Logitech G533 Reviewed – Best Wireless Logitech Headset yet?

Image of Logitech G533 cordless headphones for Pc

Logitech has a lot of experience when it comes to wireless headsets, and their expertise really shows with the G533. 

Image of Logitech G533 cordless headphones for Pc

G533 Overview
8.5 / 10 Editors
The Good
+ Lightweight & comfortable
+ Construction quality is superior to the G933 as well
+ Rich & clear in-game sound quality
+ Top notch battery life
The Bad
- Sound quality might fall short of an audiophile’s standards
- Lacks customization elements
Review Score

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Logitech has a pretty extensive line up of headsets with the popular G930 and G933. The G230 is another that’s quite common among gamers too. So where does the G533 fit into all this?
While the other headsets have a lot going for them, the G533 definitely has found a sweet spot for us concerning sound quality & pricing and might be our favorite Logitech headset yet.

G533 – Review Summary

Simplistic and effective are two words we could use to characterize the G533 in comparison to many other headsets in the market, not just other Logitech’s. One glance at the G533 and others in the lineup will illustrate just how conservative Logitech has gone with their approach.
This aesthetically conservative yet performance powerhouse is a wireless headset we rate very highly cause of its consistent performance in both audio quality and comfort. This is quite a rarity these days even among big brands in the wireless space.
The upgraded pro-G drivers on offer really bumps this up to the next level with the headset also boasting some of the best DTS 7.1 surround sound for its price range. Logitech’s claim that the sound is up to the standards of many audiophiles may have fallen on deaf ears. (At least from the user side) Don’t get me wrong, the sound quality is outstanding for a wireless headset but compared to earphones such as Sennheiser One it falls a bit short.


The G533 is a definitely a work of art in terms of how rock solid the connectivity and positional audio quality is. There are areas where we thought Logitech could do better especially when it comes to personalization & customization options on hand.
If you are looking to take a step up from the budget headset you have now or are looking for something that constantly punches above its weight then the G533 should be a serious contender for aiding your gaming needs.
Top notch performance with superb comfort is a hard combo to match especially when it comes to wireless equipment. You can wear this for hours on end and not experience too much fatigue.
Overall a strong contender for gamers & music lovers alike. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking specifically for wireless headphones to enhance their gaming experience.

Image of wireless Logitech headsetAudio Performance – An in-depth look

The audio performance is mostly the core aspect of any headset. The G533 Pro-G drivers coupled with excellent DTS 7.1 surround is what makes this headset genuinely stand out especially in this crowded price segment.

The quality was pretty crisp & clear with excellent bass as well. What was particularly impressive was the accuracy regarding positional audio. This is particularly useful in FPS scenarios & co-op as well. If you are into Overwatch or Dying Light, this headset is undoubtedly one that will enhance the experience. The surround sound felt immersive even more than any other Logitech headsets currently on the market.

Now the big question. Is it up to audiophile standards? Well, not quite but it comes pretty close which is admirable in on itself. The highs are super clear, and bass rendering is on point, but there are better headsets in the market tailor-made for audiophiles. Nonetheless, this is far from being an issue as such considering you still get excellent sound for both gaming, music, and films.

Image of G533 wireless headphones for gamingMic quality – Your teammates will thank you

The mic is also an improvement over other offerings by Logitech. The pop filter and its simple design make it quite a treat for online gaming. This is a noise canceling mic, and it does a pretty reasonable job of that. The mic volume is always a subject that’s hotly debated regarding the G533. The consensus was that while the mic is clear, it can be a tad too quiet in its default state.

Overall this microphone is top-tier and works splendidly for team-based games or even streaming. While we always recommend getting a stand-alone mic for serious streamers and YouTubers, we feel that the G533 is more than fine when just starting out.

Features & Specifications

The Prograde drivers coupled with its excellent overall construction makes this a headset that doesn’t lose connectivity or experience any interference. You can get up & walk comfortably and not lose audio quality at all. The 15 feet range claimed seems to be very much accurate. This is the Achilles heel of most wireless gaming headsets in the market, and the G533 performs very well.

Keep in mind that any piece of wireless headphones will begin to suffer when at low battery and G533 is not any different in that regard.

Programmable G-keys or lack there-off is probably a big no for some hardcore gamers. The on-ear control keys were something we liked very much though. The 15-hour battery life is pretty legit as well. With many users also reporting that they were able to use their headset for 15 hours~ straight consistently. The battery is rechargeable and replaceable as well in case the life starts to drop after extended use.

There are several customization options available through Logitech’s software. The lack of RGB lighting doesn’t directly hurt the experience, but it’s a feature that many gamers love. The charging cable isn’t braided but has no real issues since it will mostly be in use while the headset is not. Although you can charge this headset while it’s in use.

Picture of Logitech headphones wirelessDesign & Ergonomics – Stunning comfort

The G533 as we’ve touched on repeatedly is aesthetically simple but ergonomically sound. It feels very sturdy despite the odd mention here & there by folks with issues concerning durability. Comfort is a major plus point of this particular headset. It’s quite light, and the cups are pretty comfortable on the ears.

The on-ear controls are rather simple with volume control and a mute button present. The weight distribution holds the key to the G533 having the edge over the 933 with this coming in at 24g lighter than the latter.

We love the new design philosophy that Logitech has taken here. Away from the large, transformers-like design of the Artemis and back to something much more straightforward and stylish.

Final Verdict

While we do enjoy the Logitech Artemis, we can’t help but feel that this is the best wireless gaming headphones that Logitech has ever produced. While not our all-time favorite wireless headpiece it is a fair adversary to the top picks such as the SteelSeries Arctis and definitely deserves your consideration if you are on the lookout for a premium headset.

The problems that all wireless headsets suffer, such as connectivity issues and audio scratching are kept to an absolute minimum with the G533 which is why it scores so high with us. If you keep this headset healthy and make sure to recharge it regularly we are confident it will provide you with excellent performance.

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