Samson G Track PRO Review

A professional, high-quality USB Microphone with Audio Interface and Built-in Mixer.


Image of G Track pro mic from Samson


The Samson G Track Pro is an excellent buy for PC gamers, streamers, and even musicians, and podcasters. The built-in audio interface provides improved sound and more flexibility. Moreover, the full-featured mixer is a blessing for musicians and content creators.

The Good

  • Sturdy build & Value for money
  • Outstanding sound quality
  •  Built-in audio interface with a mixer
  •  Picks up sound from a distance of 4 to 6 feet
  •  Minimal noise while recording & has multiple polar patterns for recording

The Bad

  •  No shock mount of pop filter included.

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Review Summary

sideway view of Samson G track PROIf you’re looking for a high-quality USB microphone, Samson G-Track Pro is the real deal. The product comes with a sturdy desk stand and a stylish all-black design. It is indeed the “big daddy” of the USB microphone line regarding design and features.
There are buttons at the back and on the front, but the most critical functionalities are located on the front side. You’ll find an adjustment to juggle between different modes, a similar button to switch from mono to dual-track recordings, and a button to mute the mic.
The three frontal dials are the USP of Samson G-Track Pro. They allow you to leverage some primary audio-mixer features on the microphone itself.
The G-Track Pro provides three polar forms for recording audio from different angles – cardioid for recording in front of the microphone, bidirectional for frontal and rear recordings, and an omnidirectional recording pattern for recording a room. The cardioid pattern is perfect for gamers and streamers trying to find a superior quality replacement for their laptop mic or headphone. Even from a distance of 5 to 6 feet, the G-Track Pro does a fantastic job of recording vocals and instruments. The ¼ inch input transforms the microphone into an audio interface.


There’re a lot of things to like about Samson G-Track Pro. Even though it’s a little lightweight, that’s fair for the price. At around $10, this mic is value for money and extremely useful. Especially, gamers and streamers must make a note here – this USB Microphone with Audio Interface is the one thing that you’ve been trying to find.

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In-depth review of G Track PRO by Samson


The build quality of Samson G-Track Pro is sturdy and extremely tough. The stand that comes with the microphone is made of metal and is durable. All these factors come together to make the mic more stable and shield it from minor vibrations. The three frontal knobs can be used for controlling the mic gain, monitoring the headphone volume, and controlling the ¼ inch input gain. You will also find a temporary mute button that cut your sound if you need a momentary break. You will see the USB port at the bottom to connect the mic to your laptop using the USB type B to USB type A cable that’s included in the package. There’s also an LED light on the front side that lights up in different colors with different functionalities.


The Samson G-Track Pro microphone is a pretty feature laden mic. For beginners, the microphone supports three distinct polar patterns: cardioid (sound only recorded from the front), bi-directional (sound recorded from front and rear), and omnidirectional (sound recorded from multiple directions).
There’s also a switch that allows you to choose between mono and two-track recordings. The mono mode records what the mic picks up directly while the two-track recording mode records what the mic picks up and the audio tool that’s connected to the 6.3mm jack. This is actually 2-channel mixing.
You can directly plug in-line instruments into the mic. Also, the mic comes with a direct monitoring system that ensures there’s no evident delay between the recorded audio and the sound that’s playing.
Out of all the features, the direct monitoring feature is something I like a lot. The option to toggle it off and on is rare and helpful.

Image of pc mic by SamsonSound quality

It’s true that USB microphones do not provide the clearest sounds. Nevertheless, the sound quality of Samson G-Track Pro is next level. I’m delighted to report that I found very minimal noise floor, and the mic picked up a decent, balanced sound from a distance of 4 feet. I’m surprised at the fact that the sound is pretty high-quality, and there’s hardly any noise for a USB microphone that sells for a price of less than $200.
The mic would function perfectly for a live streaming or podcasting session; definitely better than your laptop or PC’s built-in mic. The microphone captures 24-bit/96 kHz sound, and this is where it beats all the 16-bit receivers on the market.
Ease of use

Unlike many other USB microphones on the market, it’s easy to unbox the product and use it right away. You don’t need to install any driver. All you would require to do is connect the microphone to your Mac or PC using the USB cable that’s included in the product package. In less than 10 seconds, your system will discover the microphone and get it ready for use. However, if you’re using it with its desk stand, make sure you don’t put your face right in front of the mic while recording, it’s a side-addressing mic.

A quick recap of the features of Samson G-Track Pro

  • 1-inch dual 25mm condenser capsules
  • Compatible with PC and Mac
  • Three polar pattern options: cardioid, bi-directional, and omnidirectional
  • ¼-inch instrument input
  • 1/8- inch stereo headphone output
  • Multipurpose USB microphone, audio interface, and mixer

Image of Samson microphone for streamingThe final thoughts on Samson G-Track Pro

Samson is well-known for its professional and high-quality audio gear. Samson microphones are typically great at performance, and the G-Track Pro is no exception. No fancy design, no flashy packaging; a simple black USB microphone with elegant body design and style. The mic stands tall at almost 10.5-inches when placed in its stand.

Overall, I would say that Samson G-Track Pro is undoubtedly a microphone that I would recommend to all gamers who love streaming and sharing their experiences with live audiences or anyone who’s looking for high-performance audio recording equipment. It is indeed a condenser mic, which makes it perfect for voice-over-artists, streamers, and podcasters. If you compare the audio quality of Samson G-Track Pro with your typical gaming headset, you’ll be stunned to see the difference between the sound classes. Gaming headsets usually compress the audio and make it very thin. On the other hand, superior quality condenser sounds natural and warmer, just like Samson G-Track Pro. Its build-quality makes the product durable and long-lasting. Without any comparisons, standing by itself, Samson G-Track Pro is a great USB microphone.

The most striking feature of this mic is that it allows you to record 2 tracks in one go with a built-in audio interface and mixer. Using the ¼-inch line-in input, you can connect a laptop, smartphone, or even your gaming PC using a small adaptor.

One of the best modifications of Samson G-Track Pro as compared to other USB microphones are the frontal controls. You can control the headphone volume, pick your polar pattern, or switch between mono and 2-track recordings.

If you’re looking for improved flexibility and noiseless audio, the G-Track Pro is worth considerating. You don’t need a separate mixer with this microphone. It’s a powerful combo in itself. So, what do you think about the product? The built-in mixer is simply the killer functionality in Samson G-Track Pro and makes the product worth the high-end price, especially if you’ve just started streaming. It is one of the best USB microphones on the market currently and one of the best mics I’ve tested so far as a gamer.


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