Razer Mamba Tournament Edition Reviewed

Image of Razer Mamba Tournament edition

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Everybody knows that a gamer needs a special kind of mouse. Unless you want your opponents to stomp over you, you need to have a gaming mouse that gives you an edge over them.

But is the Razer Mamba a good choice? Razer is one of the most popular brands in the world of gaming, but is this particular mouse really that good?

This review will focus on the wired version of the Razer Mamba. However, we will also get into the wireless version later on in the article.

Right here you will discover the answer to that question and many others because this review will analyze everything about this mouse. Stay here and allow me to show you everything about it!

Pros vs. Cons: The Strongest and Weakest Points:

There’s nothing like starting off with a proper summary to save you time and get a nice overview.

Razer Mamba Review Summary
7.7 / 10 Editors
The Good
+100% Customizable. Adapt the mouse to your own needs
+It Looks Amazing. Its design is out of this world and it is also very sturdy
+Highly Sensitive. At 16,000 DPI it’s one of the most sensitive mice you will find
The Bad
-Not good for left-handed gamers
-A bit expensive
Review Score

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If you are looking for a mouse that looks badass, is highly sensitive (16,000 DPI) and can be 100% customized to your own needs, then this one is for you.

Its 10 programmable buttons can be adapted to whatever you need. It doesn’t matter if you play CS:GO, Dota 2, Battlefield or any other game, you can adapt the Razer Mamba exactly to your needs and expectations.

It is also very comfortable, which is perfect for long gaming sessions.

All in all, it’s an excellent product that I can totally recommend to you. The unique con is that it’s not good for left-handed gamers and is a bit expensive, but other than that it’s one of the best gaming mice on the market.

If you still want to know more about it, then come with me and check a fully detailed review right below.

Image of Razer Mamba Tournament edition

A Detailed Review: About Design, Details and More

Now it’s time to bring this awesome gaming mouse a more detailed review. You will find all the important details in each section.

The Design and Aesthetics:

There are not many mice that can leave you speechless. Most of them are either too simple or make too much use of certain decoration elements. Yet, the Razer Mamba is one of those with a breath-taking design coupled with a supreme performance.

A pretty good thing about it is that the lighting is fully customizable. It offers a wide myriad of colors, being more exact 16.8 million. It is more than enough… isn’t it?

It has the following measures: 1.67 x 2.76 x 5 inches. It’s average in size and so is in weight at only 140 grams. Although some people may categorize it as a heavy mouse, it’s still pretty average.

One thing I really like about it is that it comes with rubber grips on each side for your pinky and thumb, something that brings you more control and confidence.

It’s also important to add that it is very comfortable. Your hands won’t feel tired or weird during a long gaming session, doesn’t matter how long or how intense the games turn.

A thing I love about the Mamba is that it combines the excellent gripping material on the sides with a sweat-resistant plastic on the top, which makes it even more comfortable and easier to control. Moreover, it feels great with a palm grip.

The thumb buttons are perfectly located, which allows you to click them with no mistake.

All in all, the design of this mouse is pretty good. It’s comfortable, looks badass and the buttons are located in intuitive places.

side-view picture of Razer gaming mouse

Wireless Version, worth it? Connectivity and Battery Life

There is both a wired and wireless version of the Mamba. And I have to be very honest with you because otherwise, this review would not be complete: It has some connectivity issues. If you are going to use it wirelessly, then be aware that it can disconnect every now and then for half a second, which is not so good for professional or dedicated gamers.

The battery life of this mouse is advertised to last 20 hours, but it’s not entirely true. In some cases it can last less than that, but all in all the battery will last for quite a while. The charger station that comes with the wireless version is luckily very handy and it makes it easy to always keep it at full power.

The thing about battery is that you will have to get used to putting your mouse in a charging dock after you are finished with it.

I know the minor connectivity issues (it’s not really that bad) may be a problem for some gamers, especially those who make a living out of it or are truly passionate, so I had to mention it. Although connectivity issues sound bad, it is very common in almost all wireless mice, which is why we would almost always recommend the wired option.

But would you like to get rid of the battery and connectivity drawbacks? Then simply use it as a wired mouse. If you use it in this mode, then you won’t have to worry about battery, putting it in the charging dock and the occasional disconnects.

About the Clicking Speed:

Can you click very quickly with this mouse? Although there are other choices which allow you to do it quicker, it is still pretty decent. You can adjust it to the minimum or maximum click.

The minimum is better suited to games where you the clicking speed is decisive, whereas the maximum click is a better choice for shooting games where you need extra control and precision.

The actuation force ranges starts at 45gr and goes up to 95gr. All in all, you can adjust it to what you need with ease.

That’s why we can conclude that it’s possible to click pretty quickly with this mouse, and you can also adjust it to be heavier and therefore bring you more precision and control.


Verdict and Final Words:

Should you buy the Razer Mamba? If you are looking for an elite-level gaming mouse, then this one is perfect for you. And well, it’s an expensive mice, but it’s totally worth it.

The 10 programmable buttons, the perfect and comfortable design, the badass looks and the adjustable click force feature make it an amazing choice for you. Although it has some problems, they all are solved when you use it in wired mode.

That’s why I can conclude that this is one of the best gaming mice on the market in 2017 and I can totally recommend it to you!

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