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In this category, we have complete lists of all the best mice of all different types. All of them fully tested and reviewed by our gaming team.

The gaming mice are probably the most important and influential piece of gaming equipment there is. Partly due to the fact that almost all game types and genres require a lot of cursor movement. But also because it’s not just about moving the mice around, it’s about speed, acceleration, and precision. Having a mouse with great precision and speed can greatly improve your performance as a gamer and may even increase your skill roof. This is why the mouse is so important, compared to a simple accessory, like a gaming chair.

You can, however, argue that a great laptop or gaming rig is just as important. This can be true, especially if your current PC is quite weak. No one can play at their best with 15 fps. But stuff like computers and monitors are just very expensive. Whereas a mouse is just as important but cost 10 times less.

Mice are also one of the types of gaming gear with the most variations and noticeable difference in performance. So before you go looking for a new gaming mouse, you need to decide what kind of a gamer you are and what your preferences are. Do you want a great mouse for first-person shooters(FPS)? or maybe you are more of a MOBA gamer?  Or perhaps you are the more immersive type, that enjoys large-scale MMO games, like World of Warcraft.

Genre or functionality?

Sometimes it’s not even about the game genre, but more about functionality. Some people really want a great wireless gaming mouse. While that is possible, it is not as easy as it sounds. Wireless mice, like wireless headsets and keyboards, are in almost all cases, worse than their wired counterparts. Both in terms of performance, but also weight and pricing. There is, however, a few good wireless ones out there, that we have had the pleasure of reviewing, but almost all wireless mice will be a letdown. So it is maybe even more important to read some proper reviews and do some research if a wireless mouse is what you seek.

A factor that is obviously always worth considering when looking for gaming gear, is the price. Most people do not want to invest in the most expensive high-end equipment, but would rather wait for the perfect deal. Luckily, with mice, there are actually quite a few examples of great mice on a budget.

With the number of different types of gaming mice, it can be quite difficult to find the perfect fit. This is why reading reviews and hearing from people who have tried a lot of them can be really helpful.

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