Logitech MX Master 3 & MX Keys Review(Combo)

Image of MX Master 3 and MX Keys

Image of MX Master 3 and MX Keys

Spending long hours at your computer means that you should really invest in the best keyboard and mouse.

You need something that is not only comfortable and durable, but that can also be customized.

Today you may be in luck. If you are on the lookout for a new mouse and keyboard, then the following two products may seriously be worth considering. The MX combo might be the best set of wireless work-focused PC peripherals we have tested to date.

First, we will take a separate look at the Logitech MX Master 3 Mouse.

Logitech MX Master 3 Mouse Review

The Good

  • Very comfortable design
  • Electromagnetic scroll wheel
  • Can work over 3 devices simuntaniously
  •  Excellent battery life
  •  Highly customizable
  •  Ideal workplace mouse

The Bad

  • Might feel a bit too big & clunky for gamers that are used to lighter mice

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We’ve reviewed quite a few gaming mice before, and the MX Master 3 has decent functionalities for gaming but excel at everyday tasks.

The mouse features electromagnetic scrolling, which allows you to scroll 1000 lines in just a second. It even has the precision to stop wherever you want it to, and it benefits from being low noise to the point of silent as well.

You can control three devices with this mouse, and it provides a great battery life of up to a whopping 70 days on a full charge. It also offers three hours of battery life from a 1-minute quick charge function.

So let us take a more in-depth look at the pros and cons of the MX combo.

Image of Logitech MX Master 3Comfort

The Logitech MX Master 3 Mouse measures 2 inches by 3.3 inches by 4.9 inches, so it is an optimum size for your hand to fit comfortably around it. If you want a really natural feel to your mouse, then it is hard to go wrong with this.

Even scrolling back and forth with the lightning-fast wheel doesn’t put any strain on your fingers.

This is one of the most comfortable mice that you’ll find on the market at the minute. Logitech has improved on the MX 2 and created a mouse that offers excellent comfort regardless of whether you are gaming or working. Although it might feel a bit too big and clunky for gaming if you are used to smaller, ambidextrous mice.

Customizable options

The mouse also offers a range of hardware features and the MX Master 3 pairs with Logitech Options.

This allows you to change the inputs of the mouse, and it means you can customize it for specific apps too. For example, you can fine-tune your inputs for programs like MS Word, Safari, Chrome, and many others.

If you regularly work with certain apps or programs and want a way to make your work and your life easier, Logitech Options is your answer.
Logitech MX Master 3 Mouse Review Summary

The MX Master 3 mouse provides not only fantastic comfort, but it offers a wide range of customizable options based on what app or program you are using.

The mouse connects via Bluetooth or by using a 2.4GHz unifying adapter that is included. You can use the mouse on up to 3 devices. While there are some issues around connectivity, if you are using the wireless adapter, it doesn’t have a significant impact on how it scores overall.

With comfort, great customizable options, long battery life, and a rapid Electromagnetic scroll wheel, you can’t really go wrong from the MX Master 3.

Now let us take a look at the MX Keys wireless keyboard.

Logitech MX Keys Review

Image of MX Keys keyboardThe Good

  • Pairs with the MX Master 3 mouse so you can control multiple computers
  • A quality keyboard that is going to last
  • Very comfortable and silent
  •  Excellent battery life
  •  Small & portable

The Bad

  • A bit heavy compared to other portable keyboards

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The Logitech MX Keys is built on a single metal plate, and it has a real understated minimalist aesthetic.

You’ll probably be using this at a desk with a gaming desktop, for example, however, if you do want to stick it in your backpack on the move, then you’ll probably find it fairly heavy. It is a minor drawback as the keyboard isn’t the most ‘mobile-friendly’ for carrying around.

It features proximity sensors so the keyboard will light up when your hands move over it and then dims when you move them away – a pretty cool feature.


You can customize how the MX Keys works the same way you can make the functions of the Master 3 mouse unique to you.

With Logitech options, you can set the keyboard to perform certain functions based on whatever app or program you are using. This is a huge plus point because when paired with the mouse, you have a real custom experience, whether you are working or gaming.


Lastly, we have typing.

Your keyboard might be able to do a whole range of different things, but its core function is, well, typing stuff on a screen.

With increased key stability and low noise, this is one of the most comfortable keyboards you can buy. It has a smooth feel to it, and no-one around you will even know your using it because it is so quiet.

If you need a keyboard for coding or typing long documents, it is hard to see past the Logitech MX Keys. Definitely one of the best wireless options with a great sense of both quality and comfort.

Logitech MX Keys – Final thoughts

The Logitech MX Keys is among one of the best wireless keyboards out there for a workplace environment.

With a host of great features and a durable design, it connects seamlessly with the MX Master 3 mouse so you can control up to 3 devices at once. The unifying adapter pairs the two devices with ease.

The battery will last you a while ten days on a full charge, and if you turn off the backlight function (see below), you’ll get up to 5 months.

Image of Logitech MX keys & Master 3Conclusion – Ideal workplace mouse & keyboard combo

These two devices are great on their own. Buy them separately, and you’ll be getting either a fantastically functional mouse or a durable and comfy keyboard.

The real magic happens when you get the two of them as a bundle.

They pair together so you can control up to 3 devices at once as well as customize the functions of each one to your specific needs.

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