Havit I18 Bluettooth Headphones Tested & Reviewed

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Affordable Bluetooth headphones with a phenomenal amount of value for money.

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Havit I18 Overview
7 / 10 Editors
The Good
+ High value for money
+ Good sound & bass
+ Wired mode option
+ Fantastic battery
The Bad
- Occasional stutter
- Relatively short
Review Score

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Wireless headphones are one of those things that once you have it, you don’t seem to be able to live without it. The enjoyment and freedom a piece of capable Bluetooth headphones can provide are quite staggering.

Havit I18 – Review Summary

At first sight, the Havit I18 is a real treat, with it’s very modern and slick design. And while it is much cheaper than most, of its competitors, it certainly doesn’t look like it. Furthermore is also feels qualitative, especially considering it’s price class.

So it doesn’t look or feel, cheap, but how is the sound? The sound quality is pretty good, but not superb. Which is what you might expect from a set of 30 dollar Bluetooth headphones. So if you are a real audiophile, you might want to spend a bit more on your headset. However, for any regular person, the sound quality will do just fine, especially if you are used to regular phone earbuds.

Something that is worth mentioning is the bass. It is tuned quite perfectly, and it is never too much or too absent.

Concerning comfort, it is quite average. The materials and overall quality provide a very decent sense of comfort. However, the headphones are very tight which is both good and bad. Because, while the tightness does make it very sturdy and great for physical activity such as running or cross fit. It also makes it a bit rough to wear for hours on end, and your ears will feel a little soar if you wear it for more than 4 hours.


Is it the best Bluetooth headphones on the market? No, obviously not, and it isn’t trying to be. It is trying to be the best possible headphones it can be for the price and in that it really succeeded. It offers a fantastic amount of value for money, and it isn’t downright ”bad” in any way, and even it’s worst features are somewhat decent.

So if you want a great set of wireless headphones that won’t break your budget, then the Havit I18 is among the very best of its price class.

Image of woman wearing Havit i18 headphonesIn-depth Review: Sound Quality

In the end, this is what headsets are all about. Headphones with scratchy, poor sound quality are virtually useless, so in many ways, this is the most critical factor to consider when purchasing a headset.

V4.1 Stereo Sound

The Havit I18 uses a stable CSR chip and v4.1 stereo sound with 40mm dual drivers. This is something you will usually see in slightly more expensive headphones and is a mid-tier stereo driver.

It provides a pretty high quality of sound that will make almost anybody happy. However, if you are a real audiophile you most likely need to spend a bit more money. Not because there is anything noticeably wrong with the audio quality, but it just isn’t a Sennheiser or Beats by Dre.


The bass is something I were more than pleased with when testing out the Havit I18. They seem to have hit the perfect middle ground where it is never unnecessarily rough, but it is also never lacking. So you don’t have to worry about a lack of bass nor about an abundance of bass ruining your listening experience.

Noise Cancellation

Yes, the headphones do have noise cancellation and a pretty decent one at that. However, you should note that it is merely sound isolation provided by the acoustic cushions and not active noise reduction as you might see with expensive headphones.

Image of happy girl wearing Bluetooth headphonesQuality & Comfort

While the sound quality is crucial to a nice pair of headphones, it doesn’t matter that much if your ears are bleeding in the process.

Quality and Material

I will make this short. The quality is fine, even quite a bit above what you might expect from a headset with this price tag. That being said, it is still a budget headset which means that there is nothing extraordinary about the materials or overall quality.

It merely is very decent and can even be considered great if you think of it as ”quality for money”.


This is an essential part, and when it comes to the Havit I18, it is a bit bittersweet, albeit more sweet than bitter.

The headset is clearly meant to be used for physical activity, such as running and fitness. This means that they have tuned the headphones pretty tight to make sure that it stays on even during activities. This is fantastic if you plan to use it for such things, but it also means that you might find it slightly too tight if you only use it on the bus for example.

Luckily, you get used to the tight design quite quickly, and it will only cause your ears to get sore if you use it for hours on end.

So, overall the comfort is pretty good once you get used to the tight design and if you don’t always plan to use it for many hours in a row.

The Good, the Bad & the Features

Let us take a quick look at the big pros and cons for the Havit I18, as well as the features that are worth mentioning.

The Good

  • Great stereo sound quality
  • The tight design makes it excellent for running and other physical activities. 
  • Wired and Wireless in one. This is fantastic, and in my opinion, it is a must-have feature for any Bluetooth headset. Seeing as these things run on battery, they are bound to run out of power at one point or another. Which really sucks if you are far away from home. What this does is that it allows you to plug in the jack stick that comes along with the headphones and simply continue listening.
  • Excellent battery time. Havit advertises a whopping 22 hours of active playing time which is insane. However, they are honestly not far off. The Havit I18 genuinely do have outstanding battery charges and only takes 2-4 hours to recharge fully.
  • Built-in mic. While on the surface it doesn’t look like the I18 has any microphone it offers hands-free-calling with decent quality. Although the receiver does not respond very well to harsh wind,
  • Very easy to set up. Merely activate Bluetooth on your phone and the headphones, and you are good to go.

The Bad

  • Occasional stutter, especially when low on battery. Like most wireless products, it does have a bit of an issue when it is low on power. Luckily it is rarely low, and even if it does run close, you can always attach the adjacent jack stick and run in the wired mode where you don’t have to worry about battery or connection.
  • Tight design can feel a bit rough on the ears. This is something you just have to get used to, but if you plan to use it for 4+ hours at a time, you will begin to feel a bit sore.
  • No surround sound.
  • Connection range is relatively short. You can freely walk around in the same room as your phone without losing the connection, but you will lose it pretty fast once you put a wall between the headphones and your phone/PC.

Final Verdict

If you want a pair of budget Bluetooth headphones that bring a LOT of value for your buck, then the Havit I18 is among the very best.

The sound quality is as good as it gets at this price range and it also comes with an array of very functional features. It is excellent for casually listening to tracks while on the bus but also works splendidly for active workout sessions.

I would recommend it to almost anyone, except hardcore audiophiles or people who are very sensitive about their ears.

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