Razer to Commit 50 Million to Support Business Partners hit by Covid-19


It is not long ago that Razer joined the fight against COVID-19 with their pledge to start the production of surgical masks to help out doctors and the health sector.

Yesterday they announced that they will also be committing 50 million USD to help out their business partners in this time of need.

This will be done through their inhouse ecosystems such as Razer Gold, Razer Fintech, and zVentures. On top of the immediate cash flow, they will also help by giving their partners access to the Razer Ecosystem with over 80 million users worldwide.


50 Million in Investments, discounts & other cashflow-relief measures

Razer is not just going to show up at these businesses with a 50 million dollar suitcase but instead use their ecosystems to help out with several cashflow-relief measures to struggling businesses.

Razer Gold

Razer Gold is one of the largest virtual currencies for digital content and entertainment and it will be used to help their partners cashflow relief measures such as cash pre-payment, special rates, and reduced settlement periods. Razer is also exploring the possibility of investing in its content partners directly.

Razer Fintech

As one of the largest digital payment networks in Southeast Asia, Razer Fintech will be used to help the region with reduced rates and value-added promotions. The hopes with this are to save jobs, lower business cost and facilitating sales.


zVentures is one of Razer’s main investment instruments and will be used as just that. It will be used to help companies that are dedicating their technology and research to help fight COVID-19. Businesses can apply for support through this email: covid19-support@razer.com.


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