How to Make a Twitch Overlay – 8 Ways to Make a Professional Stream Overlay

Strexm Twitch overlay

Creating an exciting and professional overlay for your Twitch stream is an excellent way to improve user engagement, donations and to make your stream a better viewing experience overall.

Today we are taking a look at all the different applications and sites that can be used to create Twitch overlays for OBS, among other streaming software.

Don’t worry. You do not have to be a Photoshop expert or a graphic designer to make this work. There are plenty of overlay templates and easy to use applications available to you.

So, without further adieu. Let us take a look at the best Twitch stream overlay templates and makers in 2018.

1. StreamLabs – Best Free Solution

Streaming Application

Steamlabs are the most used stream application on the market for a reason and is still the best option for most people today. It also works flawlessly with other template options so using Streamlabs as a foundation is always recommended.


Streamlabs twitch stream overlay maker logo

Features: Free, Can handle donations, Twitch alerts, goals, events and much more.

Streamlabs is a site and application that basically bring you everything you need besides your broadcaster. It is a safe way to handle your donations, all you do is connect your credit card, Paypal, Unitpay, or Skrill. Which goes nicely together with all the donation-related features you can add to your overlay. Such as the jar which fills up with coins as people donate and has proven to be a highly effective way to increase stream revenue. You of course also have the classic events that play out when users interact with your stream, such as a specific gif and audio playing when a viewer subscribes or donates.

Image of twitch stream overlay from StreamlabsStreamlabs are not only filled with features and ways to improve your live stream, but it is also incredibly simple to set up. Especially if you are using Open Broadcaster Software. You simply connect your Strealabs account to your OBS profile and then add new sources whenever you want to add something to your overlay.

They also offer an easy Twitch chat and alert overview which any streamer will know is a godsend. This is done through a Streamlabs application called Streamlabels which is a lightweight app that will provide you with all the necessary information you need. Such as when someone subscribes, donate or follow, so you can acknowledge your viewers properly and improve user engagement.

Streamlabs is so much more than just an excellent way to set up a Twitch overlay but is also just the best overall way to handle donations, alerts and more. I would recommend any streamer sign up for Streamlabs, even if it is not for the overlays. It offers so many ways to improve your Twitch stream and gain the following you want.

Official Site

2. Twitch Overlay – Best Paid Solution

Premium Template Shop

Twitch Overlay is a premium overlay creator with hundreds of templates for your stream as well as a custom overlay creator.

Logo for the overlay website Twitchoverlays

Features: Free overlay templates, premium overlay templates, custom design templates.

Sometimes the free options just don’t cut it. Twitch Overlay is a terrific site for people who want to take their stream to the next level. They offer three separate services, free templates, premium templates and custom overlay design.

While you can find some nice free overlays here, it is their paid solutions that shine through. They have a LOT of beautifully looking overlays, so no matter if you want a simple, straightforward overlay or a very busy and eye-catching overlay, these guys have got you covered.

My favorite service from Twitch Overlay is the custom design solution. While it might be a bit costly, it does give terrific results and is probably the best way to get a professional overlay that suits your personal style. You just fill out a form with information about what you want from an overlay and one of their custom designers will create one specifically for you.

The only downside is that there can sometimes be a long wait time for the custom design service.

Official Site

3. PhotoShop(paid)

Design Software

Photoshop is by far the most difficult and expensive options, but it is also a limitless tool for Twitch overlay creation.

Features: can be used to create your very own customized overlay.

While most people want a nice simple template or streaming application, some do prefer full artistic freedom and being able to create their own stuff. If you are one of those people and you don’t mind spending a bit more money, and time on it then Photoshop is by far the best way to go.

It can also be paired up with Streamlabs, so you don’t have to worry about not having those features.

I would NOT recommend getting Photoshop for the sole purpose of creating a Twitch overlay as it is just too pricey. However, I would recommend it to those that have interest in design in general or maybe want to start selling their own Twitch templates.

Official Site / Buy Now

4. Strexm(free)

Free Stream Template web service

Strexm is another fantastic place to get your stream overlays. They offer a vast selection of templates and is completely free.

Features: Free, alert integration, customizable templates.

Strexm is a straightforward, no-nonsense solution for streamers that just want a beautiful, free overlay for Twitch. Their templates are listed for separate games, which makes it easy to find one that fits perfectly with your favorite game.

While Strexm doesn’t offer much besides their free templates, it is quite astonishing how well some of these free options look and at times it does look on par with some paid overlays.

The overlays also have fully integrated alerts and can be easily customized. So if there is something about a template you are not completely satisfied with you can customize it to fit your needs better.

While Strexm is in collaboration with xSplit, it does also work with OBS so whether you use one or the other won’t affect the overlays.

Official Site

5. Twitch Temple(free/paid)

Stream overlay Shop

Twitch Temple is a nice, affordable option sells high-quality premium overlays and full stream packages that include alerts, animations and more.

Features: Free templates, premium templates, premium packages with alerts, animation, models and more.

Twitch Temple is another premium option that you can use if you did not find the other services satisfactory or just want to look at more options. Much like Twitch Overlay, they offer a few decent free options, but their real power lies with their premium overlays that are handcrafted to work correctly with Streamlabs. So it makes for a beautiful addition to Streamlabs if you find that you want to have more than is offered by Streamlabs alone.

The nice thing about Twitch temple is their all-in-one packages if you just want the whole deal without overthinking it and they are all very affordable compared to options such as Twitch Overlay.

Twitch Temple is one of the most beautiful affordable options when it comes to design templates for you live stream.

Official Site

6. Twitch Designs(free/paid)

Stream overlay Shop

Twitch Design is another bundle overlay seller where you can either pick up a single panel or a face-cam design, or you can go all in with a full professional stream overlay.

Features: Free overlays, Premium overlays, bundles, single designs for panels & face-cams and more.

These guys provide a staggering amount of options and are a perfect place to look if you have something specific in mind but haven’t found it yet. Chances are, they have got what you want.

It is also a great way to upgrade single separate aspects of your overlay that you are not happy with. Such as getting a new framework for your webcam or some cool looking panels.

Official Site

7. Nerd or Die(paid/free)

Stream overlay Shop

Nerd or Die is the creators of Twitch Temple and is a more fleshed out version of what they have on offer.

Features: Pro overlay templates, bundles, free graphics maker, free overlays and upgrades for face-cams and panels.

Concerning overlay templates, Nerd or Die offer the same things as Twitch Temple. However, they do provide a lot of nice additions as well. Such as background videos, specific sounds, alerts, etc.

They also have a free graphics maker which allow you to do your own design, sort off. It is a highly limited tool, but it does give you some creative freedom.

Official Site

8. OWN3D.TV(paid/free)

Stream Website Shop

There is a mixture of free and premium content on the platform, and they are also one of the biggest sources for free and premium Twitch graphics and much more for streamers like alerts, sounds, animations and a 7-hour video-course.

Features: Free and Premium Graphics like Overlays, Alerts, Panels, Intermissions / Transitions, Emotes, Badges and even Avatars, Logos and Websites for Streamers. As well as management and influencer agency services for streamers.

OWN3D.TV is a website which offers a lot for streamers. The former streaming platform is now a website and shop with different sections, products, and information for streamers and those who want to become one. The products they offer look great but more expensive than on most other websites. What is unique about Own3d is that they also offer management and influencer agency services for streamers and b2b services for companies.

Free / Premium


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