Logitech Brio Stream 4k Edition Review

Image of my Logitech Brio Stream webcam

Image of my Logitech Brio Stream webcam

-The Brio Stream 4k Edition is a capable and easy-to-use webcam for people that want to take their stream or content creation to the next level.

The Good

  •  Fits very firmly onto any monitor
  •  Very easy to set up
  •  A lot of customization through the Logitech Capture software
  •  Tuned perfectly for streaming

The Bad

  • Pricey
  •  Microphone quality is not on par with video quality

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If you have a stream or Youtube channel that you want to take serious, then the Brio 4K Stream Edition is one to consider. It is a high-end webcam with a premium feel that fits firmly and securely on top of just about any monitor. Finely tuned for streaming and content creation it can capture 1920p at a smooth 60 fps or 4k at 30 fps.

The Brio Stream is easily adjusted through the Logitech Capture software that allows you to alter anything from resolution, Hz, fps, to filters and field of view. Its baseline settings are ideal for most streamers, and it works well as a simple plug-and-play webcam.

The microphone on the Brio Stream is also well above your average webcam microphone but still not up to the standards of serious streaming or content creation. So if you take your craft seriously, I would really recommend getting a standalone microphone or a gaming headset with a good mic.

The Brio Stream is one of the best webcams for streamers and video creators that want to take the quality of their content to the next level.

Brio Stream 4k Edition – Video & Camera Quality

The Brio Stream 4k Edition offers exceptional video and camera quality that is more than enough to satisfy streams of almost any size. It is not before you reach a viewership well into the thousands I’d say that you need to upgrade from the Brio Stream. At which point you can certainly afford one of the more extravagant options.

You can choose anywhere between 24-60 fps, and at 60 fps you are still able to keep sharp HD recording that will give your stream or videos a quality feel. You can also opt-in for 30 fps and get the full UHD video image quality. Thirty fps might not sound like much, but the image still looks incredibly smooth, and as long as you are not overly active on your stream or videos I’d recommend going for the 4k setting.

In the Logitech Capture software, you can also adjust just about anything. While the webcam works really well as a simple plug-and-use cam, it is also an excellent pick for people that like to tinker with advanced settings.

Microphone – Good, but not quite good enough

The microphone quality is quite good compared to other webcams of this price range, and it might be sufficient for brand new streamers.

That said, the Brio Stream webcam is for creators that want to record quality content and for that the microphone just doesn’t cut it.

If you take your stream of video creation seriously enough to buy this webcam, then I would also recommend getting a good microphone or at the least a headset with a quality mic.



The materials and overall quality of the Brio Stream are fantastic. The webcam itself has a very sturdy and durable feel to it, and it sits securely onto any monitor we tested it on.

Durability is rarely essential when it comes to webcams, but it is nice to know that it could drop off the screen without taking any real damage.

Made for Streaming – 12 months Xsplit Premium

It is not only the baseline settings are not the only indicator that this webcam was made for streaming. It also comes with a 12-month premium license to Xsplit, the best-paid streaming software on the market.

The Brio Stream webcam is the perfect choice for people that want to get into streaming or current streamers that want to up their game.

Final Verdict – The Perfect Streaming Choice

Image of Logitech Brio Stream webcamThe Brio Stream 4K Edition is explicitly created for streamers and content creators, and it shows. The baseline settings, as well as the array of customization, is ideally suited for streams – and the smooth, high-quality image is perfect for serious streamers.

The only two negatives about this webcam are the microphone and pricing. Both of which you can’t really complain about too much.

The price is well above your average webcam, but it is what you will have to pay if you want to give streaming a serious shot. That said, for brand new streamers it is a bit unnecessary, and I’d recommend a cheaper option if you just want to test the waters.

The microphone is also not bad by any means, but it does not live up to the video quality of the webcam, so you might have to spend some additional money if you don’t already have a standalone microphone or a good headset.

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