The Division 2 Announced – Tom Clancy’s Division gets a separate sequel

the Division 2 specific wallpaper

Great news for anyone who spends hours and hours playing Ubisoft’s big title The Division. In a live stream, it was revealed that a sequel is on its way to the Division. Of course, we will learn more details, such as the release date and features of the game at this year’s E3 convention which is opening 12th of June this year. What is known is that the same teams that worked on the previous one will go at it again. Massive Entertainment, Red Storm, and of course Ubisoft Reflection.

Image of the box art for The Division 2
The news about The Division 2 was first leaked at the 4-Traders website, where creative director Julian Gerighty published a blog post. It was an image that undoubtedly shows the logo The Division 2, which can be found on the Ubisoft website. It’s been almost two years since Massive Entertainment decided to release the Division, so fans should be eager to sink their teeth into something new.

The Division has suffered a lot of complaints over the past two years but managed to remain decently popular for a game of its genre. So making a sequel to address all the issues of the original seems like a smart move by the developers.

The latest update for The Division, patch 1.8, came out in December last year. This update was intended to correct most of the problems the communitthe Division 2 specific wallpapery felt it suffered from but didn’t quite succeed.
We have seen 2 DLC’s and quite a few patches since the release of the Divison, but this is an entirely new game and will be separated from the first one.

However, you don’t have to worry about the original Division as we learned from Ubisoft that the release of Division 2 would not endanger support for the first part. So a big patch is scheduled to arrive in April. This patch will cover users of the Xbox One X console that will get support for 4k gaming. June is scheduled for another patch that will bring things called Crests(loot boxes). Crests will be achievements that will be used to unlock specific rewards in Division 2.

We have almost no info to go on right now and can’t wait for E3 to shed some light on this new release. It is not yet known what devices Division 2 will be available on, but we assume it will be playable on all the major platforms. PlayStation 4, Xbox One and of course PC.


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