World of Warcraft Classic has now been out for over a month and is still going strong.

I think many, including Blizzard, did not expect there to be queue’s on the login serves for Classic this far into its release.

Which brings up the question: Is there potential for more than just progressing onto The Burning Crusade expansion? A concept that has various flaws that we have laid out in this article.

Blizzard has stated on various occasions that they are not sure what they will do after the last patch of Classic and that they will be looking to the community for guidance. This means that brand new patches or expansions for World of Warcraft Classic are more likely than ever.

So today, I want to take a look at the locations, patches, and features that I would like to see in a potential WoW Classic plus.

5 Phases we would like to see in World of Warcraft Classic after Naxxramas

1. The Caverns of Time

Screemshot of the caverns of time

Caverns of Time(CoT) were initially supposed to come out in the original Vanilla World of Warcraft, and it’s the perfect location for a WoW Classic patch. It doesn’t interfere with any lore and allows us to see iconic events in Azeroth’s history. It is also the type of content where you could easily bring in some of the CoT dungeons that were released in The Burning Crusade or later expansions and still have it fit well.

Classic Plus Phase 1 Concept

Our timeline is under attack by the Infinite Dragonflight as they seek to alter critical moments in history. Nozdormu and the Bronze Dragonflight ask us to aid them in keeping our timeline safe.

  • New Zone: Caverns of Time
    Venture to the Caverns of Time in Tanaris and aid the Bronze Dragonflight with safekeeping our timeline.
  • New Raid: The Skull of Guldan
    The Infinite Dragonflight seeks to prevent Illidan from obtaining the Skull of Guldan. We must stop them! Help Illidan get the Skull of Guldan and defeat Tichondrius.
  • New Dungeon: The Siege of Dalaran:
    Aid Arthas Menethil and Kel’Thuzad in lowering Dalaran’s defenses and slay Archmage Antonidas.
  • New Dungeon: Sack of Theramore
    Admiral Daelin Proudmoore’s death is crucial to our timeline. Aid the horde in the siege of Boralus and slay Daelin Proudmoore.
  • Bonus Dungeons: Escape from Durnholde Keep, Opening of the Dark Portal, and The Culling of Stratholme
    Aid Thrall in escaping from Durnholde Keep. Help the Guardian Medivh open the Dark Portal, and make sure Arthas succeeds in purging Stratholme.
  • New Reputation: Bronze Dragonflight
    Gain favor with the Bronze Dragonflight as you aid them in their efforts and gain access to artifacts and trinkets lost to time.

2. Lands of Conflict

Screenshot of Azshara in World of Warcraft Classic

Azshara is one of the most beautiful zones of World of Warcraft Classic, but also one of the most barren in terms of content. Blizzard initially intended to release a Battleground themed around this area, and there are even hints of an underwater raid.

Classic Plus Phase 2 Concept

Conflict is brewing in Azshara as both factions try to claim control of the region’s tactical location. All the while, the nagas in the area are growing ever more hostile.

  • New Horde quest hub added to Azshara
    The Night Elves seek to reclaim Azshara. We cannot allow them to get a foothold this close to Orgrimmar.
  • New Alliance quest hub added to Azshara
    It is time for the Night Elves to reclaim the lands of Azshara.
  • New Raid: Serpentrage Caverns
    To fully claim control of Azshara, we need to cut the head off the snake. Enter the Naga’s lair located deep under the sea east of Azshara.
  • New Battleground: Azshara Crater
    A vast 40 vs. 40 battleground themed around Azshara.
  • New Feature: Rated Battlegrounds
    Create a team and compete against other premade groups on the ranked ladder.
  • Updated Ranked PvP rewards
    Obtain unique and powerful rewards as you climb the ranked ladder.

3. The Dark Tower

Screenshot of Classic Karazhan

Karazhan is another piece of beloved content that was supposed to come out during the original Vanilla World of Warcraft. There is so much untapped potential for great content with the Tower of Medivh, and its location makes it a perfect fit for a World of Warcraft Classic patch.

Classic Plus Phase 3 Concept

Karazhan, the abandoned tower of the Guardian Medivh, has started pulsating with dark energies. The Kirin Tor sends us to investigate.

  • New Zone/Quest Hub: Dalaran
    Dalaran has finally been rebuilt and is now accessible in the Hillsbrad Foothills.
  • New Raid: Karazhan Tower
    Venture into the ancient tower of the guardian and uncover its secrets and defeat the dark forces that inhabit it.
  • New Dungeon: Karazhan Crypts
    Enter the Karazhan Crypts to discover hints about the new residents of the Tower.
  • New Reputation: The Council of Tirisfal(Raid Reputation)
  • New Reputation: The Kirin Tor(Quest Hub reputation)
  • New Attunement quest
    Retrace the steps of the Guardian Medivh to obtain his amulet and gain access to Karazhan Tower(Raid).
  • New Mage Class Quest
    Study at Dalaran and receive your formal education as a mage.
  • New Warlock Class Quest
    Study the dark arts. Taught by wayward wizards in the dark corners of Dalaran.

4. The Scarlet Onslaught

Screenshot of Hearthglen in WoW Classic

Nothing says ”Classic” quite as The Scarlet Crusade, and their heavy presence during Vanilla makes them the ideal faction to build a patch around.

Classic Plus Phase 4 Concept

During our raid on Karazhan, we uncovered unsettling proof that the Nathrezim and the Burning Legion have successfully taken full control of the Scarlet Crusade. Now known as the Scarlet Onslaught, they cause Havoc throughout the northern kingdoms.

  • New Zone/Quest Hub: New Lordaeron
    Under the strong leadership of their new leader, the Scarlet Onslaught has constructed a brand new capital city, New Lordaeron, north of the Plaguelands. Infiltrate and climb the ranks of the new Scarlet Order to gain access to the Citadel.
  • New Raid: Scarlet Citadel
    The crown jewel of New Lordaeron, the Scarlet Citadel, is the seat of power from which the Dreadlords rule their new kingdom.
  • New Dungeon: Scarlet Barracks
    Enter the Scarlet Barracks to weaken the Scarlet Onslaught significantly.
  • New Battleground: Battle for Hillsbrad
    A human versus undead themed battleground set in Hillsbrad Foothills.
  • New Paladin Class Quest: Path of Retribution
    Study the path of retribution during your time at New Lordaeron to unlock a new ability: Crusader Strike.
  • New Feature: Guild Banks
  • New Feature: Guild Castles
Click to see Guild Castles Concept
  • Top guilds on the server can now obtain a piece of land through success in either PvE, PvP, or Economy.
  • Only one guild can control each castle at a time.
  • The guild can buy cosmetic upgrades for their castle with gold.
  • The guild can buy powerful defensive upgrades for their castle with gold.
  • Guild castles can be raized by the opposite faction for a large sum of honor. Once raized, it will be aflame and inaccessible for a week. During a siege, all guild members will get the ability to teleport back to the guild castle and receive a powerful buff while the siege is ongoing.
  • Guilds can grant access to specific people or whole guilds.
  • Guild Castles are cosmetic and have no utility attached to them.
  • Alliance Castles:
    – Elwynn Forest: The first guild to overcome the challenges of the Scarlet Citadel will be rewarded with a piece of land in the Elwynn Forest by the Kingdom of Stormwind. (Resets with each new raid tier)
    Ashenvale: The guild with the most unique premade teams above 2200 rating will gain access to an Alliance stronghold in Ashenvale for that week. (Resets weekly)
    Ironforge: The wealthiest Alliance guild on the server that week will gain access to a guildhall inside Irongforge worthy of their station. (Resets weekly)
  • Horde Castles:
    – Tirisfal Glades
    : The first guild to overcome the challenges of the Scarlet Citadel will be rewarded with a piece of land in Tirisfal Glades by the Forsaken.
    – The Barrens: The guild with the most unique premade teams above 2200 rating will gain access to a Horde stronghold in the Barrens for that week.
    – Orgrimmar: The wealthiest Horde guild on the server that week will gain access to a guildhall inside Orgrimmar worthy of their station.

5. The Emerald Dream

Screenshot of the Twilight Grove in WoW ClassicThe Dreamway portals located in Hinterlands, Duskwood, Feralas, and Ashenvale were always a huge mystery of Vanilla World of Warcraft, and there is a lot of potential for excellent content. One obvious choice could be to make a patch centered around the Emerald Dream, which was also supposed to come out during Vanilla.

Classic Plus Phase 5 Concept

While the Horde and the Alliance were busy dealing with the Scarlet Onslaught, Xavius and his demonic satyrs have taken control of the Bough Shadow Dreamway portal in Ashenvale. One part of the dream has already fallen to Xavius’ corrupting nightmare. The Green Dragonflight and the Cenarion Circle seeks aid cleansing the dream of this corruption.


  • New Zone/Quest Hub: The Emerald Dream
    Enter the Emerald Dream from either of the two portals still under our control(Hinterlands and Feralas) and lend your aid to the druids and the Green Dragonflight.
  • New Zone/Quest Hub: Mount Hyjal
    If we wish to squash the corruption from the dream, we need to seek out the druids of Mount Hyjal.
  • New Raid: Heart of the Dream
    Xavius and his demonic minions must be defeated before he claims full control of the Dream.
  • New Dungeon: Bough Shadow
    The Ashenvale Portal is heavily guarded but could work as a direct assault into the heart of Xavius’ base of operations.
  • New Dungeon: Twilight Grove
    Xavius has seized control of the Twilight Grove in Duskwood.
  • New World Boss: Elothir, Corrupted Ancient of Lore(Felwood)
    One of the most powerful Ancients has already succumbed to the nightmare’s corruption.
  • New Druid Class Quest: 
    Keeper Remulos is looking for powerful druids to aid him with a special mission inside the Emerald Dream.

Much more potential

These are just five concepts for how the World of Warcraft Classic phases could look post-Naxxramas; there is potential for so much more. The world and lore of Azeroth are vast, and the possibilities are almost endless.

We didn’t even mention the Dragon Isles, Kezan, and Outland. All of which where content intended for the original Vanilla World of Warcraft. Even ignoring what was designed for Vanilla initially, there are enough areas and lore to cover years of phases.

What areas, locations, and characters would you like to see in a potential World of Warcraft Classic Plus scenario?

WoW Secrets – Hayven Games

Hayven Games is an amazing Youtube channel with several videos exploring the old parts of Azeroth that never saw the light of day.


  1. This is what I ask for for sure, and about 12 of my friends.

    I Hyjal zone even has the makings of a dragon lair type instance that looked as if it would have been another Dragon Lair type of raid boss maybe.. very cool stuff.

    So many zones and places they could finish up or add in BG zones like we had in wintergrasp.

  2. Am I the only weirdo that wants to see them roll through the existing expansions that are already in place?

    My only fear with adding new classic plus content that never made it in the first time, is that retail players will bitch if it’s only available in classic. “Waaah, unfair, you’re focusing on past versions of the game instead of advancing the story, waaaaah.”

  3. Get a life. Nothing new. This is just a new face on an old body. Wow classic is a joke. Just another make-over by Blizzard to infuse money into a dying game. And, the sad part is people are buying into it. The game is a total waste of time, energy and money.

  4. Imo, I feel like adding content that didn’t exist in classic sort of defeats the idea behind classic. Epecially if we consider introducing things that weren’t even released in retail.

    I think the best compromise would be to advance some servers to BC, while leaving others in classic (with a free realm switching for a short while before the change). Even this seems fairly unlikely from my perspective, but I don’t exactly claim to have any insider info.

  5. No. Moving forward to BC is much cheaper in Dev labor and will pull in players whose favorite xpac is BC. “Classic+” has no broad player appeal beyond “people already playing Classic.”

    This article is nothing more than daydreaming.

  6. Apparently you have never logged on to the classic reddit forum in your life. There’s a TON of appeal for classic+. Where do you think the name came from?

  7. I love the idea for content, but we have to be careful when adding content to classic that it remains CONTENT of the current format of the game, that is what makes it classic. changing the format of classic would be changing the game while adding content would be an expansion of it. For example, every one of these ideas sounded cool to me except the ranked PvP one. when you add ranking to a video game it’s only intention is to turn it into an e sport, and that imo is what killed WoW pvp and why classic PvP is so great; there is no ranking system. it is just a game, it is not meant to be ranked, any sort of competition format should be organized BY THE COMMUNITY, not BY THE DEVS. we already see dueling tournaments run by the community of classic and it works perfectly fine.


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