Logitech G703 Review – Wireless Mouse of the Future?

Image of Logitech G703 wireless mouse

While the G903 is still the king in terms of pure, raw performance, the G703 is just the ”best value for money ”wireless mice that Logitech has ever produced. 

Image of Logitech G703 wireless mouse

G703 Overview
8.8 / 10 Editors
The Good
+ A great wireless performance
+ It can be wirelessly charged
+ Very high value for money + Comes with a highly-responsive sensor
+ Looks & feel great
The Bad
- Its PowerPlay feature is expensive
- Still not as powerful as the G903
Review Score

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G703 Review Summary

Logitech is one of the leading players in the PC peripheral business. What makes them stand out is their top of the line engineering techniques and attention to even the smallest of details, as well as their outstanding ergonomic design. All of which really shines through with the G703.

Additionally, this device can use the top-notch PowerPlay technology, which charges the mouse wirelessly, meaning it can remain cordless, even when charging, efficiently granting you unlimited power. It eliminates one of the most prominent problems with wireless peripherals and sets itself apart from most wireless gear out there. This does require you to buy the PowerPlay mat on the side though.

The Logitech G703 mouse comes with a pack of useful features. It is built with a very responsive and incredibly fast sensor, thanks to its light-speed wireless technology.

Gamers who are used to wired mice might feel that the G703 is a bit pricey. However, it is, in fact, one of the best wireless ones out there regarding pure ”value for money” factor.
This is because it nails all the necessary functionalities. What’s more, its gaming performance is exceptionally well rounded. Especially considering that it is a wireless gaming mouse and it manages not to suffer too hard from that fact.

The design of the Logitech G703 wireless gaming mouse incorporates some of the most ultra-modern features to provide its users with an outstanding experience. When it comes to ergonomics and comfort in mice, Logitech is the industry leaders, and it’s no different with the G703.

I would highly recommend this mouse to anyone on the lookout for a top of the line cordless mouse.

If you want a more detailed, in-depth review, I invite you to keep on reading.

Lightspeed powerplay mouse from LogitechLogitech G703 Deep Dive – Design and Features

This device has outstanding ergonomics and is designed to fit perfectly in anybody’s hand while gaming. The mouse has soft-touch rubber on either side, jet black or white design, with a smooth plastic finish on the top surface. This makes holding it in your hand quite comfortable, plus it also looks great.
The Logitech logo placed on the face of the mouse has bright RGB lighting. Also, found at the top is the right click and left click which has built-in mechanical switches and will is rated to last up to around 50 million clicks. It is really nice to see Logitech starting to implement mechanical switches in their mice as well.

Even if you run low on power in the midst of a game you don’t have to worry. You can easily plug-in the Lightspeed cable and play wired for a while until it’s fully charged. That kind of technology is usually reserved for more expensive mice, so this was a pleasant surprise. The wireless cable is also long enough to charge comfortably in almost any setup.

There is also a USB dongle for performing wireless operations. This cable links to the receiver through a small desk stand, thereby enabling you to gain easy access to the charging cable when the battery is low as well as empowering the wireless signal and give a smoother overall experience.

The bottom side of this mouse, it is structured with a black module that can be removed from the PowerPlay chip, 10g weight-adjustment plate which is optional, plus an optical sensor. While I prefer the standard weight of the G703, it is always great to have an easy way to adjust if you so prefer.

Logitech Powerplay Wireless charging technology
PowerPlay Mat – The future of wireless gaming

Powering the G703 can be made even more straightforward with the induction of the brand new PowerPlay wireless charging technology. This does require getting the rather expensive Powerplay mouse mat as well, but I must admit that this is incredibly cool and works very well.  It solves the two most significant and prominent issues with wireless mice by wireless charging your mouse at all times.

So not only do you never have to plug in a cable or even worry about the battery getting low. You also don’t have to deal with the reduced performance that sometimes occurs at low power.

Image of white version of the G703Performance

Equipped with the newest Logitech technology for enhanced performance. It is surprisingly fast and reliable considering its price, and despite its lack of a cord it has proved to be pretty flawless after many hours of testing.
Gamers who have been on the lookout for a powerful and reliable wireless mouse but don’t want to throw down the money required for the G903 or the SteelSeries Sensei will almost definitely find satisfaction in the G703.
Built with a weight of 107g, the mouse is definitely on the lighter side, especially considering all of the high-end technology they managed to stuff inside it. If you don’t like very lightweight mice, don’t worry too much about it. It comes with an easy-to-use 10g weight that can put it decently close to a medium weight mouse.
Personally, I love the Logitech G703’s standard weight as it feels perfectly balanced. The mouse actually feels slightly more substantial than the 107g’s, but that is just because it is well centered in the middle of the mouse.
It uses a top of the line Pixart PMW3366 sensor that is designed to go as high as 12,000DPI. While it is unlikely you will ever need all of its capacity it is great to know hat you won’t be limited by it’s DPI capabilities.
I rarely advocate for wireless mice when it comes to high-end gaming as wired merely outperform them on a general basis. However, this mouse is pretty hard not to recommend, and I would even claim that it can hold its own in most competitive environments.
  • The product is PowerPlay-compatible.
  • Designed with super-fast wireless technology.
  • Has a 1ms polling rate.
  • Comes with a 12,000 DPI sensor.
  • Weighs between 107g and 117g.

Screenshot of the logitech softwareTech – Software and Battery Life

The battery of this Logitech G703 is designed to provide up to 24 hours of play while the RGB lighting stays on and up to 32 hours when the light is disabled. When using the PowerPlay mat, you don’t need to charge it. However, at times I saw a few low battery warnings. But resolving them was quite simple.
The Logitech software is among the best and most user-friendly on the market. It allows you to change the performance settings of the device with ease and even reassign buttons to different functions. Its RGB lighting can be altered and synchronized with other Logitech peripherals.

Why Should You Buy The Logitech G703?

It is quite just one of, if not the best wireless mouse for under 100 dollars. In many ways, it feels and performs on par with a wired mouse which is something I rarely claim about a wireless peripheral and especially not one this budget-friendly.
Great, reliable performance. Paired with the newest wireless tech on the market makes this a viable candidate for any gamer.
Some gamers will want a device that is flashier while others need a mouse that has many buttons. However, most players will be perfectly content with the G703. It is built to enable great simplicity in creating the best gaming experience, and it’s a phenomenal all-purpose mouse.
With its excellent features, reliability, and good performance, every gamer who needs a wireless mouse should definitely consider going for Logitech G703.

Final Verdict

If you are looking for a wireless mouse that feels like a wired mouse without an ultra expensive price tag, then the G703 is among your best options.
While the PowerPlay mat can grant you a truly unique gaming experience through true endless wireless playtime, it is not necessary to make this mouse great. It has a fantastic sensor, good wireless connection and battery time as well as outstanding ergonomics. That being said, I highly recommend the Powerplay mat for those who can spare the extra money.
Is it better than it’s big brother, the G903? No, but to be fair they are not precisely in the same price range. So if you want the best wireless mouse in the world, you will still have to go for the G903, but if you don’t feel like spending that much, then the G703 is an excellent alternative.


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