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Even though we have a huge focus on gaming equipment here at Progamerreview, we found it necessary to expand on to office supplies. There is simply no way getting around that our knowledge of PC equipment can come in extremely handy when talking about which keyboard and mouse is best for the office.

So this section is for all those things, which is centered around a computer but not necessarily for gaming purposes. Such things as webcams, wireless keyboards etc.

However, it doesn’t need to be electronics, since we will also be testing non-tech stuff. Such as office desks, laptop bags, and chairs. Pretty much anything that does not directly have anything to do with gaming, will be under this category.

There is a huge difference in what we will recommend for the office and what we recommend for gaming. Which it is important to separate the two things. As an example, wireless keyboards are great for the office and work stuff in general, but it cannot be recommended for gaming under any circumstances.

By the end of the year, we hope to have found all the best equipment and gear for any modern office, and we hope to improve the everyday life of a lot of people by helping offices find the best supplies for their employees.

Another important thing to mention is desks. The table which we work or game at making a huge difference, but since it is usually referred to as office or computer tables, this is the category you will find those in.

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