost completely lag-free accuracy makes this a stellar choice. The adjustable backlighting is a neat feature. There are programmable as well as enhanced F-keys, which give you additional functionality and performance. The palm rest makes for a comfortable experience all around. You can confidently game for long hours without fatigue with the K800.  The downside with the K800 is that due to the compact design, the keys can be a bit hard to clean, and if single keys happen to fail, it’s a bit hard to replace them.


The quality aspect is indeed where this keyboard differentiates itself from most in the market. The perfect stroke system makes for a quiet and fluid typing experience. The characters are not placed on the keys cheaply, either. They are laser etched, creating for a highly durable design. The unifying receiver is also a nice touch that can eliminate more wires around your setup.


The battery can last on a single charge for up to 10 days. Following which you can recharge the keyboard using a micro-USB cable even during use. This is a highly convenient method.

Value for money

We feel the K800 is very marginally on the pricey side. Its build quality is excellent and does come with a bunch of features that we think is essential if you would like a highly portable, thin option for gaming and office use.

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2. Logitech MK550

2.4GHz Connection / Programmable keys / AA battery

Image of keyboard for the office

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  •  Very comfortable to use
  • Battery will last for over a year at minimum
  •  Very large

Whether it’s for the office or you are just looking for a convenient wireless option at home, this is likely the best wireless keyboard on the market right now.


The 1st keyboard on our list that employs the curved design, but not the last. Although slightly similar to the Microsoft, the curves are rather toned down on this Logitech. It comes with a cushioned palm rest, which is ideal for long gaming or typing sessions, making this one of our favorites on the list. A battery level indicator is also present, which is extremely helpful. The key feel is certainly soft and a bit springy too. Even though it’s advertised as working up to 30 feet. Typing while gaming after about 5-7 will result in a lag that can be uncomfortable to play games with.


One of the best wireless combos in the market. The high-performance mouse has a laser sensor and can be used for playing most games. The quality of the receiver is something that we liked. Typically multiple receivers are required to connect various devices, but the MK550 just needs a single tiny receiver for both devices. MAC compatibility requires a lot of tweaking, which is a slight downside. Key durability is slightly questionable for this keyboard as some users report keys failing after a year or two.


The MK550 uses standard AA batteries, which can be replaced. It has a maximum battery life of about three years. The mouse is similar and has a max life of 2 years.

Value for money

Despite the keyboard having a few minor issues, this is definitely one of our go-to options on the list. This is indeed more expensive than keyboards like the Ivation, but the comfort and performance offered by the combo are indeed excellent.

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3. Logitech K400

2.4GHz Connection / Touchpad / 18 months of battery / Lightweight

Image of wireless keyboard with touchpad

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  •  Ideal to use with your TV or console due to touchpad design
  • Fantastic battery life
  •  Not well suited for regular PC use

Wireless keyboards with touchpads are becoming increasingly more popular every year, due to smart tv’s being an undeniable part of our lives now. On that note, this is the best for that purpose on the entire market, a real testament to Logitech’s dedication to quality.


If we could describe the K400 plus in two words, it would be ultralight and versatile. This Tv-keyboard, as Logitech calls it, features a full-size 3.5-inch touchpad, which helps your keyboard double up as a remote for a smart TV. The feel of the keys is slightly similar to that of the K360, which we saw earlier. The keys are much more compactly placed on this model. There are no media keys or any extra bells and whistles like backlighting, which is a bit of a downside.


Aside from the solid core functionality, the wireless range which caps out at a whopping 33 feet is extremely impressive. This way, you can comfortably be away from your PC or smart TV setup and not experience too much lag while performing most tasks. The compatibility with different TVs is not great, with some users reporting a loss of connection or lack of connectivity on some models. The lack of backlighting we thought was a bad idea as the texture makes the keys a tad hard to see in poor light conditions.


Two double AA batteries are included, and Logitech determines the battery life to be about 18 months. This keyboard features an off switch, which is very handy and enables one to extend that estimate and save power.

Value for money

As far as economical options go, the K400 Plus indeed gives you a good bang for your buck. The versatility allows one to operate multiple devices but, at the same time, doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

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4. Logitech K360 Wireless

2.4GHz connection / Compact & lightweight / 3-years of battery life

Image of cheap wireless PC desktop keyboard

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  •  Exceptional value for your buck
  • Unmatched battery life
  •  Small design can take some time getting used to

It’s lightweight and slim design makes it ideal for the smart tv, or if you just want an extremely convenient option at home.


As far as gaming performance goes, this is pretty basic. Ideal for the casual gamer and office worker. It can be great for watching movies as you can access the controls away from the desk. The keystrokes are pretty quiet as well

The design is extremely compact, leaving no room for any wrist rest. The profile is also extremely thin. The 12 programmable F-keys can be quite handy to access multimedia functions and email.


The build quality is quite good, although the keys tend to retain fingerprints. The key spacing is limited, which helps prevent dust from getting in too.


Up to 3 years battery life – This keyboard comes with two pre-installed AA batteries. This makes it a cheap plug and play option, but it cannot be recharged, which is a bit of a downside.

Value for money

In terms of being inexpensive, this is the go-to option on our list. However, the gaming features are limited

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5. Microsoft Sculpt

2.4GHz connection / Wireless mouse & number pad included / 36 month battery(AA)

Image of curved wireless computer keyboard

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  •  Separate wireless number pad & mouse included
  • Very ergonomic once you get used to the custom wave design

A little hard to get used to at first, but once you do, it is truly an ergonomic wonder. Excellent for front-desk workers and comes with a wireless mouse and number pad.


The unique design is excellent for office use but not so suitable for gamers. The curved design can make it a bit difficult to run key combinations. Other than the curved design with the center separation, this keyboard also has a separate number pad, which can be moved around. This can bode very well for tasks & spacing. MAC users can face several issues when using this keyboard.


Quality-wise this keyboard is outstanding. The curved design, coupled with the wrist rest is perfect for typing for long hours. The data encryption is great and keeps you secure. The downside is that the keyboard is not backlit, unlike others on our list.


The keyboard makes use of a couple of AAA batteries, and the mouse makes use of a couple of AA batteries. Battery life is around 36 months.

Value for money

Weighing the features it offers with comfort being at the forefront. This keyboard is slightly on the expensive side. Backlighting would be a great option to have as well

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6. Ivation Large Font

USB Connection / Large font keys / Illuminated

Image of keyboard for people with poor eye sight

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  •  Large font letters are great for people with bad eye-sight
  • Illumination makes it even easier to see every key clearly
  •  Big letters seem unnecessary if you have good eye-sight

Even Though it is primarily made to reduce eye strain or for people with poor eyesight. It is also a well-rounded overall wireless keyboard.


The standout feature is the larger keys making it quite easy to type quickly. Performance-wise the Ivation performs exceptionally well. Except for connectivity over larger distances. The 32 feet as advertised is not very accurate. Although this is expected for most wireless devices. The letters inscribed are quite large, making the keys very easy to see.

Motion Sensor – The motion sensor tech to awaken the keyboard from power saving is a nice touch. This offers a significant amount of power-saving.


The build quality is quite good with durable keys with about a 10 million key life. The LEDs are bright but crisp so that they don’t cause a strain on your eye, primarily when used at night.


The built-in battery is rechargeable and is far more convenient than conventional AA models. This can be a subjective element based on the circumstance. The charge lasts about a week on moderate usage. This is not great, but the ability to recharge slightly offsets this.

Value for money

The Ivation offers excellent value for money as the features on offer correlate well with the price.

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7. Arteck HB030B Ipad keyboard

Bluetooth connection / Backlit / Rechargeable battery 

Image of the best wireless keyboard for smart tv

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  •  Slim, quality design
  • Backlit

If you are looking for a quality universal wireless keyboard, then this is the best one out there. Incredible for tablets, smart tv’s and computers alike.


The ultrathin & ultra-lightweight design is perfect for those wishing to move their keyboards around a lot. The HB030B almost feels like a thin slate. The keys are obvious, and they can be equated to those membrane type keyboards found on some laptops. The laptop does not feature a number pad section too. The key structure makes it a good keyboard for playing simple games. A wrist rest is, however, not present.


The backlighting is excellent and easy on the eye. The keys are great for typing and not very clicky, which some gamers love. The keyboard is quite durable, and a lot of users reported no issues are using for extended hours over a year, at least. A downside is more related to the range as this is a Bluetooth keyboard and does not operate at radiofrequency. Staying close to your devices is essential. If you are into playing strategy games, then the number pad arrow keys are necessary. This is something that the keyboard lacks along with an indicator showing the remaining battery life.


The battery can last up to 6 months on one charge and is rechargeable. The 6-month figure is based on 2 hours of non-stop use per day. If you are into gaming on your laptop or tablet a lot, then you might have to charge more frequently.

Value for money

This keyboard is quite inexpensive, and its value stems from its versatility. Overall, a great keyboard to have around the house which can be used along with your tablet or PC.

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Other Keyboards We Tested

Honorable mentions of those keyboards we tested that were quite good but not among our favorites.

Wireless Apple

While Apple’s official tablet keyboard is very decent, it is comparatively overpriced to the other options on the market. And for once, you can use other keyboards with your Ipad’s, etc. So you are by no means forced to buy it. However, huge fans of Apple might find this one pretty neat.

Iclever Bluetooth

A smart solution if you want a great traveling keyboard. However, that is a list for another day, and in terms of performance, it is average at best.

JETech 2.4G

A decent option for tablets and generally very portable, but do far worse than the Arteck in both performance and ergonomics.

HP Wireless Elite v2

A nice try from HP to match Logitech’s many wireless options. However, it is not quite as good as what Logitech offers.

Dell MK117

Once again, a major brand tries to compete with Logitech’s wireless collection. Sadly no major brand manages to threaten Logitech, and in almost all cases, they offer the best wireless keyboards, at least for computer use.

Things to consider when looking at wireless keyboards

We have made a small guide designed to help you find the perfect wireless keyboard for you.

Keyboards are one of the types of equipment that can struggle the most from cutting the cord. So there is a couple of things you need to consider before you buy a wireless keyboard.

Gaming or Work?

If you want a keyboard for gaming purposes, you will want to look into mechanical options with reliable connectivity and fast response time. Stutter or slow response time is a huge deal-breaker when playing competitively, but in recent years the possibilities for wireless gaming keyboards have improved a lot.


While I would usually recommend a wired keyboard to serious gamers, some on the market can match the performance.


We are not saying that all wireless keyboards have these issues, and there are a few ones on the market that can function properly with your gaming rig. It is also worth mentioning all the upsides with wireless technology since every gamer knows the nightmare that is entangled wires below your desk, which is why wireless keyboards are so prevalent in offices.

It is also very convenient and portable to have a wireless keyboard at home that you can easily take with you. You don’t necessarily need to use this keyboard as your main one with your desktop. But having one at home is incredibly useful, especially if you have other devices such as tablets, smart TVs, etc.

Generally, we only recommend a wireless keyboard to office workers, or for pure convenience at home.

Do you have a smart tv?

Smart TVs are one of the biggest reasons that wireless keyboards are so insanely popular. It is so incredibly convenient to have a wireless universal keyboard to control your tv from the sofa cleverly. It is also handy if you have a computer connected to your TV through an HDMI port. When it comes to the living room, having wires lying around is an annoyance.

Bluetooth or Radio Frequency?

Image of the bluetooth logo


Most wireless keyboards use radio frequency, which is just a small USB port that you plug into your device, and you are good to go. This is usually the most efficient method in terms of connectivity, but it is not as universal as Bluetooth. It is, however, the type you want to go with if you are a gamer, and probably also if you are purchasing keyboards for the office.

Bluetooth is not as stable in its connection but can be used with literally anything. This makes it an excellent choice for using it with the smart tv, and if you want to be able to switch between devices seamlessly. It is making Bluetooth the ideal choice if you want the convenience of a wireless board at home.


This is often referred to as the number 1 issue with wireless PC technology, but when it comes to keyboards, it is far from the truth. Unless there is a lot of LED lighting and such, a keyboard is incredibly power-efficient, and with a couple of AA batteries, you won’t have any issues with the battery for a year or maybe even more.

We do recommend you chose a keyboard that uses regular batteries instead of having a charger station simply because they last longer and have fewer performance issues.

Wireless Performance v Wired?

Wired is better, pretty much in all cases. If you look for pure performance, you should always get wired. However, it is hard to put an actual price tag on convenience, and that is just what wireless is convenient.

You should not get a wireless keyboard, mouse, or anything of the sort for pure performance. But if you are sick of wires lying around, if you want to be able to walk around with your keyboard from the living room to the bedroom, then wireless is for you.

Q&A about wireless keyboards

Questions from the readers about wireless keyboards.

Q: What should I look for in a wireless keyboard if I want to use it for both my TV and tablet?

A: Make sure it uses Bluetooth and not radiofrequency. While RF generally has a better connection, Bluetooth is way better with smart TVs and such.

Q: What battery type is the best?

A: We feel the standard AA batteries have the most benefits. They last A LOT longer; they don’t have durability issues and are easily replaceable, whereas an internal battery and charging station will quickly get worn down and is a lot harder to replace if broken.

Q: Do you know of any good mechanical wireless keyboards?

A: No, and we have tested quite a few. Mechanical keyboards rely heavily on anti-ghosting, which is something that won’t be implemented in wireless keyboards. Merely due to draining the battery more quickly. Mechanical keyboards are all about maximizing your performance in writing or gaming, and wireless is all about convenience.


Web sites, articles, and pieces we used to research for this buying guide.

Digikey, Comparison of radiofrequency and Bluetooth, in-depth article about the difference between RF and Bluetooth.

Goldtouch, Bluetooth vs. radio frequency, a direct showdown between the two wireless methods.

Logitech, Wireless keyboards product information, a page about the specifics of their wireless keyboards.

Linklabs, 5 types of wireless connection, a great article about the different kinds of wireless technology.


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