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Not everything in gaming should be narrowed down to performance and competition. Sometimes it’s important to just enjoy yourself and have a good time. So in this category, we will take a look at the more off-topic gaming equipment. This can be everything from gaming chairs, webcams, or a comparison of virtual reality headsets.

Accessories are often the unsung heroes of gaming. It’s those things that can really make you enjoy your time on your PC. Whether it be a great PC chair, a great mouse pad or maybe even a mini bar, so you never have to get up for that nice cold beverage again. Those things do not enhance your performance, but your experience, and that is equally important.

This is where we will take a look at everything that is not considered gaming gear, persay. So there will be nothing like mechanical keyboards, miceheadsets and monitors. All of those deserved a category for themselves.

This also means that there will be no reviews of gaming computers in this category. But it will be the place to review a specific console, for an example the new PS4 Pro.

Basically this is where all reviews of anything irregular will end up. This could be everything from mouse pads, to graphic cards(GPU’s).

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