Make Your Own Customized Mouse Pad With Razer Customs

I ended up very satisfied with my Razer Customs design.

Making very personalized gaming setups are becoming a genuine hobby for many gamers around the world – and I can see why.

Where you play games is a very personal space, and for many gamers, it’s where we spent large portions of the day. It’s the 2020 version of a personal temple, and customizing it to express your personality or favorite fantasy universe can make you feel even more at home during your gaming sessions.

There are hundreds of different ways to achieve this ”personal-expression”, and the brand new Razer Customs is one of them.

With Razer Customs, you can create your very own design and put on the Razer Gigantus V2 mouse pad. We tried it, and it’s not only easy but also highly satisfying!

Razer Gigantus V2 quality

Before we begin, we must look at the base product.

The Razer Gigantus V2 comes in three different sizes, and whether you want a small portable mouse pad to go along with your laptop or a huge one to define your gaming setup, then the Gigantus’ got you covered.

The 3mm thickness is a bit more than most mousepads, but it also adds a strong quality feel to the mouse pad. The surface is incredibly smooth, and as a base product, the Gigantus V2 is a fantastic mouse pad.

A step-by-step guide to Razer Customs

Go to the Razer Customs home page.


Here you are met with two options. You can either create your entirely own design with Razer Customs or add your personal ‘gamer tag’ upon pre-designed art from the gaming world.

  1. Click here to work with pre-designed artwork.
  2. Click here to create your very own personal mouse mat from scratch.

Create your own personal mouse mat

1. First, you choose the size of the mouse mat you wish to work to use razer customs

  • Medium: 360 x 275 x 3mm
  • Large: 450 x 400 x 3mm
  • XXL: 940 x 410 x 3mm

You can also create your very own Phone Cases. We will focus on mouse mats, but the process is the same.

2. Choose a base color.

razer customs image

This is the primary color that you build your design upon. You can always go back and change it as you see fit.

3. Choose a second color. This is on top of the main color, and the shape can be changed as you see fit.

Razer customs image 3

4. Choose a pattern. This is when things get interesting, and you can get into personalizing the design. 

Razer customs pattern image

There are more than 100 different patterns to choose from, but keep in mind that you do not have to choose a pattern.

5. In the next three steps, you can choose three stickers. 

Razer Customs stickers

This step allows you to choose anything from popular gaming catchphrases like ”GLHF” or ”GIT GUD”, but there are also plenty of emotes and icons. There are plenty of options to choose from, but I do hope that Razer expands their selection even more in the future.

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6. Last step: Personalize with your Gamer Tag.

Razer gamer tagThis part is the cherry on top of the ice cream, and it allows you to really make the mouse mat your own.

Congratulations! You now have your very own personalized mouse mat to enhance your gaming set up.

Result: Very cool to see your design on an actual mouse mat.

Using the Razer Customs tool is easy and fun, but the cool part comes when you see your design brought to life.

We chose the XXL version, which fits our keyboard, mouse, and then some.
I have used the same gaming tag since I made my first character in World of Warcraft back in 2005, and I finally have it printed in my gaming setup.

You can also choose between hundreds of pre-designed artworks.

You can also choose from hundreds of different custom designs from various games, eSports brands, or Team Razer’s own designs.

Screenshot of how to build your own mouse mat

If you are not too confident in your ability to create a stunning design on your own, then you can also choose from hundreds of beautiful predesigned artworks.

Designs include games such as Diablo, Gears of War, Overwatch, Starcraft, and many more. It also includes specific eSports organizations such as Mousesports, Evil Geniuses, Copenhagen Flames, and more.

This process is much more straightforward as you are only allowed to choose a size, art piece and then add your ”gamer tag”.


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