New Monster Hunter: World Event Quest – The Proving

Wallpaper from Monster hunter: world for ps4

Wallpaper from Monster hunter: world for ps4Great news for PS4 players that are into Monster Hunter World. Those players who have already begun their journey as a monster hunter know that you can craft an exclusive set of Waster Palico gear inspired by the Horizon Zero Dawn. In this case, players will have the opportunity to dress up just like Aloy, the main hero of the Horizon Zero Dawn world. Like last time, this Monster Hunter World event is now live, and players have a limited time to complete it.

This new quest is active until March 15. The new quest is named ”The Proving”. To embark it players must have a Hunter at level 11 or higher. The goal of the quest is to chase Anjanath. Anjanath is a monster, much bigger than any previous monster you might have encountered in the world of the monster hunter.

Many captivating machines appear in Horizon Zero Dawn, but the one that made the biggest impression on the Monster Hunter: World development team was the Thunderjaw,” Monster Hunter producer Ryozo Tsujimoto explained on the¬†PlayStation Blog. “Anjanath has a very similar skeletal structure to the Thunderjaw, so we felt it was the best fit to be the main adversary in the quest, but not just any Anjanath would do. This Anjanath is at a scale that many players will have never before encountered, and your typical attacks may not reach its height.

Ryozo Tsujimoto

Link to the original interview.

When you finish the Proving Quest, the game will reward you with the materials needed to make the armor set and Aloy’s bow. If you do everything right, your hunter will look like Aloy, regardless of the half of your character. On Youtube, you can follow the tutorial below¬†on how to unlock and make Aloy’s bow and armor.

The first event we mentioned at the beginning was the Lessons of the Wild and lasted until February 8th. So now do not miss this theme event quest in Monster Hunter World and take the opportunity to make Paliko gear. Tsujimoto has revealed that they will be rotating between active event quests. Meaning you will see the Lesson of the Wild hunt again sometime in the future.

Some of the PS4 players will have the opportunity to participate in more event quests, and the next will be Monster Hunter World’s first Street Fighter V quest. The players will have a chance to do the quest and receive the materials necessary to craft a set of Ryu armor when they complete it. You will need a Streetfighter V save file on your console to accept the Event Quest titled Down the Dark, Muddy Path.


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