Logitech G Pro X Review – Logitech’s Best Headset Yet

Picture of my Logitech G PRO X gaming headset

Picture of my Logitech G PRO X gaming headset

– The new G Pro X headset from Logitech shows that they are learning from their mistakes and with it, they have finally managed to create a gaming headset that can compete with the best on the market. It is Logitech’s best gaming headset yet and it innovates on both design and performance compared to older Logitech headsets.

The Good

  •  Design is incredibly comfortable
  •  Exceptional microphone quality
  •  Excellent surround sound
  •  Great positional audio
  •  Very high quality feel

The Bad

  • Cord gets easily entangled
  •  You have to install G Hub to use the headset to its fullest(surround sound, Blue microphone, etc.)

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Logitech have been making exceptional mice and keyboards for over a decade but headsets have never been their strong suit. However, that might be about to change with the release of the G Pro X as it significantly improves on the issues that most previous Logitech headsets have had.

It is clear that Logitech took inspiration from the industry leaders when designing the G Pro X, such as HyperX and Steelseries.

The design is much nicer and more comfortable than previous Logitech headsets, and the drivers and overall sound quality has also seen a significant upgrade. It feels like the superb quality product that we have come to expect from Logitech when it comes to mice and keyboards.

The steel and aluminum build feels incredibly durable and combined with the excellent padding gives the headset a real luxury feel that remains comfortable for hours on end.

In terms of performance, it is also a major step up from the previous G Pro model that had several issues. The surround sound and overall audio quality are excellent and provide you with good directional audio. The most significant upgrade comes with the microphone which has been developed using the industry-leading technology of Blue Microphones which they acquired last year. This provides you with exceptionally clear in-game communication and voice quality that works for streaming and video-creation as well.

The G Pro X lives up to its name and excels when it comes to positional audio and voice quality, both vital for high-end competitive gaming. Logitech has improved on their previous models in almost every way and is finally giving HyperX and Steelseries a run for their money.

Image of Logitech G Pro X headsetDesign – Pro X, as in HyperX

As a longtime user of the HyperX Cloud headset series, it is impossible for me not to draw parallels between it and the new G Pro X. Which is a huge compliment.

I have long regarded the HyperX Cloud 2 as one of the most well-designed headsets on the market. Se to see Logitech take inspiration from HyperX while still making the design their own is a pleasure.

The steel and aluminum design of the headband feels and looks very similar to the Cloud 2 headset but does have noticeable differences and even improvements in some regards. The design is a bit more compact, which gives it a firm, yet comfortable feel while also improving sound isolation.

While I enjoyed the more compact and tight design of the G Pro X, I imagine some people will find it a tad too tight.

The earcups are also more compact than that of the Cloud 2 but still leaves more than enough room for the ears, but it does somewhat limit breathability. If you enjoy excellent sound isolation and complete immersion, then I imagine you will love the design of the G PRO X.

Image of HyperX Cloud & Logitech G PRO X

The detachable microphone is also easily adjustable and never really gets in the way of your comfort.

My only complaint with the design is with the wire. While it is fully braided and feels qualitative, it does get easily entangled after some time, and you will occasionally have to straighten it out. This is probably the most common issue with gaming headsets though and especially among those with braided wires.

Quality & Looks – Professional indeed

The quality is up there with the best of them, and you will be hard-pressed to find a more qualitative headset in this price range.

Everything from the steel frame to the premium padding on the headphones feels very luxurious, and I think that you get a lot of quality for your buck with the G Pro X headset.

The headset has an incredibly slick and professional look that doesn’t look too much like a gamer headset. It strikes the perfect balance between gaming hardware and fashionable headphones.

The steel logo on the earcups is what takes it to that next level. It looks beautiful and adds a lot to that quality feel.

What’s in the box? UNBOXING

Performance – Made for pro’s, works for everyone

It is not only the exterior that has seen a significant overhaul compared to the old G Pro headset. The performance has also seen considerable improvements over its predecessor.

Unlike the old version, the new Pro X has been optimized for professional gaming while still maintaining a highly enjoyable experience for everyday gamers. The new next-gen 7.1 object-based surround sound which provides excellent positional audio but also a high level of immersion. Making it an excellent choice for both competitive FPS gamers and more casual players that enjoy immersing themselves in an RPG or action game.

The sound clarity is also fantastic and works perfectly together with the surround sound to create an exceptional gaming experience. The audio quality also makes it very easy to pick up on environmental cues, which really helps you out on a competitive level.

Microphone – Second-to-none

In 2018, Logitech purchased the Blue Microphone company, and they are finally banking on that purchase with the microphone technology used in this headset.

Blue is famous for making some of the best PC microphones on the market, and particularly the Yeti is a favorite among content creators and streamers.

So with the G Pro X headset, Logitech is using all of the expertise and technology of the Blue company to their advantage. This gives the G Pro X a definite edge over other headsets, and I’d go so far as to say it is the best headset microphone I have tested in this price range.

So if you tend to play multiplayer games or hang out with your friends over on Discord, then I would highly recommend the Logitech G Pro X. Especially if you enjoy competitive games.

Picture of the new G PRO X headsetCustomization – A specification geeks’ dream

This headset audio and microphone can be customized and adjusted in an endless number of ways that allows you to personalize your experience in an entirely new way. The headset functions well enough without G Hub installed, but I would highly recommend installing it as it is required to activate critical features such as surround sound, Blue microphone, and more.

Audio customization

One of my biggest complaints about the headset is how G Hub is required for many of the basic features. However, if you do decide to install G Hub, it takes the audio experience from good to superb.

The surround sound is extraordinary, both in terms of positional audio but also when it comes to immersion. I’d recommend anyone who buys this headset to get G Hub right away, and the surround sound makes such a huge difference.

You can also choose between a few preset DTS Stereo modes and of course, change the baseline volume and bass power. You can also choose between a few preset modes, which include MOBA, FPS, and specific settings from professional players.

Microphone customization

Screenshot of G Hub software

The microphone is where the customization starts to kick off.

Once you activate the Blue technology, you can make countless alterations to both sound quality, feel, and input/output level. In the advanced controls, you can make adjustments to everything from filters, noise reduction, expanders, to compressor, and frequencies. If you know your way around these settings, you will be able to create one of the most personalized experiences out of any headset on the market.

If all this seems a bit overwhelming, don’t worry, the microphone also has numerous preset profiles.

Again, you can choose to use specific professional settings like the G2 or London Spitfire preset, and if that is not your style then you can choose from the Original Blue Voice profiles. Such as broadcaster, Radio FM, and many more.

You can test the voice easily while messing around with these settings and it is a lot of fun even for people with no prior understanding of audio specifications.

Image of Logitech G Pro mouse and headsetFinal Thoughts – Our favorite Logitech headset to date

The Logitech G Pro X has such a broad array of tools at its disposal and can perform excellently for both competitive players and the more casual gamer.

The new design is comfortable, very easy on the eyes, and feels incredibly qualitative.

Logitech has finally released a headset that can compete with the best on the market like Sennheiser, HyperX, and Steelseries.

My only two complaints are the entanglement of the wire during long gaming sessions and the fact that G Hub is required for the headset to really shine.


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