Logitech G PowerPlay Wireless Charging System Review – Is It Worth It?

Image of Logitech G PowerPlay mouse pad

Image of Logitech G Powerplay charging system

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The Logitech G Powerplay Mouse Pad is a wireless charging system that keeps your wireless Logitech mice fully charged at all times while playing.

Effectively removing the last negative part of wireless gaming mice and making it more convenient than ever.

However, the only real downside is that it’s likely the most expensive mousepad you will ever buy.

So, the obvious question is this; is it worth the price tag?

To figure that out, we first need to look at what you are getting with the G Powerplay Wireless Charging System.

The Good

  • The wireless charging and connection works perfectly
  • Comes with both a soft cloth surface and a hard mousepad surface
  • Easy to setup
  •  Looks great with the LED lighting

The Bad

  •  Pricey
  •  The default charging system for the newest Logitech mice is already great
  •  Only comes in one size

What you get with the Logitech G Powerplay Mouse Pad

  • 1x Powerplay mousepad base that charges our mouse continuously while playing(321 mm length / 344 mm width / 43 mm depth).
  • 1x soft cloth mousepad surface.
  • 1x hard mouse pad surface.
  • 1x integrated Lightspeed wireless receiver.
  • 1x power core module that converts your mouse.

You are getting two high-quality large mouse pads that allow you to choose between whichever surface you prefer, hard or soft. I really like this as I do switch between the two when playing different games.

That said, you are not paying this much for two mousepads no matter the quality. You are paying for the convenience of a wireless charging system.

So how well does it actually work?

Continuous Wireless Charging – Does it work?

Image of Logitech G PowerPlay mouse padThe Logitech G Powerplay Mousepad might be pricey, but it also does everything it promises to do to perfection.

Once you plug the mousepad into your computer and add the Powerplay receiver into your mouse, you are good to go. It keeps your mouse charged regularly, and you never have to worry about charging it manually ever again.

This was a big deal for me as I tend to wait until the last minute before I charge my mouse, so to never have to worry about it is a massive plus for me. That said, if you don’t play a lot or always remember to plug in your mouse when you are not using it, then this won’t be as big of a deal for you.

However, the convenience that the Logitech G PowerPlay Mousepad provides is undeniable.

The Problems – The default charging is already excellent

Image of wireless charging mousepadIt is ironic how one of the biggest reasons that it might now be worth it is because the battery and wireless charging are already so good in the newest Logitech mice.

The battery in mice like that G502 Lightspeed and G Pro Wireless is already able to last up to around 50 hours while playing and charging them fully only takes a few hours. Furthermore, these mice can charge while playing with their wired mode, which means that the default charging system is already convenient.

It is worth noting that while in the wired mode, it doesn’t play as well since the wire does get in the way and can be annoying.

Nevertheless, the fact that the default charging system is so good with the PowerPlay compatible mice does take away some of the value-for-money of the mousepad.

Other Issues – Only select models and no extended version

The PowerPlay Wireless Charging System does only work with newer models as they need to be compatible with the cutting-edge technology. So if you don’t already own one of the mice, it will be quite expensive to buy both a new mouse and the PowerPlay mousepad.

That said, I am confident that every new wireless mouse from Logitech will be compatible, and this is only an issue while the mousepad is relatively new.

Compatible mice

  • G703
  • G903
  • G Pro Wireless
  • G502 Lightspeed

I would also really like to see Logitech provide us with more sizes. I personally really enjoy extended mouse pads that cover most of my desk but seeing as I am currently using the G Pro Wireless I have to settle for a standard large version.

Final Thoughts – Is it worth it?

This really comes down to three things; How highly do you value convenient wireless charging, how is your budget looking and how up-to-date is the rest of your gaming setup.

If you are sporting a 10-year-old, non-mechanical keyboard or perhaps old headphones, then I would definitely recommend you invest in those things before this mousepad.

The Logitech G PowerPlay Wireless Charging System is the perfect gadget for the well-equipped gamer that wants to optimize his or her setup. The core functions of the mousepad work to perfection, and the amount of convenience it provides is fantastic.

So, if you feel like you have it in your budget to spend this amount of money on a mousepad and if the core parts of your gaming setup are up to date, then I would recommend it. It is an excellent gadget, and the quality of the product is up to the very high standards of Logitech G gear in general.

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