Razer Iskur Review

Image of Razer Iskur gaming chair

-The Razer Iskur gaming chair is an expensive, but truly luxurious gaming chair with excellent and innovative lumbar support. While the price tag may deter some people, the seating experience is remarkable.

The Good

    •  Innovative and effective lumbar support
    • Excellent cushioning
    • Feels luxurious and durable
    • Very ergonomic

    The Bad

    • Pricey
    • No horizontal recline

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Razer Iskur Review Summary

The Iskur is Razer’s first attempt at making a gaming chair and they gloriously exceeded my expectations. Gaming chairs are easy to get wrong, most of them feel less durable than your average office chair and worst of all, aren’t that comfortable. The Razer Iskur feels incredibly strong in its build and the cushioning is the perfect mixture of comfortable and ergonomic. The lumbar support cushion is innovative and effective and the chair is comfortable to sit in from morning to midnight. It has all of the adjustments you would expect from a high-end racing chair such as height, recline, tilt, and 4D armrests. 4D armrests mean that you can adjust and move them in any direction – up, down, sideways, and in circles!

My biggest complaint would have to be the lack of horizontal recline. While the Iskur can be reclined quite far you can’t get it into a fully horizontal position. It’s not something you use very often but if you need a nap at a LAN or just want ultimate relaxation then it is a really nice feature to have.

Much like my favorite gaming chair, the Secretlab Titan, the Iskur is not exactly ”soft”. Which I think is a great thing but needs to be mentioned as some people seem to confuse gaming chairs with soft cushioned living room armchairs. The Iskur strikes a good medium between soft padding and ergonomic design. 

Razer Iskur Deep Dive

Image of Razer Iskur office chair


When I heard Razer was making a gaming chair I was afraid it would be overly extravagant with green LED lighting coming out the side. Luckily, Razer went with a more toned-down design that can quite easily fit into any living room or office. I am especially a fan of the all-black version, it has a really premium look to it and oozes power and quality. The green-and-black edition is a bit more suited for those that want a bit of extravagance and ”Razer flavor” and would fit nicely into an LED gaming setup.

No matter what edition you choose, the Razer Iskur has an undeniable quality look to it, and the high-back design has an almost ”throne-like” feel to it. The design is clean, qualitative, and in my opinion, one of the best-looking gaming chairs on the market.


The Razer Iskur uses a mixture of multi-layered synthetic leather, cotton, polyester, and some resin on top for shine. The multi-layered synthetic leather is advertised to be more durable and tough than the regular PU leather that most other chairs use. While it is hard for me to deny or confirm this statement, I will say that it indeed does feel very qualitative and tough. The layers of cotton and polyester give the padding a soft and flexible quality which really adds to the level of comfort on display.

Now for those that were expecting real leather on a 500 dollar chair; you don’t want it, trust me. While real leather is incredibly durable it is also high-maintenance and not fit for a chair you plan to sit in for hours every day. The multi-layered synthetic leather will not flinch for a second if you spill a drink on it while regular leather would require constant upkeep and maintenance. This is not to say that the chair is waterproof but it is highly resistant to liquids which is more than enough unless you plan to spill on it daily. 

The body of the chair is steel-reinforced and can support a man or woman up to around 136 kilograms or 299lbs. Making it more than strong enough to fit almost anyone without putting any strain on the reinforced body. The chair comes with 3 years warranty.

Comfort – a throne fit for a king

Image of Razer gaming chair

While quality and design are important, none of it really matters if the chair isn’t comfortable to sit in. Luckily the Iskur is well padded and offers one of the most comfortable sitting experiences on the market. 

As I mentioned earlier, you should not expect a super soft and cushioned experience like with an armchair. It is crucial that a gaming chair offers sufficient support and promotes healthy ergonomics, and you can’t do that with soft pillows. That’s not to say the chair is hard to sit in; it still has plenty of cushioning and padding to feel very comfortable.

The real star of the show is the built-in lumbar support cushion. It can be easily adjusted with a simple crank and it avoids the biggest issue that lumbar pillows usually presents. The amount of lumbar support required to feel comfortable is very different from person to person so a one-size pillow is rarely a great fit. However, with Iskur’s adjustable lumbar cushion you can very easily find the sweet spot for you.


As it is with all of these high-end gaming chairs it is quite an undertaking to put the Razer Iskur together. It weighs around 50kgs and the box it comes in is massive. However, if you follow the instructions below it shouldn’t take you more than 20 minutes, and if you have a friend to help you out it is very easy.

Final Verdict

Razer’s first attempt at a gaming chair is a slam dunk. It might be expensive but you also get real high-end quality. In all of the important factors; comfort, quality, design, and ergonomics the Iskur rivals some of the best chairs on the market, such as the Secretlab Titan, and I would highly recommend it.


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