Razer Basilisk V2 Review

Image of Razer Basilisk v2

Image of Razer Basilisk v2

-The Razer Basilisk is a highly customizable mouse with excellent ergonomics and top-of-the-line specifications. Its design is both lightweight & comfortable and fits really well with a standard palm grip. 

The Good

  • Lightweight & comfortable design
  •  Exceptional performance with the new Focus+ sensor
  •  Custom-configs & Razer Hypershift makes it one of the most customizable mice on the market
  •  11 fully programmable buttons(up to 22 with Hypershift)

The Bad

  • Razer Hypershift is not very intuitive

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Comfort and utility ride shotgun with the latest edition of the Basilisk from Razer. It is an extremely ergonomic mouse with a highly stylized design and a ton of programmable buttons. This 12 button design makes it an ideal mouse for games with a lot of key bindings such as MMORPGs or Real-time-strategy games. However, it is not limited to those genres at all. It’s lightweight design, and extremely powerful sensor makes it a potent mouse for any genre and one of the better all-purpose gaming mice on the market.

The Basilisk’s biggest strengths lie in its ergonomic design. Its flat thumb-rest and palm-shaped body make it incredibly comfortable to play with for hours-on-end and reminds me of Logitech’s G502.

As someone who plays a lot of World of Warcraft myself, I would highly recommend the Basilisk v2 to any MMORPG gamer. It’s 11 programmable buttons are easy to set up, and most of them are very intuitive to use and gives you some extra key-bindings to play around with.

Razer Basilisk v2 – Comfortable Utility

Image of Razer Basilisk v2 for reviewIf you ever find yourself wishing you had a few more key bindings at hand but don’t like the bulky design of the typical MMO mouse, then the Razer Basilisk is right up your alley. It is equipped with 11 fully programmable buttons, but its design is slick and reasonably lightweight. The Razer Basilisk weighs in at only 92g or 3.3 oz, which is very impressive for a mouse that offers so much utility.

However, functionality is not the biggest star when talking about the Basilisk’s design – that is, its ergonomics.

It’s designed to fit the palm of most people but still manages to feel personal in its fit. Large or small hands, it still feels very comfortable, and especially palm-grip gamers will love it. It is also equipped with a nice palm-rest that really ties the design together.

Performance – Comfortable efficiencyRazer Basilisk front image

Gamers who are familiar with how Razer designs their products will hardly be surprised to hear that the Basilisk v2 comes with all the latest technology from Razer.

Razer doesn’t discriminate, and while the Razer Basilisk doesn’t feel tailor-made for competitive games like the Viper or DeathAdder, it is still equipped with the same potency and speed.

This means it uses the Focus+ sensor, which I’m always happy to see. The precision and speed offered by the Focus+ are hard to come by, and it also offers the revolutionary smart-tracking and a 99.6% resolution accuracy. Smart tracking simply means that the sensor will adjust to its environment, which means it will perform no matter what surface you put it on.

In other words; The specific performance of the Basilisk is what you would expect from a brand new Razer mouse, and that is not a bad thing.

What was surprising is how lightweight and smooth the new v2 is, and it allows the mouse to utilize all of its specifications, which makes it an excellent cross-genre mouse. It performed well in all the games we tested it in, from World of Warcraft to Counter-Strike, it’s simply a great gaming mouse.

Customization in heaves

Equipped with 11 fully programmable buttons, the Razer Basilisk is an excellent option if you love to play around with specs and custom profiles. You can adjust all of the usual stuff, such as DPI, RBG lighting, and key-bindings.

However, what is interesting is the custom-configurations that allow you to bind keys to specific games. This means that you can adjust the functionality of the different keys, depending on what game you are in. Once again, leaning on its strengths as an all-purpose mouse.

For the advanced gamers, you can also double the functionalities of each binding with Razer Hypershift. This allows you to change the entire key set with a click of a button and effectively give you 22 programmable buttons instead of 11. This is a cool feature and can undoubtedly be useful for advanced MMORPG gamers, but most players won’t need and won’t bother with it if I’m honest.

Final verdict

Image of my own Razer Basilisk v2Razer Basilisk v2 is the best palm-grip comfort mouse from Razer to date and even gives fan-favorite G502 from Logitech a run for its money. It is very comfortable, lightweight, and equipped with some of the best technology in the business.


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