Wonderfox HD Video Converter Factory Pro Review

Screenshot of Video converter software from Wonderfox

Screenshot from Wonderfox HD Video Converter Factory ProIt’s one of the most frustrating experiences you can have on the internet: finally getting the video you’ve wanted to watch on your computer, phone, or smart TV–only to find out it’s in the wrong format. Luckily, HD Video Converter Factory Pro is here to save the day!

When it comes to video converter software, there are a lot of options out there, from sketchy free websites to overpriced and complicated software suites. Luckily, there are a few good options out there, many of which offer free trials. HD Video Converter Factory Pro from Wonderfox is among these.

I’m always enthusiastic about companies that offer free trials of their products because it shows they stand behind what they do. However, this isn’t a review of Wonderfox’s business practices–it’s a review of HD Video Converter Factory Pro. Read on for my honest assessment based on both my firsthand experience and extensive research.

HD Video Converter Factory Pro can be downloaded from the Official Wonderfox site.

Versions of HD Video Converter Factory Pro by Wonderfox

Before I break down what works and what doesn’t about this software, let’s take a look at the different versions.

 Free Trial1 Year License Lifetime LicenseLifetime License Package
Functionality:Limited, but great for trying out the software to see if you like itFull functionalityFull functionalityFull functionality
Conversion Speed:LimitedUp to 50% faster for most formatsUp to 50% faster for most formatsUp to 50% faster for most formats
Devices:1 (although it’s free, so you can download as many as you want)113

Free trial

This is the version I started with when I first needed a video converter, and it’s what led me to write an HD Video Converter Factory Pro review in the first place. It’s a great way to try the software out for yourself to see if you like the user interface and are impressed with its array of conversion formats, but it is pretty seriously limited:

Slower conversion speeds
Limits on functionality, like only being able to convert video in 5-minute clips at a time

Single year license

This version unlocks full functionality and top conversion speeds for one year, on one device. It also gets you any upgrades that come out in the year of your license, along with technical support (by email and ticketing).

I’d most recommend this version of the software to those who won’t use the product often but are still in need of video conversion every now and again.

Lifetime license

This is probably the most frequently bought version of Wonderfox’s software. For just a small increase in price, it gets you all of the benefits of the single year license for life on one device.

I recommend this license to those of you looking to do serious video conversion with some frequency.

Lifetime license package

While this one is the best deal, its extra value won’t necessarily apply to everyone. This package gets you the full benefits of the lifetime license for up to 3 devices.

I recommend this one to families and businesses who need a top performing video converter on multiple devices.

HD Video Converter Factory Pro – Tested & Reviewed

Screenshot of Video converter software from WonderfoxAs interesting as the differences between the versions of the software are, I know why you’re really here: for the review.

While there’s no better review than trying the free trial version for yourself, I have noted the biggest benefits and drawbacks of the product here. First, let’s talk about some of the features that HD Video Converter Factory Pro offers to set itself apart from the competition.

Huge Array of File Formats

A video converter is no good if it won’t convert your file to the file type you need. Luckily, HD Video Converter Factory Pro offers over 300 file types.

Keep in mind that you probably won’t need all of those, but that this software may just be the most likely to offer exactly what you need. In addition to your standard video formats (MP4, UHD, etc.), this conversion suite offers all the major audio formats (MP3, FLAC) and several device-specific formats for iPhones, smart TVs, and more.

That means that you’ll be able to play all of your content in virtually any setting after you’ve let this software work its magic. However, keep in mind that HD Converter Factory Pro itself only runs on Windows.

While that’s one of the bigger drawbacks to this product in my view, it’s not a dealbreaker for most people, who have access to at least one Windows device.

Great Conversion Speed

This is one of the fastest video converters I’ve ever seen, and it’s not just me. A lot of space in quite a few HD Video Converter Factory Pro reviews is taken up raving about the conversion speed.

It’ll convert to most formats in mere minutes. While it takes a bit longer to convert to seriously high definition formats like UHD, it still beats out most of the competition by a wide margin.

Video Editing and Downloading

While HD Video Converter Factory Pro is definitely a conversion tool first and foremost, it does offer a few video downloading and editing features.

While you certainly won’t be able to make a movie with this software, bumping the volume up or down is easy to achieve, and you can even change the output resolution of your video. One of the best aspects of this software is that it really puts you in control.

The video downloading feature is a nice plus. Be warned, however, that it’s a bit more finicky than the rest of the software’s offerings due to the difficulty of downloading video from major sites like YouTube. While it’s definitely helpful in a pinch, getting some dedicated download software is your best bet if you plan to download a large number of videos from sites like YouTube.

Simple, Yet Powerful

One of my favorite things about HD Video Converter Factory Pro is actually it’s extraordinarily simple, self-explanatory user interface. Virtually anyone who knows how to use a mouse can run this software, but it still packs all the power of much more complicated software suites.

Even if you do have difficulty using it, particularly when it comes to the advanced features, there are great tutorials right in the software, and tech support is always just an email away.

Wonderfox HD Video Converter Factory Pro screenshot

The Good & The Bad

  • Offers conversion to over 300 formats including multiple common audio and video formats along with phone-specific formats
  • Extremely fast conversion speeds
  • Also offers compression, along with a few simple video editing features
  • Offers video downloading features
  •  Simple, self-explanatory, and clean looking user interface (UI)
  •  Support and upgrades for life
  • A bit slower when converting to UHD and other extremely high definition formats, though it compares well to similar products on the market
  •  Video downloading features do come with some limitations

Simple, self-explanatory, and clean looking user interface (UI)
Support and upgrades for life

I hope you’ve enjoyed this HD Video Converter Factory Pro review! What are your experiences with this product like? Did I miss any important pros or cons? Let me know in the comments!



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