Logitech G602 – Fully Tested & Reviewed in-depth

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Logitech G602 Overview
8 / 10 Editors
The Good
+ Incredible battery life
+ Fantastic grip
+ High value for money
+ Lots of key-bindings & Customization options
+ Excellent wireless plug-n-play mouse
The Bad
- Thumb buttons are a bit clumsy
- Mouse wheel sensitivity not configurable
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G602 Review Summary

Fans of the classic Logitech G502 that are looking for a wireless option will be very pleased with the G602. The grip is, much like the G502, incredible, it fits instinctively with a palm grip and very few mice are able to compete in terms of comfort with the Logitech palm grip.

What the Logitech G602 does better than almost every other wireless mice is the battery lifetime. With its 250 hours lifetime, it is easy to forget that the mouse is wireless in the first place. You can even increase the already impressive lifetime with the Logitech endurance mode, which takes it from 250 hours to well over 1000 hours of use. This mode is obviously not great for gaming but awesome to have for casual use.

However, it is still a wireless mouse, which comes with a few cons. At low battery, it can begin to stutter a bit but this is fortunately not a big issue as it has a battery life of around 250 hours and it uses simple AA batteries. So as long as you keep a few extra AA batteries in your drawer, this will never become a real problem.

While it bolts an admirable performance, it is not able to compete with a wired gaming mouse wired gaming mouse, unfortunately. This is not an actual con, seeing as almost all wireless mice are inferior to their wired counterparts. It is, however, really powerful for a wireless mouse and can be used to great effect even for high-paced gaming. Although, if you are looking for performance alone, you should look into a wired gaming mouse instead.

Final Verdict: The Logitech G602 is for those really looking for a wireless gaming mouse that is both affordable and powerful.

Admirable Performance for a Wireless Mouse


One thing every gamer looking for a wireless mouse have to consider is this: How much performance am I willing to sacrifice for the comfort of wireless technology and unless you are willing to spend a LOT of money on mice such as the Logitech G902, you will lose some performance when you compare to a wired gaming mouse.

The main loss is in terms of dpi accuracy, and while that is indeed very important, the G602 does a good job at keeping up. If you are used to high quality wired gaming mice such as the Zowie Fk series, Razer Deathadder or even Logitech’s own G502 you will feel a slight decrease in overall performance.

If you are not willing to compromise on either performance or wireless tech, then you will have to bring your savings and opt for a mouse like the Chaos Spectrum from Logitech. It will cost you around 3 times as much as a great wired mouse but it manages to perform on par with wired gaming mice, which almost no other wireless mice do.

So if you are looking for an affordable wireless mouse that can still perform good enough for real gaming, then the G602 is a great pick. However, if you don’t want to compromise you might have to go for a wired or a much more expensive mouse.

Specifications & Features


As it is with every piece of PC equipment, the technical specifications matter a lot. So let us delve into the technical aspect of the Logitech G602.



2.4GHz USB Nano Receiver

The Logitech G602 uses the ideal plug-and-play wireless tech, the USB receiver. Simply put, you plug the nano receiver into your PC and you are ready to go. The  2.4GHz wireless receiver use ”zero delay technology” which has a minuscule delay of 2 milliseconds. Which mean it is practically delay-free.

Delta Zero Sensor Technology & Endurance mode

The Delta Zero Sensor is made with a focus on endurance and accuracy. It bolts a surprisingly accurate performance, while not quite as accurate as its wired brother, the Logitech G502, but very impressive for a wireless product. On top of this, it has an extra ”endurance mode” if the 250 hours of battery time wasn’t enough, you can crank it up to a little more than 1000 hours of lifetime. While this mode is very inefficient while gaming, it really adds to the overall battery lifetime as long as you remember to activate it everytime you are not actively gaming.

Durable Build With Mechanical Switches

The Logitech G602 is like most Logitech products, premium quality. You can tell that this mouse is as endurable in build as its battery lifetime, which is very impressive in on itself. I’d even argue that if feels more qualitative than some of the other popular Logitech mice, such as the G402 and G302.

It even uses mechanical switches, which is sadly a bit rare among gaming mice, but it really gives a great sense of quality and incredible tactile feedback on use.


  • Usb nano receiver
  • AA batteries(250 – 1440 hours of use)
  • Delta Zero sensor(laser)
  • 2.4GHz zero delay technology
  • Endurance/Performance Switch
  • 5 on the fly dpi settings
  • 11 programmable key bindings
  • Battery life indicator
  • Mechanical switches(tested up to 20 million clicks
  • Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Mac OS X 10.6.8 or higher

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Quality & Ergonomics

Quality is clearly in focus with this Logitech peripheral and may be one of the most enduring wireless mice on the market.

picture of Logitech computer peripheral

Mechanical Switches

I think most gamers would agree that mechanical switches are far superior to the classic membrane, and that is just one of the things that make this mouse so qualitative in both feel and performance. All 11 programmable buttons are mechanical switches and give you a far better feel and also help you hit the correct buttons at times. All that being said, this mouse really needs the mechanical buttons, as the thumb buttons, while numerous, are not very intuitive. Which is probably one of the biggest drawbacks from this and we feel like Logitech should have gone with the traditional 2 thumb button setup instead. Because even though it is nice to have more programmable buttons, they take quite some time getting used to.

What’s in the box!

This is something Logitech almost always do perfectly. The box you receive the G602 in is quite simple but you can tell that the gear is taken good care of and the mouse just comes with that incredible ”new mouse” feel and a qualitative on of that. There is nothing unexpected or overly interesting in the box but it’s small and simple.

This is what you get in the G602 product box:

  • Logitech G602 Wireless Gaming Mouse
  • Wireless Receiver
  • Receiver Extender Cables
  • 2 AA Batteries are included on purchase
  • Manual


Ergonomics & Build

Ergonomics and grip are the bread and butter of Logitech mice and likely the biggest reason they are so popular. The Logitech G602 is no different and is build perfectly for palm grippers and claw-grippers alike. On top of comfort, it also has a great feel of quality to it, some of it likely due to its weight, which can be annoying to some but it so only slightly above average in terms of weights so to most people this will not be an issue. It is a shame that it do not have adjustable weight though like the Logitech G502 have.


Q: Is this the best wireless mouse from Logitech or is the G920 truly worth the money?

A: Well, this depends, what’s your budget? Because in overall performance the G902 pretty much trumps any and all wireless mouse currently on the market but it also has the price tag to show for it. So if you want the best of the best and don’t mind spending some extra money, the Chaos Spectrum is the best one out there.

Q: Optical or laser for a wireless mouse?

A: For regular mice, I would give a small edge to optical but when it comes to wireless I do think laser is at a small advantage. However, it is not as much whether a mouse uses laser or optical but how well that technology is implemented. As both can be better than the other.

Q: Which battery type and receiver type works best for wireless mice?

A: I personally like it simple, which means a USB receiver and classic AA batteries. What is great about classic AA batteries is that there is no internal battery that gets worn down with time and usually also has a LOT higher lifetime. That being said, there is a case to be made for semi-wireless mice, such as the G902 and the wireless Steelseries Sensei. Since they can maintain a better performance and essentially never run out of power as long as the charger station is near. Sadly, those tend to be a lot more expensive.


Logitech, official product page for the G602, great overview of all features and specifications for this mouse.

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Thewindowsclub, How to improve battery life on your wireless keyboard and mouse, great article about wireless peripherals and they battery use.






  1. As an owner of this mouse I can also confirm the above information to be accurate! I do recommend this mouse, it is the best wireless mouse I’ve ever owned.


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