Havit MS794 Review – Excellent 20$ Gaming Mouse

Picture taking of my Havit ms774 gaming mouse

Picture taking of my Havit ms774 gaming mouse

Havit MS794
8 / 10 Editors
The Good
+ Oustanding value for money
+ Beautiful exterior & LED Lighting
+ Corded Wire
+ Easily adjustable DPI
The Bad
- Feels a tad heavy
- Also quite large
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Havit MS794 Review Summary

While everyone wants the best of the best, it is not everyone that can afford it. Luckily, there are usually some great, affordable alternatives to the high-end gear. And in the world of gaming gear, it is no different.

The Havit MS794 arrives in a compact and qualitative package, which already gives a decent amount of value for money ”feel” to it. It does not arrive with an array of additional gimmicks but it does have everything you need.

Design-wise, it is far superior to most budget mice. Especially when talking about the look of the mouse. It has a slick, black look which is nicely compensated by the breathing RGB LED lighting effects. Judging by pure looks, I would never guess it to be an actual budget mouse. However, looks aren’t everything, but the ergonomics of the mouse is not too shabby either. It has a natural palm-shaped design and a nice resting place for your ring and little finger. Making is ideal for palm grip use.

The MS794 is called a programmable mouse for a reason. It’s LED and dpi both have presets that can be easily adjusted on the mouse with no software needed. But if you want to really fool around with the settings you can also download the Havit software on their download page. Giving you more options on the keybindings, LED lighting and DPI.

With any budget product, there are bound to be some cons. The most noticeable ”flaws” with the MS794 is the weight and size of the mouse. This will differ from person to person, some will like it and for some, it might be a dealbreaker. Personally, I am used to the Logitech G502 and compared to that the MS794 feels a tad too heavy and also has a very broad design. When you consider the price, these are very minor flaws and it will not stop me from recommending it.

Verdict: It is an outstanding mouse for gamers on a budget. I would even argue that it is the best of its particular price class. It is not better than the SteelSeries Rival 100 which is probably my all-time favorite budget mouse but it is also considerably cheaper. So if you want a great gaming mouse for less than 25$, the Havit MS794 is the best around.

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Performance: Cheap but not Poor

If you are on the lookout for a gaming mouse it likely means that you care about your in-game performance. So when you hear the word ”budget” it probably makes you wonder whether or not the product is any good. Which is a smart thing to wonder since most cheap products are cheap for a reason. However, sometimes you come across a product that manages to perform at a decently high level and also have a very attractive price tag. The Havit MS794 is one of those products.

My expectations for this mouse were not high going in but I am happy to say that I was consistently pleasantly surprised during the testing period.

Plenty of DPI & Customization to go around

One of the things that a gamer might worry about when it comes to budget mice is the dpi and tracking capabilities. While neither are top-notch when compared to high-end mice such as the Logitech G Pro, it’s traction, acceleration and dpi far surpass most cheap mice out there.

The mouse has 6 dpi presets and ranges from incredibly slow and precise to insanely fast. So finding a preset that suits your game style should be easy enough. A nice touch was the dpi color indicator when you switch your dpi. Each preset has a specific color attached to it, making it very easy to remember your favorite dpi preset.

It uses an optical sensor which can sometimes cause issues with some mice but it splendidly during all the hours of testing. While the traction is not on par with the new Logitech or Steelseries sensor, it is rather precise.

Image of a great budget pc mouseDesign & Ergonomics – Strong and Sturdy

I feel like this is the aspect of the MS794 that will split opinions the most. It is above average in both weight and size, which some people will absolutely love as it makes it feel really qualitative. While others will feel it is too big and clunky. Personally, I lean most towards the ladder, as I am used to the Logitech G502, which is definitely more compact and light.

So if you really want a lightweight mouse this is not for you. However, if you care more about value for money than a few extra ounces, then I would certainly still recommend it to you. In the end, this is still a fantastic gaming mouse once you consider the price.

Big, yet great ergonomics

While the mouse is a tad too large and heavy it does do very well when it comes to comfort. It is clear that it was designed with palm-grip in mind, although it also works just fine with a claw grip. The left side of the mouse feels very inspired by the Razer Deathadder and Logitech G series, as it has that inward arc that makes it very comfortable for your thumb. Likewise, the right side has a very convenient outward design for your ring and little finger to rest on. Making it overall a very comfortable mouse to use, even during very long gaming sessions.

Thumb Buttons – Great but not perfect

The Havit MS794 has the standard issue double thumb button keybindings. They are placed directly above your thumb when you use the mouse. Which mean that you won’t accidentally press it but the forward button can also feel like it is a little too far away. This all comes down to what you are used to though. The mouse I use now have the thumb buttons placed almost directly at the position of your thumb. Making it very easy and fast to use but also easier to click by mistake. Overall I really like the design of the thumb buttons, although I would have liked to see a few extra buttons. That being said, most people will never use anything apart from the thumb buttons and regular left/right click so for most people it will be just fine.

Image of a cheap gaming mouse

Conclusion – Oustanding mouse on a budget

I would not recommend it if you are looking for the likes of the Logitech G502, Steelseries Rival 300 or Razer Deathadder, but I will recommend it over any other mouse in the same price range.

It is the most impressive gaming mouse I have ever tested for under 25$, which is really saying something with mice such as the Reddragon M901 out there.

It feels like Havit truly tried to make a great gaming mouse for the sake of people on a budget and not for the sake of having a budget option.

If you look for something to replace your old mouse but don’t want to do any real damage to your budget, this is the mouse for you.

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