About Us

Official website logoHello and welcome to ProGamerReview!

We are a small team of dedicated veteran gamers, and the purpose with our side is to share our knowledge on everything gaming related. Such as E-sport, High-end gaming and of course the best gaming gear currently on the market. There is an insane amount of gaming gear out there! A lot of it is bad products, some good and a few truly amazing ones, our main priority is to find those fantastic ones and share them with you.

How we make our reviews

The way we do reviews is that we decide on a topic that excites us, like ”Best Gaming Monitors 2016” and then we go out and learn everything we can on the subject, by reading on gaming forums such as Reddit.com, several Reddit.com forums, other reviewers and then lastly we buy the 15-20 products we heard the most praise on. Our last step in the learning phase of the products, we get together and game A LOT, each trying out different gear, share our opinions, argue, counter argue etc. And in the end, we manage to find the best pieces of gaming gear on the market, and we take pride in that!

Short Reviews

We decided to start this side because we always have been very interested in gaming gear. The problem was that every time we tried to find some great reviews before buying, we always ended up on some page with 100000 thousand words about the product. Which looked more like the product description on the official websites, than actual personal reviews. So we decided to make our reviews very easy to digest. Meaning we pick the best items in a category and then we tell you the key factors and why you should buy or shouldn’t buy the product.


All of our reviews and articles are divided into categories. This is in order to make it easier for you to find what you need. We have reviewed in every category that a gamer would ever want. Everything from mice, keyboards, headsets, to monitors. We also have some more off-topic reviews, that are not directly gaming gear, but more like accessories.

Why Listen To Us?

As I mentioned earlier, we are all dedicated veteran gamers of all types and have all managed to achieve a lot within gaming, a lot of the times together. We have all competed in the world first race on the raiding scene in World of Warcraft. In TBC/WOTLK/Early CATA, our guild called on Tarren Mill EU usually ended in the top 5 but sadly never managed to beat. 3 of us managed to get ”Merciless Gladiator” rank in TBC and stayed competitive throughout our years in WoW.

Focus on competitive gaming

After all our glorious years in WoW which we still very much enjoy from time to time. We decided to change our focus to the more competitive genres, such as MOBAs, FPS’ and RTS’. Mainly League of Legends, CS-GO, Starcraft 2 and lately we have picked up Overwatch. 3 of us managed to get the famous Challenger rank in League, end in the top 7% in CS-GO. We are all very competent gamers, with a lot of knowledge about the best gaming gear we want to share with people.


If you have any suggestions on subjects you want us to cover, let us know! you can contact us on Facebook or on email. You can find the information on our Facebook page, we try to answer all questions each day.