Havit MS735 MMO Gaming Mouse Review – Affordable Beauty

Image of MMO mouse by Havit

Once again Havit proves that you don’t need an abundance of wealth to own nice gaming gear.¬†

Image of MMO mouse by Havit

MS735 Review Overview
7.8 / 10 Editors
The Good
+ Very affordable
+ Beautiful Design & LED
+ Customizable
+ Distinguishable
side buttons
The Bad
- Quite large for some
- Driver required for
LED customization
Review Score

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Massive Multiplayer Online games are not the biggest market in the gaming industry, but it might be the genre of games that benefit the most from custom designed gear, such as MMO mice. Today we are taking a look at Havit’s latest shot at the MMO mice market, the MS735.

Havit MMO Mouse: Review Summary

To those who are not familiar with Havit, they specialize in making qualitative gaming gear in the budget class. Being one of the few companies that focus more on the affordable price class rather than high-end they have come to master the craft.

While I would personally choose the Razer Naga or one of the other high-end MMO mice out there over the MS735, the difference is not as big as the price tag would suggest. At less than half the cost of most good MMO mice out there it is quite impressive what Havit has been able to craft with this budget solution to MMO gaming.

Much like a Razer mouse, Havit always have a high focus on creating a beautiful, yet functional products. The Havit MS735 comes with quite the LED light show on top of its very ergonomic design. The only downside to the LED lighting is that you need to install the adjacent driver to customize it. However, the baseline LED lighting runs a breathing duo-color design that looks good in almost any gaming setup.

The MS735 is not only surprisingly good-looking, but also quite functional. It uses the Pixart PMW 3360 sensor which is among the better sensors on the market. Making the mouse both reliable and precise. The mouse has a good polling rate and high acceleration capacities for a mouse of its price class.

The DPI can be easily changed with the DPI button on top of the mouse. Changing conveniently between 4 base mouse speeds. However, for the nerds out there the DPI can be customized even further if you choose to install the Havit driver.


Overall we were pleasantly surprised with the Havit MS735. It performs very well and looks great while doing. While it obviously can’t quite compete with the likes of the Razer Naga or Logitech G600, it is nowhere near their price level. So if you are on the lookout for a high ”value for money” MMO mouse, the Ms735 is among the very best on the market.

Massive multiplayer online mouseIn-depth Review: Performance

Keep in mind that this is a budget mouse and is reviewed as such.

Whenever I am testing a piece of budget gear I fear first and foremost for the performance and functionality. While my fears are often warranted, they luckily weren’t with the new Havit MMO mouse.

One of the most important things when it comes to any great gaming mouse is the sensor, and the Havit MS735 offers one of the best sensors of its price class. Which results in some great traction and overall performance.

Another vital aspect is speed and dpi. MS735 comes with four default DPI settings that are convenient and easy to switch between using the DPI button on top of the mouse. However, if you want to go beyond or below its max/min dpi setting, you will have to install the driver and customize it from there. While installing a driver is not preferable it does offer a lot of additional customization for those that like to geek out with their gear. That being said, the four default DPI settings are pretty great, and most gamers will not feel the urge to change them.

The DPI settings are also conveniently displayed by 4 LED lights showing which you are currently using. Giving you an excellent overview and makes it easier to find your favorite speed.

What about the MMO layout?

In the end, what makes or break an MMO mouse is the side buttons as it is what sets it apart from other gaming mice and give you an edge in MMO games.

The MS735 has 12 customizable macro buttons on offer which is honestly more than enough for almost any gamer.

If you are not used to MMO mice it might be a bit tough at first to distinguish the 12 keybindings. However, it is one of the easier to get used to in all honesty. Although the side buttons are not mechanical like on the Razer Naga, they are sturdy enough and require a decent amount of pressure to be triggered. Limiting the risk of misclicks during your gaming sessions. This also makes it easier to get used to the layout as a whole and tell each button apart.

Overall it is one of the better MMO button layouts we’ve tested so far.

Image of Havit MS MMo gaming mouse for PCLet’s get superficial: Design & Look

Very few companies offer the same amount of quality design per buck as Havit. While most of their products are in the ”affordable” category, they all have one thing in common. They look pretty damn fabulous.

Two factors contribute to the beautiful design of the MS735. The LED lighting and the ergonomic, yet cool looking shape.

LED Lighting

The LED lighting is divided into two here. By default, the MMO buttons, and DPI indicator lights have a constant blue LED color which is changeable with the Havit driver. While the brand and mouse wheel use separate breathing LED colors. This gives the mouse a great unique look and also makes sure you don’t have to settle for one specific color.

Keep in mind that all of this is customizable with the driver, so if you want it to fit your custom gaming setup you can do just that.

Design & Ergonomics

It uses the ”Logitech inspired” palm grip design which has almost become the industry standard. There is a reason it is so popular though. It is so damn comfortable. Because MMO mice are generally less comfortable than regular gaming mice seeing as they have to make room for the MMO layout, this mouse is incredibly ergonomic.

Quality Test: Oustanding Value for Money

Will it last for eight years like a high-end Logitech mouse? Likely not, but with Logitech being the Toyota of the gaming industry that is hardly a fair question. The mouse is very affordable but still, offer a very sturdy and comfortable design with high-quality keybindings and great design.

One thing is for sure. You get your money’s worth and then some when you purchase the Havit MMO mouse.

Final Thoughts: Among the best of its price class

This mouse goes straight to the top of my list of the best budget MMO mice, alongside the Reddragon M901 and Utechsmart Venus. Which is quite an honor as those are both outstanding mice.

It outperforms what is to be expected of a 30 dollar mouse, while also being both comfortable and very cool looking. As well as offering an array of customization through the Havit driver. All and all this is one of the best ”affordable” MMO mice on the market.

At the end of the day, it is still not a high-end mouse, and if you can afford it, I would still recommend the likes of the Razer Naga or Logitech G600 to anyone who doesn’t mind paying more to get the best of the best.

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