HyperX Cloud 2 Review – Even Better Than the First!

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The HyperX Cloud 2 manages to be perfectly optimized for both immersion and competitive gaming at the same time. 


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Review Overview
9 / 10 Editors
The Good
+ Outstanding virtual surround sound
+ Crisp and clear sound quality
+ Incredibly comfortable
+ Ideal for team communication
The Bad
- Wire tends to tangle a bit
- Not many customization options
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The first HyperX headset singlehandedly made HyperX the brand it is today. Not only was it incredibly popular but is still often praised as one of the best gaming headsets of all time.

It is not easy to make a successful sequel to something that almost perfect. However, HyperX managed to do just that with the Cloud 2.

I apologize in advance for having trouble coming up with much negative to say.

HyperX Cloud 2 – Review Summary

It is evident that HyperX recognized the genius of the original Cloud headset and didn’t try to change too much but instead improve on the already fantastic headset. So if you liked the original HyperX Cloud, then you will love the sequel.

The overall design and shape are kept more or less the same. The build is very flexible and qualitative at the same time. Meaning it fit virtually any size and head shape and is incredibly comfortable at the same time.

So while the quality and ergonomics remain faithful to the original headset, what about the performance? Well, the drivers got a noticeable upgrade, the surround sound went virtual, and the audio box and microphone got some improvements in the user-friendliness department. In short, the already excellent sound system of the HyperX Cloud just got even better.

On top of the primary stuff, there have also been made a few minor improvements. Such as changeable earpads, a digital enhancement to the microphone and improved passive noise cancellation.



The Cloud 2 headset from HyperX is a true testament to their perfectionistic work ethics and standards. The first Cloud headset was very close to a perfect product, but HyperX still saw areas which they wanted to improve on and chose to act on it.

Unless you are looking at headsets way above its price class, the HyperX Cloud 2 provides some of the very best audio and surround sound experiences money can buy. On top of its top-tier performance, it also has one of the most comfortable designs on the entire market and can be worn for hours on end without causing fatigue.

Truly one of the best gaming headsets ever produced and we recommend it to any gamer for any gaming system.


Image of gaming headset by HyperXPerformance – Audio & Surround Sound

Let us start by getting the essential part of the review out of the way. The performance.

Sound Quality

This is one of the ways that the HyperX Cloud 2 perform well above almost all headsets of its price class.

With its 53mm neodymium magnet drivers, it offers a much clearer and crisp sound quality than most. It is tuned perfectly for game sounds which is what makes gaming with this headset so incredibly immersive, especially with the virtual surround sound turned on.

It is clear to us that the headset is focused on improving the gaming experience which is what makes it great. However, it is also mean that it is not finely tuned for music listening. Don’t get me wrong, the quality is there so listening to music with the Cloud 2 is very enjoyable indeed. But it lacks the customization to make it a genuinely great headset for music.

Surround Sound – 7.1 Virtual

While it is a bit less handy at times that the surround sound is connected to a USB audio box instead of just a regular jack. It is what gives it an edge over other. The audio box provides the headphones with more processing power than you could ever fit in a regular jack wire.

The quality of surround sound is something we rarely talk much about, as surround sound is often about having it or not. However, with its 7.1 virtual surround sound, you can instantly feel that this is not your run-of-the-mill surround sound. The virtual surround sound provides excellent and high-quality audible feedback which not only sound incredible but also give you all the information you need in a tense gaming situation.

So whether you want a new headset to improve your immersion in-game or to increase your awareness and in-game performance, the Cloud 2 from HyperX is an ideal choice. The directional sound of the surround sound is truly astonishing, and you will be harder than ever for your enemies to sneak up on.

Microphone – TeamSpeak Certified

While not as important to most gamers, the microphone quality is incredibly crucial in any team-oriented game, such as MOBA’s, FPS and MMO’s. In other words, it makes a huge difference in many of the most prominent game genres out there.

The HyperX Cloud 2 uses a phenomenal directional microphone with noise and echo cancellation features. Noise cancellation is a feature that is too often poorly done but HyperX uses an inline sound card to perfect this feature, and it works splendidly.

The mic quality is crisp and of very high quality. In fact, it is one of the few that you could use as a streamer and Youtuber without fearing the quality. Whereas usually, I would always recommend getting a separate PC microphone.

It is easy to see why this headset is TeamSpeak certified. It provides you with the ideal conditions for excellent communication with your team.

We also really liked how the microphone is plugged directly into the headset via a jack. This makes it so easy to unplug if you want to play without a mic sitting in front of your face for a while.

Image of HyperX Cloud 2 headphones for PC

Ergonomics – Comfort & Design

While high-quality audio and surround sound is what makes a headset great, none of it matter if the ergonomics are all wrong. Luckily, HyperX has perfected the recipe for comfort long ago.

Design & Quality

Not much has changed since the first Cloud headphones, and that is a good thing. The skeleton and overall design philosophies have remained more or less the same. Which mean that it will fit basically any person without feeling stretched out.

The only real difference from the first is that some of the fabrics have been upgraded and feel more qualitative than ever. And it manages to maintain an excellent level of quality while also being incredibly flexible and feel very comfortable.

Comfort & Ergonomics

The Cloud 2 has been designed to provide comfort and support in all the right places without getting overly soft. This is achieved by aiding the two parts of the headset that is constantly in contact with our head.

The headband has been braided and supported by a high-quality leatherette pillow which eliminates fatigue entirely. While the ear cups has received some upgrades in the form of memory foam and fabric of your choice. As it comes with two distinct ear pads. One is velour and the other leatherette.

Most importantly. You can wear the HyperX Cloud 2 for hours on end without feeling a sense of fatigue or strain. This is not as important to the casual gamers but is an absolute must for the more serious players that practice and play several hours each day.

Picture of what comes in the box


Features & Specifications

Let us take a look under the hood and see what kind of horsepower the HyperX Cloud 2 is sporting.

  • Virtual Surround Sound: There is a real difference between this and regular surround sound as it provides better audible feedback and a more immersive feel.
  • 53mm Neodymium Driver: Compared to the regular 50mm drivers that you see in most headsets of this price class this provides a slightly more explicit audio experience.
  • Echo & Noise Cancellation: The headphones have a high-end sound card which provides it with some of the best echo and noise cancellation on the market.
  • TeamSpeak Certifed: The Cloud 2 was produced to be the ideal headset for competitive gaming and thus is perfect for team communication.

These features are what takes the HyperX Cloud 2 from great to amazing, and you will have to look well above its price class to find a gaming headset with as excellent a performance.

I don’t have many complaints about the HyperX Cloud 2, but no piece of pc equipment is perfect, and I do have a few cons worth mentioning.

The wire has a tendency to get tangled up after some time, which can be very annoying. However, this is a pervasive issue among headsets and apparently one that the gaming companies struggle to fix efficiently. That being said, the wire can easily be untangled by unplugging the headset from the HyperX audio box and then stretching it for five seconds.

The last issue we had with the HyerX Cloud 2 is a minor one, but in the name of equality, it is probably worth mentioning. The surround sound is provided through the audio box, which can only be used via USB. So if you wish to use your Cloud 2 headset with your PlayStation 4 controller, then you won’t get the full surround sound experience. Although, if you don’t mind the wire you can just plug it directly into the PS4.

Image of HyperX headhponesFinal Thoughts – A Competitive & Immersive Wonder

The HyperX Cloud is one of the most well-rounded gaming headsets on the market, and it is easily the best of its price range. Not because it is cheap but because it is just that good.

These headphones are first and foremost made for serious competitive gamers that seek to increase their performance. As both the audio and microphone has been optimized for communication and in-game information. Such as footsteps in a specific direction.

Luckily, this also means that it is tuned correctly for ambient sounds, which is what gives you that immersive feel. So they are not only great for competitive games such as League of Legends or Overwatch, but they also work incredibly well in immersive games like The Witcher 3 and World of Warcraft.

In short, if any gamer asked me for the perfect headset and I knew nothing of his preferences and budget. I would always recommend the HyperX Cloud 2. It is indeed the ideal all-purpose gaming headpiece.

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