Secretlab Titan Review – Is it Worth It?

Is the Secretlab Titan gaming chair really deserving of all the hype? And is it worth its price tag?

Secretlab Titan gaming chair

– Excellent, A truly comfortable and luxurious seating experience.

Secretlab’s Titan Gaming Chair comes with superior-quality build materials, great comfort, and enough support. It’s rather expensive, but still, offer immense value for money. I’ve sat in the chair for almost a week now, and the review below is an account of my first-hand experience with the chair.

The Good

  • Best gaming chair of it’s price range
  •  Ergonomics that both enforce a healthy sitting position and is incredibly comfortable
  • Extremely adjustable
  •  Outstanding quality & durability
  •  Offer a very high value for money

The Bad

  • No lumbar support cushion
  •  Pricey

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Secretlab Titan Review Summary

So, is the Secretlab Titan worth it? It feels like every inch of the gaming chair is tweaked to provide utmost comfort to enhance the gaming experience. From the smooth operation of all the levels, wheels, and switches, to a variety of seat adjustments, I was impressed by each and every feature. There’s no shortage of comfort, the material of the gaming chair is high-quality, with the only real drawback being the price point which is on the higher side.

Where the Titan is a real piece of art is how it enforces a healthier sitting position and still manages to feel better than your average office chair. I have never spent so many hours sitting perfectly upright as I have since I got it.

It can rock, its adjustability, and the tilt back option that allows you to find the perfect angle for you. All in all, Secretlab’s Titan Gaming Chair is one of the best gaming chairs I’ve ever used.

  • Image of gaming setup with titan chair

Secretlab Titan – Deep Dive


You’ll notice many aesthetic qualities of Omega Chair in Secretlab Titan. It is essentially the same chair but designed for larger people. Most of the chair is decorated in a luxurious black color, with some hints of branding in gold, and some neat red-trim stitching. However, it comes it a variety of color pallets and materials.

Another good thing is that you won’t find any upfront neon shades in the color palette. However, you may notice a few color combinations such as deep blue with light blue-trim stitching, deep blue with white-trim stitching, and black with orange-trim stitching.
The backrest and seat are covered with PU leather which provides the gaming chair with a luxurious look. Moreover, you won’t be affected by any hassles of maintaining original leather. One thing I noticed is that the bottom portion of the backrest can become a little warm and induce sweating on extended use. All curves, shapes, and edges of the gaming chair come with one or more ergonomic functions.


As already mentioned in the previous section, the backrest and seat are made of cold-cured foam (several pieces of foam cut and cast together instead of a single block of foam) and covered with PU leather. The seating and leaning surfaces are firm, yet rigid in order to position you in the desired posture ergonomically. It’s not the typical bouncy gaming chair.
You can clean the PU leather by just wiping it with a damp cloth and does not require any special treatment. The chair is not waterproof, but resistant to liquids. So, if you end up spilling something on it; don’t worry, you can easily clean the chair by wiping it.
The armrests are made of a generous slab of polyurethane (PU) and provide gamers with a degree of sponginess which is comforting for the arms. You can also find PU on the wheels to prevent any kind of damage to the floor typically caused by nylon wheels. PU wheels provide better grip on hard floors, as well as carpeted floors.


I have had the Secretlab Titan for a week now, and each time I use it, I can feel the support of a premium-quality chair. Even though everyone has different ideas and preferences when it comes to the comfort provided by a chair, from an individual’s standpoint, I feel that this gaming chair will be suitable for different body shapes and sizes. Not only this, but its adjustment features also contribute to superior gaming and sitting experience.
The chair does have some element of firmness in it. However, the hardness is not a negative point; in fact, it feels supportive and is much better than regular soft office chairs.

  • Image of gaming chair by secretlab

Different Adjustment Options

One of the most remarkable features of Titan Gaming Chair is the different ways in which it can be adjusted to provide a comfortable gaming experience. Adjustable arm-rests, dual-tilt, recline, the list goes on and on.
Like any other gaming chair, you can adjust the height of the chair using the right-handed lever under the seat. The left-hand lever below the chair triggers the locking and unlocking mechanism using which you can tilt the chair or keep it locked. So, when unlocked, you can rock the chair back and forth. You can also lock it at any angle of your comfort. This function sometimes tends to feel unsafe, but the sheer quality and weight of the Titan makes you feel secure even at full tilt.

The 165-degree recline feature allows you to recline in an almost completely horizontal position. The arrests can be adjusted in quite many ways – up, down, forward, backward, side-to-side, or at any angle.
Headrest Pillow

The soft headrest pillow provided with the gaming chair provides excellent neck support. The pillow becomes more comfortable in the recline position. It’s incredibly soft and comes with a strap around it that can be worn around the top part of the gaming chair an adjusted to suit your comfort.


The biggest plus point of Titan gaming chair is it adaptableness and sustainability for ”larger” gamers. I’m 6-foot-2-inches tall and weigh 92 kgs; I found the overall dimensions of the chair suitable for my size. The height of the backrest is 86 cm, and the width of the seat is 54 cm. So, all in all, Titan can comfortably accommodate people between 174 cm and 195 cm in height and can handle a recommended weight of up to 135 kgs.

frontal image of the titan gaming chairAssembly

The chair will be delivered unassembled and flat-packed in a large box, protected with a plastic covering and foam insulation. I tried assembling the chair on my own, and trust me; it’s not easy. So, it’s best to get in touch with a professional for installation. They can assemble the chair in 15-20 minutes. If that is not an option, a friend or family member will do just fine as well.

The Final Verdict

With a price tag over $400, Secretlab’s Titan gaming chair sits at the higher-end of the price scale, and this is the most significant deterrent for most gamers, especially casual gamers. However, for a high-end product, that’s exceptionally comfortable, innovative, and well-designed, the price is well worth it. The chair comes with a 2-year warranty which covers all functionality issues.
Overall, Titan can be a great buy if you’re not on a shoestring budget, and are looking for a comfortable chair, premium-quality, and will last you for years. Moreover, if you fall in the “tall” or “bulky” category, you are unlikely to find a better option than the Titan gaming chair.

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