Top 5 Diablo Characters we NEED in Heroes of the Storm

Image of Malthael from Diablo 3

Image of Malthael from Diablo 3

Diablo Characters we NEED in Hots

As a follow-up to last week’s popular article ”10 Warcraft heroes we want in Hots”. We are now doing our list for the Diablo universe, and the characters we would be most excited to see added to Heroes of the Storm.

One of the great things about Hots is that almost all heroes are established lore characters from one of Blizzards beloved universes.

This also allows us to come up with hero concepts for those characters. Which is fun!

Note: This list is in no particular order, but is just the 5 we would be most excited to see.

5. Imperius, Archangel of Valor

Imperius may lose to Diablo in this brilliant cinematic, but that does not make him any less cool. His voice acting alone would make him a worthy addition to Heroes of the Storm. He is a true fan favorite and the strongest of the Angiris Council, need I say more?

His hatred toward everything unnatural(which is basically anyone but Tyrael and Auriel in the Nexus), could make for some very entertaining dialogue.

The trouble with this one is that we already have an Archangel warrior in Hots. Which is why we leaned more towards making him an assassin/bruiser type.

  • Class: Assassin/Bruiser
  • Trait: Sacrilege – Killing one of Imperius’ allies is considered Sacrilege and the offender gain the mark of sacrilege for 5 seconds. Imperius can teleport to enemies with the mark of sacrilege, slowing them by 25% and also do 25% increased damage to them for as long as the mark remains. The teleport has global range.
  • Heroic ability 1: Valorous Leap – Imperius leap to a targeted area, dealing damage and slowing on impact. This also releases a consecration of holy fire in a larger area. The consecration deal X amount of damage per second to enemy heroes, and last for 3 seconds. This ability is on a 50-second cooldown and has a very long-range.
  • Heroic ability 2: Solarion’s Wrath – Focus a target with holy fire, burning them for X amount of damage per second. This also deals damage to enemy heroes nearby the target. Imperius can move whilst channeling this spell, but only at 50% of normal speed. The channel lasts for 5 seconds or until the enemy hero is out of range.
  • Skin Idea: Demonic Imperius, Spartan Imperius.

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4. Baal, Lord of Destruction

The main antagonist of the Diablo 2 expansion pack, Lord of Destruction would make a prime specialist, in our humble opinion. His title is quite literal, Baal LOVES destroying stuff, he even has his minions build stuff, simply for the purpose of Baal destroying it(true story). No one, in all of Blizzard’s universes are more deserving of the role as a specialist in Heroes of the Storm than Baal.

It would also be amazing to give Diablo some brotherly company and finally add another prime evil to the Nexus. We considered Mephisto but thought that Baal was by far the more interesting choice.

  • Class: Specialist
  • Trait: Lord of Destruction – When Baal last hit a minion, it is turned inside out in a bloody explosion, doing damage to minions, structures and heroes nearby. The explosion does 100% increased damage to buildings and structures. If the explosion kills off other minions, they explode as well, this ripple effect continues until there are no more minions left to explode.
  • Heroic ability 1: Vile Effigy – Baal summons a duplicate of himself, which can cast all of Baal’s primary abilities and is controlled separately. This clone cannot attack heroes, but do increased damage to buildings and can also soak XP. This ability lasts for 20 seconds and is on a long cooldown.
  • Heroic ability 2: Destruction – Baal sends a bolt of destruction towards targeted enemy heroes, which deal immense damage over 4 seconds. If the enemy hero is killed, it causes the hero to explode dealing damage to nearby heroes. This ability spreads if the affected hero moves too close to allied heroes(much like Sylvanas trait). It takes 3 seconds for the ability to reach the enemy hero, making it possible to anticipate it.
  • Skin Idea: Qiraji Baal

3. Malthael, Reaper of Souls & former Archangel of Wisdom

What better assassin to add to Heroes of the Storm than death itself? Malthael is the main antagonist of the most recent Diablo expansion: Reaper of Souls and ooze with cool factor.

He is the former archangel of wisdom and a betrayer of the Angiris Council. This could lead to some amazing dialogue with the Diablo characters of the Nexus, especially Tyrael and Auriel.

  • Class: Assassin
  • Trait: Reaper of Souls – Malthael can sense when an enemy hero is close to death. Enemy heroes with 20% hp or less are revealed to Malthael. Malthael also moves with 30% increased speed when running towards an enemy hero with 20% hp or less. Additionally, Malthael has 5% passive life steal on all attacks and abilities. Every kill/assist on an enemy hero increase his life steal by 1%. Malthael loses 5% when killed, but his life steal cannot go lower than 5%.
  • Heroic ability 1: Fog of Death – After 1 second cast time, Malthael sends out a slow traveling fog of death in an outward direction. The fog does a high amount of damage every second and slow enemy heroes by 5%, stacking for each second they remain inside the fog.
  • Heroic ability 2: Drain Souls – Malthael drain the souls of nearby enemy heroes, dealing 10% of their max health as damage, and return 20% of Malthael’s maximum health to him, per hero drained. Additionally, each soul drained counts toward his trait, giving him 1% additional passive life steal. This ability has a 2 second cast time and can be interrupted by stuns.
  • Skin Idea: Grim Reaper Malthael, Archangel of Wisdom Malthael.

2. The Cow King

The secret cow levels are among one of the most famous things in all of Blizzard’s universes, and is references and even implemented across all their franchises. However, it all started in Diablo, and that is how the Cow King should be implemented.

Heroes could always use more wacky, fun characters. The Cow King would be excellent for this!

Since the Cow King is basically just a ‘super unique monster’, this is what we build the hero concept from. Giving him iconic monster traits from the Diablo universe.

  • Class: Warrior
  • Trait: The Cow king has 2 passive traits. The buffs grow stronger for each enemy hero alive and weaker for each enemy hero that aisdead.
    Lighting Enhanced: All melee attacks against the Cow King does X  amount of lightning damage to the attacker. In addition, the Cow King’s attacks also do X amount of lightning damage.
    – Magic Resistant: The Cow King passively have X amount of spell resistance.
  • Heroic ability 1: The Secret Cow Level – Spawn a portal to the secret cow level, and force an enemy hero into it. The Cow king and the enemy hero will be teleported to the secret cow level, where X amount of hell bovines will spawn. These hell bovines have a low health pool but do 1% of a hero’s maximum health per attack. The portal to the secret cow level can be used by all ally AND enemy heroes, allowing allies to aid the teleported hero. An escape portal will spawn after X amount of time or when the Cow King is killed.
  • Heroic ability 2: Hell Difficulty – The Cow King gain 2 additional buffs/traits.
    – Avenger: The Cow King’s damage, health, and movement speed are increased when an ally hero die.
    – Fire Chains: Link yourself to the 2 nearest ally heroes, with a chain of fire. All enemy heroes hit by or standing in these chains take X amount of damage every second. Last for 8 seconds and are on a 30-second cooldown.

Skin Idea: The Cow Queen

1. Deckard Cain

”Stay awhile and listen…” Those words are among the most iconic in the entirety of the Diablo universe. Cain is beloved by Diablo fans and is another great opportunity to add a very untraditional hero to the Nexus. With the events of Diablo 3, Spoilers

and Cain dying, it makes more sense than ever to add him to Heroes of the Storm.

Cain is also the only one, together with Diablo, to be in every single game since Diablo’s release. So if any Diablo heroes NEED to be added, he is one of them.

We weren’t supposed to give any heroes primary abilities in this article, but once we started theorizing about Cain, we could not stop.

  • Class: Support
  • Trait: All-knowing – Cain knows the lore of every creature and hero in the nexus, allowing him to expose their weaknesses to his allies. Exposing weakness have a different effect, depending on which class he use it on. This trait is on a 40-second cooldown and has a long-range.
    – Warrior: Have their max health reduced by 25% for 3 seconds.
    – Assassin: Decrease their damage by 30% for 3 seconds.
    – Support: Decrease their healing done by 25% and slow their movement speed by 15% for 3 seconds.
    – Specialist: Make the specialist vulnerable, increasing hero damage taken by 25% for 2 seconds.
Primary Abilities

Q: Comfort – Tell a comforting story to a targeted ally hero, restoring X amount of health. This ability is on a short cooldown.

W: Reason! – Talk some sense into targeted enemy hero, silencing the enemy hero for 2 seconds. 12 seconds cooldown.

E: Share Wisdom – Share wisdom with nearby allied heroes, giving them 2% mana and health every second for 5 seconds. Cain gain 2% mana for each ally he shares his wisdom with. This ability has a semi-short range and is on a 10-second cooldown.

  • Heroic ability 1: Truce! – Cain calms everyone in a large area down with his comforting voice. Making all heroes unable to attack each other for 5 seconds. Enemy heroes are slowed when this effect ends. This ability is on a long cooldown.
  • Heroic ability 2: Stay awhile, and listen… – Cain tell an amazing story! Cause enemy heroes in a large area to be sucked towards him for 3 seconds. While Cain tells the story he is invulnerable and cannot be interrupted.
  • Skin Idea: Deckard the White

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  1. Imperius lost to Diablo because that was Prime Evil Diablo, just sayin’. 😛 If he hadn’t absorbed all other evils, they’d be somewhat equal in strength.

    • True, it’s limited how much lore we wanna get into on this kind of list though. But yea probably should have mentioned that 🙂

  2. Curious, Malthael is first on the poll, but Mephisto (whom I’d love to see) is second. 🙂 Third comes in Imperius. I’d love to see all three, though. Also Baal, who is sadly a little low on the poll.


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