Logitech G Pro Wireless – Most Powerful Wireless Gaming Mouse Today

Image of pro player holding Logitech G Pro Wireless

Image of pro player holding Logitech G Pro Wireless

– Excellent

The G Pro Wireless is the most ambitious piece of Logitech gaming gear to come out in over a decade as a wireless mouse that aims to satisfy the needs of even the most hardened Esports players.

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The Good

  • Can match even the most renowned wired mouse in terms of performance
  • Ultra-lightweight & comfortable
  •  Stuffed full of high-end features such as Lightspeed, Powerplay & the Hero 16K Sensor
  •  Has a very simplistic but stylish design with beautiful LED lighting

The Bad

  •  Pricey

G Pro Wireless Review Summary

While the price tag on the G Pro Wireless might be enough to scare off most casual gamers it is not hard to see why the price is above your everyday gaming mouse. It is rare in on itself to see a wireless mouse being filled with such high-end specifications as the G Pro Wireless but it is even more rare to see a wireless mouse use those features to its utmost potential.

Logitech succeeds in their mission of creating a wireless gaming mouse that can compete with even high-end wired competitors and live up to the high standards of professional gamers.

The exterior of the G Pro Wireless works just as well as the interior and not only does its clean and slick design look incredible, but it also feels fantastic. It’s relatively simplistic design works in perfect correlation with its ultra-lightweight materials to give it a comfortable and smooth feel.

The Logitech G Pro Wireless is not just one of the best wireless gaming mice we have ever tested but one of the best gaming mice, period. It manages to break the mole when it comes to wireless gaming gear. Its outstanding battery lifetime, seamless performance and comfortable grip make sense of its hefty price tag.

In-Depth Look at the G Pro Wireless

Image of G Pro mouse from LogitechPerformance & Features

Through my years testing gaming gear I have never recommended a wireless mouse over its wired competitors. However, the G Pro Wireless is no ordinary cordless mouse; it is the peak of PC peripheral technology even the most high-end wired devices will be hard-pressed to compete with Logitech’s new wonder toy.

So, what makes the G Pro Wireless Performance so unique?

Well, it’s a culmination of factors. Logitech sat down with over 50 professional esport players to help them develop the ultimate mouse for competitive gaming, and it shows. It is not just that it has the most advanced technology of any Logitech mouse behind it, but also it’s an ambidextrous and lightweight design that work together to give you a real edge in-game.

Concerning specific technology, the G Pro Wireless has it all. It uses the Hero Gaming Sensor which is currently one of, if not the most powerful and precise sensor on the market, capable of tracking up to 400 IPS with up to 16.000 DPI, which means that no matter how fast you may be this mouse will not stutter for even a moment. On top of this, it also boasts all cutting-edge technology that you might expect from a mouse in this price class. This includes zero-smoothing, filtering, and acceleration, as well as well as Logitech’s critically acclaimed Lightspeed wireless tech that provides you with seamless connectivity and a 1-millisecond response rate.

Never Have Cutting the Cord Granted so Much Freedom

Although there are obvious upsides to cutting the cord, such as no wire drag, more range, etc. there have almost always been more downsides than upsides to wireless mice. However, the regular issues such as connectivity issues, stutter, and battery lifetime are all non-existent in the G Pro Wireless.

Lightspeed technology is one of the most reliable and consistent in the market and even at low power, you will not experience any stutter or connection issues. All the while the Lipo batteries offer up to 48 hours of constant use which should be more than enough to compete at most tournaments or LAN events. Furthermore, if you do manage to run low on power, it only takes about 1 hour to charge it all the way, and it can even be used while charging.
If that is not enough for you, it is also Powerplay compatible which mean that if you don’t mind spending a bit of extra money on a PowerPlay mouse pad, you will never have to worry about power again as the mouse will seamlessly charge via the mouse mat itself.

  • Image of G Pro wireless for PC

Design & Ergonomics

The effectiveness of the G Pro Wireless doesn’t just come from the powerful specifications and features, but also it’s an incredibly comfortable and lightweight design that makes the G Pro Wireless such an absolute joy to use.

The mouse weighs in at a mere 80 grams, all the while maintaining a definite feel of quality and durability. This makes quick reflex plays almost effortless and provides you with one of the smoothest mice on the market to maneuver.

Its design is fully ambidextrous and fits into almost any palm and grip size, and it even comes with replaceable side buttons that make it genuinely ambidextrous for any gamer. All the while being very comfortable to use, which is in no small part is due to its lightweight and quality materials.

The ambidextrous design is complemented by it’s very minimalistic but a slick black surface design that gives it a professional look to it. As you might expect from most high-end mice, its illuminated logo has full RGB LED lighting which means that you can adjust it to any pattern and color you might want with the Logitech software. If you don’t like to play around with the software, do not worry, it’s default breathing LED light looks great.

Quality & Durability

One might worry that the mouse feels or is on the squishy side when it weighs in at only 80 grams but that is far from the case. Its materials and skeleton might be thin, but it is also very sturdy and has a sturdy feel to it.

While the buttons themselves use a mechanical button spring and will is tested to endure up to about 50 million clicks, so while the mouse is definitely on the expensive side, you do get excellent quality for your buck.

So, is it worth the money?

Really the only truly negative thing to mention about the G Pro Wireless is regarding its price tag. There is no beating around the bush, it is a costly device, and most casual gamers will probably not want to spend that much on a gaming mouse.

That said if you take gaming seriously and wish to compete at the highest level, a high-end gaming mouse will help you get there. It is not that you need to dish out 100 plus dollars to succeed competitively, but it will undoubtedly give you an edge.

Compared to its peers, such as the SteelSeries Sensei and Razer Mamba Wireless it is not that much more expensive, but it is a lot better. So if you want the best of the best and gaming is a bit more than a hobby to you, then I would argue that the G Pro Wireless is money well spent.

Image of wireless Logitech Mouse proFinal Verdict – Most Powerful Wireless Mouse on the Market

While you can find cheaper, wired solutions that have a comparable performance there is no way around the fact that this is the most powerful and well crafted wireless gaming mouse on the market today.

The Lightspeed connection and Hero Gaming Sensor is an absolutely lethal combination, and together with its lightweight design and ton of other high-end features, it manages to master every field of what makes a great gaming mouse. Precision, speed, comfort, and quality.

No matter how fantastic the Logitech G Pro Wireless is it is impossible to ignore its price tag, and I still would not recommend it for the more casual gamers unless you don’t mind the price. However, I would recommend it to any serious player that seeks to improve his or her in-game performance. It really does make a difference to have this kind of technology on your side, and you will feel a considerable difference in precision and overall feel even if you are already used to gaming mice.

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