Vegas Party PS4 Review


What better place to party than in Las Vegas? Apart from being one of the most sought-after heavens after Disneyland, Vegas has more to offer than many expect. In fact, the addition of the Vegas Party game was an instant success for the party game generation.

Vegas Party uses a board game-style approach when venturing into Sin City. It makes it possible for four players to walk away smiling with a big hit.

In addition, you stand a chance to win tokens, money, and other exciting stuff. It also includes ten added games that revolve around making a big hit within the shortest time possible.

On top of that, you can develop your professional online blackjack career from this game. It is the perfect spot for newbies to learn the ropes before joining the big leagues.

Learning Blackjack Online

This is an amazing game of strategy. The entire blueprint reflects mathematical possibility. Do not expect to find a blackjack guide to help you win big. Remember, it is only a game of probability.

However, it does not mean you cannot gain an edge over the house. An informed betting system can help you know your way around the blackjack table. Vegas Party provides the perfect learning spot to put your game strategy to the best.

What Else to Expect?

In addition, players get a twist of different board games. This is a cocktail of pure bliss and doomed luck. Moreover, you can play the ten available board games through the quickplay mode while enjoying the PS4 game through three CPUs or three additional neighbourhood players.

On top of that, you get three gameplay modes to try: fast, rivalry and strip. For a newbie, you can try out the brisk play. It allows you to pick one of the ten board games first, ranging from bingo, blackjack, darts and dark jack, among many more.

The main feature of the game remains the strip. However, it is not anything compared to the quality available at Mario’s Party.

What’s in the Game?

Your stay in Vegas starts with arranging tokens which later turns into cash. Also, the boards come full of mosaics that cover different instruments.

Furthermore, you will run into chips that make you lose chips to other players. Also, some chips offer added dice rolls. Luckily, you can run into fragments that send you to an alternate gambling world. After that, you get a chance to play one of the ten available minigames.

How to Play

You can earn more tokens when playing the board game. For example, you can shoot each time a token or dice symbol appears on the screen. After that, you can get additional tokens with additional moves to beat it.

The strip presents the most complex yet rewarding phase. It involves competing to defeat your rival to completion. It gets highly competitive to the point you can forget about the subpar display of the board game.

What Stands Out?

The best part is landing a club chip. This enables you to choose one of the three modes available. After that, you can draw from the aggregate often while moving to the club with the odd game. Without focusing too much on the mode, you can easily battle it out to the top. For excited players, you can shift your mojo in either bingo or darts.

The Downside

The worst part about the Vegas Party has nothing to do with the game design. Moreover, it is all about the paying system. It is a real bummer that you have to make purchases plus real money transactions. Furthermore, it ends up digging deeper into your pockets than expected. Also, you have to deal with a great load of downloadable content.


Vegas Party is a reminiscent fun party experience in Vegas. It shares the exact theme and game collection best known with Sin City. However, the collection of games features a poor structure. It makes up for exciting designs and visuals.


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