Logitech G Pro X Wireless Review

Picture of my Logitech G PRO X gaming headset


-Logitech finally released a wireless version of their popular G Pro X headset, and it’s everything we hoped. With the same focus on comfort, sound quality, and exceptional microphone performance, the G Pro X Wireless became an instant favorite of mine.

The Good

    • Flawless wireless connection
    • Great battery life
    • Incredibly qualitative & comfortable design
    • Strong sound quality

    The Bad

    • Pricey

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    Ever since Logitech introduced their Lightspeed Wireless technology a few years back, they have had a clear recipe for success; take one of their most popular wired products and infuse it with the wireless Lightspeed tech. It worked with the G502, it worked with the G915, and it certainly worked with the G Pro X.

    Although the headset is sporting excellent sound quality, the show’s real star is the Blue tech microphone. Logitech’s implementation of Blue Microphone’s technology in their headsets have resulted in some of the clearest, most customizable, and highest quality headset mic’s on the market. Bringing it surprisingly close to the performance and quality you get with high-end stand-alone microphones. Making it ideal for gamers that spent a lot of time on Discord with their friends or enjoy competitive gaming where communication is paramount.

    Last but not least, the G Pro X is incredibly comfortable, despite using a slightly more compact fitted design than most other headsets. The aluminum fork and stainless steel headband equipped with amble cushioning and padding come together beautifully to create a qualitative and incredibly comfortable headset.

    Logitech knocked it out of the park with the G Pro X Wireless and provided a much higher value for your buck than most wireless headsets in the 200 dollar price range.

    Logitech G Pro X – A masterclass in design

    Image of Logitech G Pro X headset

    Logitech has always been well-known for creating some of the most ergonomic mice and keyboard options. However, until the release of the G Pro X, they had always struggled when it came to achieving the same excellence with their headsets. Unlike earlier Logitech headsets that tend to be large and clunky or small and uncomfortable, this headset is a real masterclass in design.
    The tightly fitted steel headband ensures that the headset sits securely on your ears while the memory foam padding ensures that it’s still comfortable to wear for hours-on-end.
    But the G Pro X Wireless is not just comfortable. It also has an incredibly professional and clean look, a look that oozes with quality and performance. Unlike most other gaming headsets, the clean look makes it the type of headphones you can comfortably wear on the bus or when going for a walk without looking completely out of place. Detach the microphone, and you have an excellent pair of headphones for non-gaming use, such as listening to music on the go or watching movies on the train.

    All of these attributes rings true for the standard wired G Pro X, but the absence of a wire further adds to the comfort and provides you with a lot more freedom; both when gaming and on the go.

    Performance – A testament to wireless capabilities

    Picture of the new G PRO X headset

    A few years back, wireless gaming equipment always meant lower performance, connection issues, and horrible value-for-money. And while the pricing remained the same, the technology has jumped these past few years exponentially, and Logitech’s Lightspeed technology is one of the best examples of this leap forward.

    The 2.4GHz Lightspeed connection ensures a stable, zero-delay experience that performs every bit as well as the wired version. The Hybrid Mesh PRO-G 50mm drivers provide you with clear, high-quality sound and excellent directional audio. A stellar option for both casual gamers and competitive fanatics alike.

    While some wireless headsets tend to go overboard with a million different features such as virtual surround sound, LED lighting, and vibrations, Logitech took the smart road with this headset. The sound quality is excellent, but it is not stuffed full of features that would drag down the battery life and harm the wireless connection’s effectiveness. This means that the G Pro X Wireless is a fantastic plug-and-play option with a healthy battery life of up to 20 hours with zero connectivity issues.

    Microphone – best-in-class

    Nowhere is the success of Logitech’s buyout of Blue Microphones more apparent than with the G Pro X headset. The microphone performs on a level that very few headset mics can compete with and even some stand-alone options. It makes the user sound clear and professional and comes with a heave of possibilities in the G-Hub software for additional customization. These customization options allow you to change everything about your microphone’s voice output and come with some excellent preset options tailored for different types of play. This includes presets that give you a soft, radio-like voice, an option for more precise sounds for competitive games, an option for streamers and YouTubers, and the list goes on.

    While all of these customization options are great, keeping in mind that the default settings and quality of the mic are phenomenal without any adjustments. It is great for gamers who want an easy plug-and-play option while also catering to the more nerdy players who like to configure everything to their liking.

    Final Thoughts – Steep, but worth the additional cost


    Image of Logitech G Pro X WirelessIn 2019 I named the G Pro X my favorite Logitech headset to date, and I wasn’t lying. It’s an exceptional headset with an incredibly comfortable design, durable build, and high performance in the sound department.

    My only significant critique of the headset back then was that the wires tend to get entangled after a bit. Well, guess what, the wireless version does not have that issue, and while the price is a bit steep compared to the standard version, I would say that its money well spent.

    The Logitech G Pro X Wireless is everything I hoped it would be, and if you are looking to set yourself free with wireless technology, then this is one of the best headsets to do it with. I would warmly recommend it to anyone looking for a quality wireless option that will last them for years.


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