Corsair Void Wireless Gamer Headset – Fully Tested & Reviewed

Close-up image of the Corsair VOID headphones

The Corsair VOID is a quite successful attempt at making a piece of affordable wireless headphones for gaming with impressive comfort as well.


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Corsair Void Review Overview
7.8 / 10 Editors
The Good
+ Very Affordable
+ Amazing Quality of Sound
+ Super Comfortable
The Bad
- Mediocre bass
- Sound leakage
Review Score

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Review Summary

As a gamer, a standard mouse and keyboard won’t quite cut it. You need a great keyboard like the Razer Blackwidow, an excellent mouse like the SteelSeries 300 and an amazing headset… which could be the Corsair VOID RGB. It’s cheap after all at under $100, but is it good at all?

This review will let you know everything about it, in order to see if it’s really worth it or just marketing hype.

Let’s be honest: Not all of us can afford to pay $300 for a single headset, especially if you do this as a hobby. That’s why the push for cheaper headsets has increased, and in order to meet this demand, Corsair has launched this product which is more affordable and yet delivers plenty of value.

It’s cheap, yet it is incredibly comfortable. You know, certain companies cut corners in order to offer a cheaper price, but Corsair has done it without affecting the quality of the product.

Would I use it for long gaming sessions? Of course, I would, it is very comfortable and I would gladly use it for an entire gaming marathon. Even though the earcups look quite different, they have been designed to enhance comfort. The memory foamed earcups create a great environment for your ears.

The quality of sound is pretty good. Even though it does not include bass effects, it won’t tire you and will give you an edge over your competition. I can say that it’s got a better quality than many other wireless headsets in this same price range.

Would I recommend it? Of course, because it’s cheap, comfortable and the quality of sound (the most important feature) is top-of-the-line for the price.

Now that this summary is over, and if you still have questions, then let’s get a bit geekier and come with me to check a more detailed review right below.

A Proper Review: In-depth look at the Corsair VOID

Let’s begin this section by reviewing the design of this headset.

Image of the black version of Corsair Void

The Design

A headset needs to be comfortable and deliver a great quality of sound, yet it also needs to look awesome. Corsair has done a great job with it design-wise because they used the trio of sails logo instead of the tribal logo, that’s an improvement.


Moreover, it looks professional. The carbon build also makes sure that it looks and feel solid. You can get it in Black or White color. But in my personal opinion, the black one looks better and pretty badass.

But the design has also a lot to do with the comfort factor. Let’s get finished with the aesthetics and now let’s jump into the reasons on why it’s so comfortable.

The kite-shaped ear cups are the reason. They perfectly adapt to your ears, and thanks to the soft memory foam padding, make it super comfy for your ears. It makes it perfect for long gaming sessions. Moreover, the black microfiber cloth is very durable and comfortable.

It’s also important to mention that you get a generous range of height adjustment. So it’s easy to adjust it to your own preference to make it even more comfortable.

It looks great and is very comfortable, which is amazing for a headset in this price range.

Now let’s review the sound and its performance.

The Sound and Performance:

In a nutshell: It sounds very well, and it’s surprising if you take into account the low price.

First off, the quality of sound is pretty clear. It’s easy to tell the direction of the sound, especially from left or right, which is great for games like Battlefield where you need to have a strong situational perception.

The directional sound is quite good, and I didn’t expect it from a cheap headset like this one. The bass is not that powerful, but for the price, you really cannot complain.

If you want to make the most out of this headset, then you should download the CUE Software by Corsair. This will allow you to adjust certain settings according to your preference, which will improve the quality of sound according to what you want.

Now, in order to make this review honest, I have to mention something very important: The sealing is not so good.

If you use it in very loud environments, then it won’t perform that well, as it won’t be able to keep the environment sound from disturbing you. And a similar thing happens if you use it in a very quiet environment, but in this case, people will hear the sound coming from your VOID.

The sound leakage is the biggest problem this headset has along with the weak bass, but other than that it’s a great choice!

In my personal opinion, it’d be a turn off to use it in games like Counter Strike because, in such FPS games, you need to be aware of your surroundings all the time, and the sound leakage may play against you at some point. But this is kind of counter-balanced with the great directional sound.

But if you are not gaming professionally and just as a hobby, then it’s a perfect choice for any game out there, because it gets the job done and is pretty affordable as well.

Let’s Get Technical

Let’s take look at the specifications of the VOID

  • Dolby 7.1 surround sound
  • 2.4Ghz audio
  • Up to 40ft wireless connection
  • 13-16 hours of battery whilst gaming
  • RGB Lighting(can sync with other RGB Corsair equipment)
  • 50mm neodymium drivers
  • Microfiber & Memory foam ear cups
  • Carbon build

How Well Does It Compare?

It is always a good idea to compare it against other choices on the market, and that’s exactly what you will find under this section.

Corsair Void Wireless vs. Logitech G933:

Both of them have a problem: Sound isolation could be better. But I have to be honest here and say that the Logitech G933 does a better job regarding this aspect, although, headsets like the ASTRO A50 Gen 3 offer an even better acoustic seal.

In terms of compatibility, the product by Logitech is the clear winner, because you can use it on your PC or your PlayStation, something that the Corsair cannot do.

Now the bass is another important aspect that will affect the sound quality, and you already know that the Corsair has a problem with it, but is the Logitech G933 any better? Of course, it is and is another reason to prefer it over the Corsair Void Wireless.

But if we were to compare prices, then the Corsair would be the undisputed champion.

In summary: if you can afford it, then I recommend you to go for the Logitech G933, but if your budget is not so permissive, then the Corsair Void Wireless will get the job done. For less than $100 USD you cannot complain.

Corsair Void Headset vs. HyperX Cloud II:

First off, in terms of pricing, it’s straight up tied. However, the Void is a wireless headset which is usually a bit more expensive. So worth keeping that in mind.

Although the Corsair Void is made of plastic, it still feels pretty sturdy, and the same goes for the HyperX headset. Both great choices in terms of quality.

Both of them are pretty comfortable, so they are suitable for long gaming sessions. This is mainly due to the memory foam, and in the case of the Corsair, thanks to the ear-shaped cups. The unique downside I’d note in the HyperX Cloud II is that it tends to feel a bit too tight on the head, so this may be a concern for some of you.

It is surprising that the HyperX Cloud II is so affordable, yet it comes with pretty interesting features that allow it to deliver an excellent sound quality. First off, thanks to its Neodymium Magnets the bass is much better than the Corsairs. It cancels echo via inline Sound Card, which is another helpful feature. Finally, the sound canceling is top of the line, something that places it over the Corsair any day of the week.

My final verdict: the HyperX Cloud II is by far better, just take into account that it is corded. Therefore, if you prefer a wireless headset, then the answer is clear: get the Corsair VOID headset. To be fair though, the HyperX Cloud 2 is a headset that made it to the top of our list of ”best headsets for gaming in 2017”. So losing to this masterpiece is not something to be ashamed about.


Image of Corsair gaming set-up

Conclusion & Final Words

Now you know more about the Corsair VOID Headset. You know its strongest and weakest points.

Should you buy it? If your budget is not so permissive, then of course. It offers plenty of value for less than $100 USD. But if you are a pro gamer, then it may not be enough for you. In this gamers honest opinion, it is one of the best budget wireless headsets for gaming out there. Which is something that is quite hard to find these days.

I hope you enjoyed this review, and if you had any question or doubt feel free to comment it!

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