Top 10 Blizzard Villains We Want to see in Heroes of the Storm

Picture of Kil'jaeden from World of Warcraft Legion


Picture of Kil'jaeden from World of Warcraft LegionWe are at a point in Heroes of the Storm where we almost certainly know which heroes we will get to see in 2017. With Alextraza(Warcraft), Firebat(Starcraft unit) and Hanzo(Overwatch) all leaked with a decent amount of certainty.

It is now time to look at what heroes we want to see added in 2018, or more importantly, which villains we want to see.

Not all of our concepts include basic abilities. We mainly chose to make full hero concept if it was crucial to give an idea of their overall kit.

NOTE: If you think some of your favorite villains are missing. Be sure to check out our earlier hero concept.

Xavius, Nightmare Lord

Picture from Xavius cinematic from World of Warcraft

“Elune… There is only one god… and his name is Sargeras.”

The nightmare has always been an intriguing concept and Blizzard could make some fascinating mechanics around it.

  • Universe: Warcraft
  • Class: Ranged Assassin
  • Trait: Nightmare Lord – Xavius’ auto attacks, minions and abilities grant one stack of nightmare corruption on heroes when dealing damage. When a target is inflicted with 5 stacks, a nightmare tentacle spawns at the target’s feet. With X amount of health, that does X amount of damage and knocking back enemies in its range. Nightmare tentacle lasts for 20 seconds or until killed. When a nightmare tentacle is active, Xavius’ auto attacks does 50% increased damage and completely ignore armor, this effect stacks up to 5 times.
  • Heroic ability 1: Waking Nightmare – Trap the target enemy hero in the nightmare for 8 seconds. Forcing him to fight a nightmarish echo of himself with X amount of health and damage. Killing the nightmarish echo will instantly reset all primary cooldowns and free the hero from the nightmare. While a hero is trapped in the nightmare, he cannot be attacked by anyone besides the nightmarish echo, and the hero also loses vision of all other heroes.
  • Heroic ability 2: Corruption Nova Xavius channel the power of the nightmare for 3 seconds, then erupt a nova of nightmare energy in a huge area around him. Dealing a large amount of damage and inflicting all enemies hit with 5 stacks of nightmare corruption.
  • Alternate Hero choice: Peroth’arn, the second Satyr
  • Skin Idea: Devilish Xavius

    Belial, Lord of Lies

Image of Belial, lord of lies from Diablo 3

”I cast off these petty illusions! Behold, the true vision of the Lord of Hell!”

Lies and deception are hard to make work as an actual mechanic in a MOBA. However, if Blizzard did manage to give Belial the power to manipulate some core mechanics of the game, that could be incredibly interesting if done right.

  • Universe: Diablo
  • Class: Melee Specialist
  • Trait: Lord of Lies – Make it appear as if your team captures a mercenary camp. The mercenary camp will walk down lanes as usual and do 50% of normal damage but will instantly disappear once attacked by enemy heroes. 60-Second Cooldown. Passive: Allied heroes close to Balial have their health bar manipulated to the eyes of enemies, making it appear as if they have full health.
  • Heroic ability 1: Realm of Lies  – Change a vast targeted area to the realm of lies. Stealthing allied heroes and creating several illusions of each allied hero in the area. This ability last for 8 seconds and is on an 80-second cooldown.
  • Heroic ability 2: Swarm of Flies – Channelling ability that sends a massive swarm of flies in the targeted direction for 5 seconds. Obscuring vision for all enemy heroes hit and dealing X amount of damage every second they remain in the swarm, the damage doubles for every second an enemy hero stay inside the swarm.
  • Skin Idea: Belial, Lich of Lies

Wilfred Fizzlebang/Jaraxxus

Artwork of Jaraxxus and Wilfred Fizzlebang

”A-HA! I’ve done it! Behold the absolute power of Wilfred Fizzlebang, master summoner! You are bound to me, demon!” – Wilfred Fizzlebang

”You face Jaraxxus, Eredar lord of the Burning Legion!” – Jaraxxus

One of the more iconic fights and voice lines from World of Warcraft. Having a hero build around gathering enough power to unleash an Eredar lord of the Burning Legion just sound like a lot of fun.

  • Universe: Warcraft
  • Class: Ranged / Melee Assasin
  • Trait: Master Summoner – Wilfred Fizzlebang gain summoning points by killing enemy heroes, minions, and structures. Once Wilfred’s summoning bar reaches 100% he can summon forth Jaraxxus, Eredar Lord of the Burning Legion. Activating this ability will kill Wilfred and grant control of Jaraxxus until killed. Jaraxxus has an empowered version of Wilfred’s abilities and a much more health.
  • Heroic ability 1: Infernal Eruption – Summon an infernal volcano with X amount of health at the targeted location. The infernal eruption will continually throw out felflames at random in a large area around its position, dealing X amount of damage to enemies hit. The volcano last for 8 seconds. If the Volcano last’s for its full duration, it will summon a felflame inferno. Which deal X amount of damage to enemies nearby and last for 8 seconds. 80-Second cooldown. This ability is empowered when used by Jaraxxus.
  • Heroic ability 2: Nether Portal – Open a portal to the Nether. Summoning a big wave of demons that last until killed. Reactivate this ability to control the demons. When a demon dies, it adds X amount of energy to Wilfred’s summoning bar. 80-Second cooldown. This ability is empowered when used by Jaraxxus.

Zoltun Kulle, Betrayer of the Horadrim

Picture of Zoltun Kulle from Diablo 3

I live again..!

Steve Blum’s voice acting of Zoltun Kulle is more than enough reason to bring Zoltun Kulle into the Nexus. Besides that, he is one of the most exciting characters from Diablo and not a straight-up villain but more of a very morally ambiguous character on a quest for power.

  • Universe: Diablo
  • Class: Ranged Assassin
  • Trait: The Undying – When Zoltun is killed he becomes a ghost. Zoltun Kulle remains on the battlefield as a ghost, granting vision and experience to his allies. Activate to return to life. Cooldown is decided by the default respawn timer.
  • Heroic ability 1: Slow Time  – Slow time in a large area. Reducing the speed of all enemy abilities, attacks, and movement by 50%. This ability last for 5 seconds and is on a very long cooldown.
  • Heroic ability 2: Energy Twister – Unleash a tornado of pure energy at the targeted location. Dealing high damage to enemies, it comes in contact with and knocking them back. Reactivate this ability to control it. Energy Twister lasts for 8 seconds and is on a long cooldown. 
  • Skin Idea: Necromancer Zoltun

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Zurvan, The Ancient One

Image of Zurvan, the primal zerg from Starcraft 2

No allegiance but to self. Kill or be killed

Zurvan would create an exciting opportunity to make a character that is less reliant on his team and even have the chance to become ”fed”.

  • Universe: Starcraft
  • Class: Melee Warrior
  • Z: Evolving Speed – Zurvan cannot use mounts but has his own mount animation. His mounted speed is 20% by default but he gains 2% for each 50 essence he gains up to a maximum of 50% movement speed.
  • Trait: No allegiance but to self – Zurvan doesn’t benefit from his teams experience gains, but gather experience for himself at an increased rate(His experience gains still contribute towards his team). Zurvan gains essence from enemy minions heroes and structures and will gain one stack of Evolution per 50 essence he gathers. Evolution increase Zurvan’s size, attack damage and health. Zurvan loose 1 stack of Evolution when killed. Quest: Upon reaching Evolution stage 5 Zurvan gain 20% physical armor. Upon reaching Evolution stage, 10 Zurvan gain 20% attack speed and no longer lose Evolution stacks on death.
  • Heroic ability 1: Survival of the Fittest – Activate to make Zurvan stronger each time his allies take damage, increasing his movement and attack speed by 2%. This effect can stack 25 times. Survival of the Fittest last for 10 seconds and is on a 60-second cooldown. Passive: Zurvan gains 10% increased damage every time an allied hero dies. This effect lasts until the hero respawns.
  • Heroic ability 2: Pack Leader – Summon Zurvan’s pack of zergs to defend the targeted location or allied hero. Attacking any enemy hero nearby said location or hero. The pack of zergs last for 15 seconds and is on a 60-second cooldown.
  • Alternate Hero choice: Brakk
  • Skin Idea: Fel Hound Zurvan

Grand Apothecary Putress

Image of Putress from Warcraft and Hearthstone

Did you think we had forgotten? Did you think we had forgiven? Behold, now, the terrible vengeance of the Forsaken! Death to the Scourge! And death to the living!

Main antagonist from the perhaps the most epic quest chain ever in World of Warcraft. Putress has phenomenal voice acting, and his Plague could make for a great mechanic.

  • Universe: Warcraft
  • Class: Melee Support
  • Trait: Plague Master – All of Putress’ attacks and abilities infect enemies with the plague. The Plague: Deal X amount of damage every second and slow the target by 10%. Lasts for 3 seconds. This effect stacks up to 5 times. Upon reaching 5 stacks, the target leaves behind a plague cloud and lose two stacks of plague.

Primary Abilities

  • Q: Plague Barrel – Throw a barrel of plague at the targeted area. Dealing X amount of damage to enemies and heal allied heroes for X amount. Plague barrels leave behind plague clouds for 3 seconds that deal periodic damage to enemies and healing to allied heroes. This ability is on a 6-second cooldown.
  • W: Unholy Frenzy – Send an allied hero into an unholy frenzy. Increasing attack and movement speed by 25% for 5 seconds and cause the heroes auto attack to spread the plague. This ability is on a 16-second cooldown.
  • E: Patient Zero – Throw a vile of concentrated plague onto the targeted enemy hero. Dealing X amount of damage every second and make the target a vessel for the plague. Spreading stacks of plague to nearby allied heroes. This effect lasts for 5 seconds and is on a 12-second cooldown.


  • Heroic ability 1: Hour of the Forsaken  – Bombard a massive area with plague barrels. Dealing X amount of damage to enemies and heal allied heroes. The targeted area is covered in plague clouds that continuously heal allies and damage enemies for X amount every second. Clouds last for 5 seconds. This ability is on a very long cooldown.
  • Heroic ability 2: Plague Wagon  Summon a plague wagon with X amount of health that lasts until killed. Plague Wagon grants an additional charge of Plague Barrel(Q) as long as it is alive. Passive: Increase the healing and damage done by plague clouds by 10%. Plague Wagon is on a 60-second cooldown. Only one Plague Wagon can be active at a time.
  • Skin Idea: Doctor Putress

Overmind, the Great Hungerer

Image of the Overmind from Starcraft 2

”Awaken my child, and embrace the glory that is your birthright. Know that I am the Overmind; the eternal will of the Swarm, and that you have been created to serve me”

A clear opportunity to introduce elements from real-time strategy games into Heroes of the Storm. It could potentially be a lot of fun to control hordes of zerg instead of an actual hero.

Universe: Starcraft

Class: Specialist

  • Z: Head of the Swarm Take over allied keep or fort, granting bonuses to the structures and minions in that lane. This ability is on a 30-second cooldown and has a 10 second cast time. Damage done to the fort/keep will interrupt Head of the Swarm. If there are less than 2 allied forts/keeps left, the Overmind can take over the core. Granting his trait bonus to all lanes.
  • Trait: Swarm Override – Spawn 8 zerglings alongside each minion wave on the Overmind’s current lane, as well as granting the overmind full control of all minions that originated from that lane. Regular minions on this lane will also become swarm infected, increasing their health and damage by 20%. When the Overmind takes over a fort, it also infects all nearby towers and buildings, enhancing the health and damage of those buildings by 100%.
Primary abilities

All of the Overmind’s primary abilities has global range, but all require vision to land.

  • Q:  Locust Swarm – Spawn 5 locusts at the targeted visible area. Locusts detonate when in contact with enemy heroes or minions, with a 0.5-second delay. Dealing X amount of damage and slowing enemies hit by 25%. This ability is on a 12-second cooldown.
  • W: Zerg Drop Pod – After a 1.5-second delay, send down a zerg drop pod at the targeted visible location. Enemy heroes and minions hit are stunned and take X amount of damage. Once the zerg pod lands it spawns 5 zerglings and 1 hydralisk that can be controlled by the Overmind and have X amount of health and damage. Last for 20 seconds and is on a 20-second cooldown.
  • E: Baneling Drop – Drop a baneling at the targeted visible location after a 1-second delay, dealing X Amount of splash damage. This ability is on a 10-second cooldown and holds 3 charges.


  • Heroic ability 1: Might of the Swarm – Instantly infect all allied minions on the map, granting full control of them until they are killed and giving them the infected bonus of 20% health, damage, and movement speed. This ability is on a long cooldown.
  • Heroic ability 2: Leviathan – Spawn a controllable flying zerg leviathan at the Overmind’s current location. The leviathan deal x amount of damage every second to enemies at its position. It also spawns 8 zerglings every 20 seconds at its current location, which will prioritize heroes but roam to the nearest lane if no enemy is present. The Leviathan has X Amount of health and lasts until killed. This ability goes on a 20-second cooldown when the Leviathan is destroyed.
  • Skin Idea: C’Thun inspired skin.

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Kil’jaeden, the Deceiver
Screenshot from wow of Kil'Jaeden

”The expendable have perished… So be it! Now I shall succeed where Sargeras could not! I will bleed this wretched world and secure my place as the true master of the Burning Legion. The end has come! Let the unraveling of this world commence!”

One of the most iconic villains of the Warcraft franchise and with his recent demise in World of Warcraft: Legion he is looking for another world to bring about his fiery destruction. What better place than the Nexus?

  • Universe: Warcraft
  • Class: Melee Specialist
  • Trait: Kil’Jaedens Gift – Offer untold power to the targeted hero, granting 15% increased damage and make the hero a pulsing vessel of fel energy. Dealing X amount of damage to nearby enemies every second. Passive: Allied minions and mercenaries close to Kil’Jaeden also gain the gift of Kil’Jaeden.

Primary Abilities

  • 1: The Deceiver – Nearby minions killed grant 1 stack of deceiving, heroes killed grant 10 stacks, and fort/keeps give 100 stacks. Use 25 stacks to instantly defeat the targeted non-boss mercenary and grant them 50% increased damage. Can also be used on enemy captured mercenaries.
  • Q: Soul Flay – channeling ability that flay the targeted enemy’s soul for 5 seconds. Dealing 5% of the hero’s maximum health every second. This ability can be used on all enemy targets(including buildings) and is on a 14-second cooldown.
  • W: Doom – Inflict the target with impending doom for 5 seconds, dealing X amount of dmg every second. If the target dies while Doom is active a doomguard will spawn with X amount of health and damage that last until killed. While a doomguard is active it can be controlled by reactivating this ability. Passive: Kil’Jaeden does 20% increased damage to enemies inflicted with Doom. Doom has a 10-second cooldown and cannot be used while a doomguard is active.
  • E: Soul Portal – Summon a demonic portal that summons 6 felfire imps every 12 seconds. Felfire imps do X amount of ranged damage and have a low health pool. After 12 seconds or when below 25% health they will run to the nearest enemy target and explode for heavy damage. The Portal last for 24 seconds with a 12-second cooldown. Only 1 portal can be active at a time.


  • Heroic ability 1: Doom Lord Kazzak  – Summon Doom Lord Kazzak to wreak havoc on enemies. Kazzak has a large health pool and passively cleave enemies in front of him for X amount of damage. Doom Lord Kazzak last for 15 seconds and is on an 80-second cooldown.
  • Heroic ability 2: Reign of Chaos Summon down a giant meteor that does X amount of damage and stuns enemies in the targeted area for 0.5 seconds and leaves a pool of felfire on the ground for 3 seconds, dealing x amount of damage every second. This ability hold 3 charges and is on a 30-second cooldown.
  • Alternate Hero choice: Jaraxxus
  • Skin Idea: Prophet Kil’Jaeden

Deathwing, The Destroyer

Image of Deathwing the destroyer from Warcraft lore

Pain… agony… my hatred burns through the cavernous deeps. The world heaves with my torment. Its wretched kingdoms quake beneath my rage. But at last, the whole of Azeroth will break, and all will burn beneath the shadow of my wings.

Probably the most requested hero among the Heroes of the Storm community since the release of Kel’thuzad and it is easy to see why.

  • Universe: Warcraft
  • Class: Melee Assassin
  • Z: Take Flight – Deathwing takes flight, making him able to move over terrain and increasing his movement speed by 2% for every second he stays airborne, up to a maximum of 40%. Also reducing the damage, Deathwing takes from area of effect abilities but also removes his ability to auto attack. Damage taken or done resets all movement speed bonuses. 3- second cast.
  • Trait: Black Scourge – Deathwing’s abilities leave areas engulfed in fire for 5 seconds, dealing X amount of damage every second to enemies.

Primary Abilities

  • Q: Spew Destruction: 3 charges. Spew fire onto the targeted area doing X amount of damage on impact. This ability has a short range and is on a 12-second cooldown.
  • W: Tail Swipe – Deathwing swipes his massive tail in a cone. Dealing X amount of damage to enemies and knocking them back. This ability is unusable while in flight and is on a 12-second cooldown.
  • E: Ablaze – Set the targeted enemy hero ablaze. Dealing massive damage over 5 seconds and causes the hero to leave behind a trail of fire wherever he goes. This ability is on a 16-second cooldown.


  • Heroic ability 1: Deep Breath – Deathwing takes flight and breathes fire onto the targeted area for 3 seconds. Dealing heavy damage every second to enemies. This ability is on a 60-second cooldown.
  • Heroic ability 2: Cataclysm – Deathwing flies to a chosen lane and brings forth the cataclysm. Covering the chosen lane in fire and destruction. Killing all allied and enemy minions and doing a small amount of damage to structures, as well as leaving that lane consumed by fire for 30 seconds. Dealing heavy damage every second to heroes and minions inside the area. This ability is on a 100-second cooldown.
  • Alternate Hero choice: Onyxia
  • Skin Idea: Earthwarder(uncorrupted)

Mephisto, Lord of Hatred

Mephisto artwork image from Diablo 3

And the Evil that was once vanquished shall rise anew. Wrapped in the guise of man, shall he walk amongst the innocent, and Terror shall consume they that dwell upon the Earth. The skies shall rain fire, and the seas will become as blood. The righteous shall fall before the wicked, and all of Creation shall tremble before the burning standards of Hell!

The most requested Diablo character and the eldest of the prime evils. Heroes of the Storm need more Diablo villains, and Mephisto is among the greatest.

  • Universe: Diablo
  • Class: Melee Support
  • Trait: Feeding Hatred – Mephisto heals himself and the nearest allied hero for 50% of the damage he inflicts on heroes. Passive: Allied heroes near Mephisto heal for 25% of the damage they do. Activate to make Mephistos next 5 attacks to do 50% increased damage and become ranged. 20-Second Cooldown.

Primary Abilities

  • Q: Charged Bolts – Send out 3 bolts of lighting that seek out the nearest enemy heroes. Dealing X amount of damage and slows them by 15% for each bolt hit. This ability is on a 12-second cooldown.
  • W: Despair – Put the targeted hero into a state of despair. Reducing all damage the hero does by 50% for 5 seconds and increase the damage Mephisto does to the target by 100%.
  • E: Blind Hatred – Put the targeted hero into a frenzy of blind hatred for 5 seconds. Increasing the hero’s damage by 25% and cause abilities to hit both friends and foes.


  • Heroic ability 1: Manic Laughter – The mere sound of Mephisto’s laughter causes pain every second to enemy heroes in a large area around Mephisto. Manic Laughter deal X amount of damage every second to enemies nearby and slow them by 15% for every point of damage they take from Manic Laughter. If a hero receives damage from all 5 ticks of Manic Laughter, they are stunned for 1 second.
  • Heroic ability 2: Devil on his shoulder – A long ranged channeling ability that takes control of the targeted enemy hero for 7 seconds or until Mephisto takes damage. Mephisto can use all of the hero’s primary abilities during the duration. Damage done by the controlled hero contributes toward Feeding Hatred, and the ability is on an 80-second cooldown.

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