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In this category, we have lists of all the best different kinds of headsets. So whether you are looking for the best overall headset, the best cheap headset, or maybe just the best wireless one. We have got you covered. Headsets can be tricky, as compared to a new mice or keyboard. Because they have more than 1 role to fill in a gaming setup. First of all they need to deliver the best possible sound quality, simply to give a great gaming experience. Secondly, they need to be comfortable and have a nice fit, since you will most likely be wearing them for hours at a time. Thirdly, they need to deliver realistic and reliable intel. As an example it is very important in FPS gaming that you can hear your enemy coming, and where he is coming from. Lastly, they need to have a stellar microphone. Gaming are becoming more competitive by the minute, and therefore proper communication are crucial. Features such as noise cancellation and sound isolation can also be extremely helpful, and not only for yourself but for your teammates. You can obviously buy a stellar microphone as a stand alone accessory. Which can be a great idea if you don't like wearing a headset for long periods of time. No other piece of gaming gear can quite create the amount of immersion that a headset can. Except maybe for a great monitor. But in order to get a truly immersive experience from a monitor, you'll need a PC that's strong enough.

Sound, communication, comfort or everything in one?

Which of the above factors you find the most important are obviously up to you. While some consider the microphone and communication capabilities to be the most important, some just want amazing sound quality. Maybe you even want a headset that does a superb job in all the aforementioned factors, which is possible but will most likely be expensive. And maybe you just want decent sound quality, but consider the price to be the most defining quality. As you can see, there are tons of things to consider when buying a gaming headset. Which is why we have made it our goal to help you on the way, and hopefully help you pick the perfect headset for you. It is also worth mentioning that headsets are more known to have durability issues than more other gaming gear. Even bigger brands have made some horrible gaming headsets with a considerable price tag. Which only makes it even harder, but also more important to read reviews online before making a decision.

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